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Good morning world - today is a brand new day but unfortunately, here in Yorkshire, we have greyish sky at the moment although there does appear to be a blue tinge to it so maybe the forecasters are right and that it is going to be another glorious day for one and all. :D :D 8-)

Been out with my two hounds - actually someone called them walking mop heads the other day and the more I look at them the more I tend to agree with that description - just hope that I don't look the same as what is that old saying - dogs take after their owners or is it owners buy dogs that look like themselves? :-/ :-/ Oh well, who cares it's a smoke and stress free day today so, this old saying i know off by heart - laugh and the world laughs with you, smile and the world smiles with you, so come on folks join with me and lets do a lot of smiling and laughing and make the world an enjoyable place to be today and any day come to that.

Some very interesting reading on blogs and comments yesterday - spent a lovely 45 minutes reading everyones - must admit the Linda Bellingham article (thanks jilly for taking the time and patience to type that for us) certainly makes you think - all that fame and money just proves that money can't buy you everything and they're just as vunerable to life's ills as we all are.

Right people, need to get my act together so that all the little jobs I normally do before going to work get done so I will finish off with sending you all positive vibes for the weather - clear blue sky with sunshine is the order of the day - and also wish everyone a smoke and stress free day and will catch you later.

If anyone has already started the daily chat, then I will delete this one of mine as I opened yesterday.

Kettles on as I've always time for a brew and at this time in the morning a piece or two of toast should anyone care to join me.



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Good morning Kath and everyone,

we have a lot of cloud here today so don't know what the weather is going to do, hopefully the sun will come out to play soon.

I agree, smiling makes everything feel better, so I'll be doing that today :) got a bit of housework to do this morning then off to visit Nairn this afternoon :) So I'd love a cuppa before i start, thanks Kath :)

I wish you and everyone else a lovely smoke free, craving free day :) xx


Good Morning Kath and Everybody :0)

A little bit cooler here this morning but will hopefully brighten and warm up a bit later.

I've a few things to post for you all later as I didn't get a chance yesterday. We've had a gentleman get in touch with us about a song he's wrote since being diagnosed lung cancer. Although his story is about raising the awareness of lung cancer, the photies he's attached to the clip are fantastic and very lighthearted. Worth a watch :0)

Following the conversation you all had last week about the history of tobacco (I deleted it sorry, I know) I have a little interesting read for you that you may like :0)

Well, my next cuppa us being had before I leave for that there workplace :0)

See you all in a little bit :0)


Morning Sue :0)

I posted before seeing you about :-/ Cuppa is ready for you :-)


Morning Emjay,

I'll have a cuppa thanks, if i'm not to late :)

I'm looking forward to reading your posts later, hopefully I'll be on my laptop then, it's taking me ages to do this on my phone, it keeps wanting to do the wrong words :o :D :)


Know the feeling sue, this isn't the easiest website to use with a phone.


Hi sinfree,

I just hope i get my laptop later, this phone is driving me nuts :D :D :D


Morning everyone,

Its dull again this morning, but yesterday turned out to be glorious after a dull start so more of that please Mr Weather man. Nairn is a lovely place, enjoy Sue. I don't know if everyone has already talked about this but there was a really good docu on a wee while ago about the history of tobacco, it may well be on Iplayer. Better shake a tail feather, have a good one all :)


Hi mummyquits,

I'm so sorry, i keep forgetting that your new on here, I should have said that Nairn is the name of my grandson, he's 4 weeks old and my first grandchild, I do agree that Nairn is a nice place, haven't been there for a while though.

I hope you get lovely warm weather today :) and sorry about that.


Good morning and hope everyone's day is a lovely one.


Afternoon Everyone :D The sun seems to be shining once again which is really nice to see. I hope it's practising for the weekend :D



Afternoon all

Lovely picture Emjay :)

I hope the sun has got through everywhere. This sun here is too good to miss. When you all get back from your doings you might be ready for a bite to eat, this ones a bit different, and might not suit all, have your crackers ready :)

A cake for later, I'm feeling a bit cheesy.......




Ooooh lovely :-) I could do with a little bit of sugar me thinks :-)

I think it must be cup of tea time if anyone fancies one before home time?


Hi all,

I love the pic Emjay, and we still have lovely warm weather here, even though we shouldn't according to the forecast :o :D :D

I'll have a cuppa thanks Emjay, :) with a piece of your lovely cheese cake Betts :), don't think i've seen one like that before :)

Have a great evening everybody :) x


Here you go Sue :-)


Did you enjoy your GrandBaby snuggles? :-)


Oooo just what i needed thank you :)

I had a great time, and got another picture, he makes some funny faces sometimes, he makes me laugh :) Can't wait to see him again :)


Hi everybody :) :)

Sorry i havnt bin on here much today, but have had a hard time today :( that was until I went to the top of the garden :o

I've just spent 6 hours of my life watching and helping 4 young Great Tits to fly their nest :o :)

