DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 23/09/2013

DAILY CHAT/ MONDAY/ 23/09/2013

Good morning everyone,

Bright and sunny bit misty though, but its looking like another sunny day.

Monday again, the start of the week. Perhaps its your start date for quitting, or another week being ticked off the calendar for you non smokers.

For most tobacco users, tobacco cravings or urges to smoke can be powerful. But you're not at the mercy of these tobacco cravings. When an urge to use tobacco strikes, remember that although it may be intense, it will be short-lived, and it probably will pass within a few minutes whether or not you smoke a cigarette .Each time you resist a tobacco craving, you're one step closer to stopping smoking or other tobacco use for good. But it can be difficult.

Why not start in October with Stoptober. stoptober.smokefree.nhs.uk/‎

Whatever your up to work, rest or play enjoy a smoke-free day. xx

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  • Good morning Jillygirl ,youre so bright and chipper :) thank you for the reminder ,,wishing you a wonderful day xx

  • Hello there the nun, lovely to here from you. have a lovely day. :) :) :) xxx

  • Good morning Jilly, the Nunn & everyone

    Great photo Jilly and know how he feels this monday morning !!!!

    Just checking in - and so agree with what you say regarding these CRAVINGS. It is the help I received from this site regarding cravings that made all the difference - understanding "craving" is the master key. Also knowing that your body & mind recovers as fast as it can once you put down the cigs and often the symptoms experienced are all part of the recovery .... it is hard going to start but soooo worth it....

    Best wishes


    Non smoker 8 weeks +


  • Jonathan I cant believe its 8 weeks now that's magnifico! :)

  • Hola and Good Morning Everyone :D

    Sorry I didn't make it back on here last night, I'm just catching up with all yesterday's posts now. I had a lovely time at the christening, lots of dancing too - although I do have sore feet today!

    JillyGirl, all our community advisors are all armed with information regarding Stoptober, we are expecting it to be quite a busy event again this year following last year's success :-)

    thenunn, lovely to see you back. I've just updated your quit day on our Wall of Winners :D I hope all is going well for you so far :-)

    Jonathan, you are dealing with this stopping smoking malarkey in the right way. Rather than having withdrawal symptoms, you are showing signs of recovery :D So all is really positive. The simplest thing to do (which sometimes seems the most difficult!) is not to have that one puff at all, ever and your guaranteed to be a winner, so keep NOPE, NOPE, NOPING all the way :D :D :D

    Sin, you seemed like you were on form yesterday and still only managed to have 2 lozenges, this really is hardly anything. Maybe those dreams you had are something to do with your change in the amount of nicotine you are having :-)

    Andi, I hope your blisters aren't giving you too much jip today :o although I'm sure you'll finsd something else you can do that won't bother them :D

    Where's our Pete and Sue? I've not heard from them since Friday. Hope all is okay and their absence is all related to house-moving and gardening! :o :o

    Friezfriend, I hope you enjoyed Downton last night :D I've just spotted your post about private messaging, I seemed to have missed it sorry. I'm going to send you a message in a moment so look out for a little number 1 in red up by your profile picture at the top of the screen (in the green line), you can then read and reply :D

    Big hello's and waves to anybody else looking in :D

    Right, I do believe that it's cup of tea time :D

  • Hello Emjay, I think Pete and Sue have eloped. :D :D don't know where they are hiding.


  • Friezfriend, I've sent you a private message, but just in case you still don't know how to access it, here's how you send a message;

    - If you click on your name at the top of the screen in the green strip, a drop down menu will appear.

    - If you click on 'messages' this will allow you to access any messages you have, or if you would like to send a message just click the 'new conversation' button in the yellowy / green box in the top right hand of the screen.

    - Type in the name of the person that you want to send a message to in the 'find a member' box.

    - Type in the subject of your message in the 'subject' box.

    - Once done, press send in the yellowy / green box at the bottom :-)

    I hope you can understand what I mean. Pete is usually the one who is better at explaining things like this!

  • Is this where they might be hiding JillyGirl?


  • :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • Downton......fab. :)

  • Ended up having 4 lozenges altogether yesterday. 2 up to now today, but my little bundle of joy grand-daughter is coming to stay for a couple of hours soon so that could be extended to about half a dozen :D Aww, only messing, she does like to exercise her lungs especially around tea time, still looking forward to cuddles though.

    Am jealous of your sunshine Jillygirl, very disappointed to see that we're back to rubbish weather today, its even had the audacity to drizzle this morning after all that tantalising sunshine yesterday.

  • Good afternoon everyone.

    Wow, it's turned into a real scorcher! 8-) Started with drizzle, then cloudy , then the sun finally came out this afternoon - feels like I'm back in Spain. :D

    Nice to see you back again Jan. :)

    Glad to hear that Jonathan survived another weekend - you're becoming a real expert at it now. ;-)

    Friez, you're doing just grand too. :)

    Sin, enjoy your cuddles - maybe you could give her her dinner a bit earlier to save your earholes. :|

  • Hi Andi, Sinfree, Emjay, Jilly & you all

    This is great and thanks Andi - I like the fact I am becoming a real expert by NOT doing something.. cool huh, if only work was the same !! Thanks Emjay also POSITIVE NOPE it is....

    Sin sounds like you are doing really well by NOT doing something as well !!

    Best wishes everyone & STOP doing whatever is hurting you.


    More NOPE

  • Hi everyone, Yipee! got my new bathroom suite in at last. just to tidy up now. Hope everyone is ok. :)


  • I'm now officially into week 3, doin a happy dance here :) Actually went a whole hour after I got up this a.m before I needed my ECig.Cravings not too good mid morning so I went to the gym and walked, I know it's still very early days but this quit somehow is different in that my cravings just aren't as bad as in previous attempts.I just know that there's absolutely no going back now.x Hope everyone else has had a brilliant day.

  • Hi Yell, that's just great that you've got a whole fortnight under your belt now. You'll have to be very careful about those cravings, they seem to kick in when you least expect it about 2 months in. It's brill that you're going to the gym - a very good distraction and helps you focus on your eating habits too. If you find you're eating a bit too much at the moment, don't worry too much cos it's better to have a successful quit and worry about the weight later. :)

  • Aup Ysd :) A massive big well done to you, and yeah you flippin dance as Jillygirl says :) :D :D

    I too am on my third week quit today :) and yes it dose get easier as you go, but be on guard, cos nic can strike at the most unpredictable times, I know that from past experience :(

    You keep going the way you are, and stay positive & focused on your quit eh :) :)

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi everybody, whose still awake :)

    Sorry I havent bin on here, but ave bin a veryyyyyyyy busyyyyyy beeeeeee :o but am back to annoy you now :P :D :D

    Rite I'd best go get some reading done eh :o

  • Hiya Pete, yep I'm still awake - just got back from visiting auntie in hospital. Apparently, while I was away they removed her clips (stitches in old money :o ) and she had an infection so 3 weeks on and she's still there, champing at the bit to get home.

  • Aup Andi its lovely to see ya gal :) :)

    Hmmmm it sounds like you've bin busy in your garden for once :P :D :D

  • I went mushrooming in the Forest today with my friend then we had a lovely lunch in a pub - the most delicious mussels in a creamy sauce - mmmm! :) Came home and cut the grass. It seems to have bred millions of daddy longlegs while I was away. :|

  • Hi Jonathan, its great to see your doing well :)

    Hmmm ave just bin looking on this HealthUnlocked site for a help to quit work bit on here !! but sadly havnt found one yet :o :D :D

    If anybody else finds it, give us a flippin nudge will ya :)

  • :D :D :D