I have had, Blue Tits, Great Tits, Coal Tits, Big Tits :o , Little Tits :| , nesting in my boxes, but never bin there to see them fly :o :( Today I have :)

They helped me get through a hard time :) , ha ha I watched as the first one poked its beak out, but just wouldnt come out !! I noticed that it kept looking down, hmmm a long drop for a little thing like that :o The parents were on the fence opposite, calling them, So I thought, I will try to give them a hand :o

I spread my right hand just underneath the hole of the bird box, it all went quiet, :o I thought oooops wrong thing to do !! but then, No 1 chick, appeared, it climbed onto my hand and, went for it :o it landed on the fence opposite :) No 2 chick did the same :) No 3 chick, erm had a sort of a Whoooopsy landing, cos he ended up hitting the fence and ending up on one of the Rohdies :o I ran over to help, cos my fish pond is just their, and I didnt want him/her to fall in :o I turned around, No 4 chick was goin for it, straight flippin down on the floor it went !!!!, but it bounced, and it was still chirping, so I picked it up, took it over to the fence where the others where :)

The parents were calling them, and they all tried flying around, but titch just couldnt fly :( The others have flown away now, just leaving titch, but the parents have come back and are feeding it still, am just wondering, if I put it back in the bird box, the parents would still feed it or not, cos if I dont, our cat will have it, am sure she will :( :(

Does anybody have any ideas please :o :)

Pete :)


Sorry you were having a hard time today, and so glad it got so much better.

Amazing! Wonderful, you were there for them just when they needed it. Got a feeling you,re often there to catch when they're about to fall ;) Nice one!

Wish I knew what to do about titch. Put him back?


Good evening everyone. :)

Pete, that sounds lovely. :) I'm surprised you managed to keep quiet for so long though. :o Just as well you weren't on those piggies cos they wouldn't have appreciated you blowing smoke over them. :( Don't know about that chick though - maybe you should email Springwatch and they might be able to advise you. (Find it on the BBC website?) Keep us posted though. :)


Good evening everyone,

Pete, that does sound like a lovely day :) like Andi says, keep us posted about the chick :) I can only think of getting in touch with Springwatch, like Andi says, or your local RSPB.

Hope you had a good day in the sunshine Andi :)


Hi Sue, yes, we were really lucky to have wall to wall sunshine yet again. 8-)

Pt day today. We went for a run on the prom cos we haven't run together for a while. We got to one zigzag and I said about how steep it was so was made to go up it (running). :o When I gave up 2/3 up it, we had to turn round, run back down and back along the prom. I was knackered after the uphill though and dragged myself back most of the way before walking the last bit.

Planned to do stuff in the garden again today but decided it was too hot so went out and about instead. :D :D


Glad you got loads of sun, so did we for a change :D

That Pt of yours doesn't half make you work, no wonder you were knackered.

Yeh def.too hot for gardening, more like sunbathing :D :)


The trouble is that the sea's still too bloody cold to swim in. :o :D :D


so it wouldn't help cool you down then :o :D


Not if you can't get in it - my feet nearly dropped off on Saturday when I went paddling. :o :D


a bit like the hotel pools when your abroad on holiday then :D :D I never go in them either :D


I don't do that kind of holiday much. :(


I don't either Andi, think i've been to Spain twice in my 54 yrs of life, otherwise i don't holiday outside my region (Tayside)


Just shutting some blinds - amazing sunset out there at the mo. :)


Andi, like Sue has said, gosh gal your pt put you through it today :o you take care gal, cos your gettin on a bit now you know :o :P :D :D :D

Time for me to say, am outa here, pretty smartish toooo eh :o


I can't see ours, there's stupid buildings in the way, sounds like a glorious view :)


Aup, Andi and grannySue :)

just wondering if you have herd from our Jillygirl today ??


no, she was gonna be busy today and come on this evening but i guess she's over-run - bit late for her now. :o


how's your chicken?



By the time I got out there again, it was too late, Monkey had found it :( :(

But hey thats nature for you eh :o and at least, 3 out of the 4 chicks got away to play another day :)


Sorry andi, i gotta go now, need to get a shower for the hospital tomorrow, it's gonna be a very long day, i probably won't get on here till the evening.

nite nite, I hope you have a great nites sleep. Love and hugs :)xxxxx

I hope everything went okay at the hospital today Jillygirl :) and got closer to moving into your lovely flat :)

nite nite everyone, love and hugs :) xxxxxxx


Nite nite grannySue, love and hugs to you too gal, xxxx

I hope everythin goes alright at the hospital tomorrow :)

See ya later Sue :)

The real Pete :)


Nite nite Sue, hope everything goes okay tomorrow, see you in the evening.

Sleep well, :) xxx


I'm off too so I'll say nite nite to everyone, sleep well and sweet dreams. :)


Yeah, me too,

Am off up that wooden hill to zzzzzzzzz land, nite nite Andi and everybody, you get a good nights sleep now, and speak tomorrow :)

Pete :) xxxx


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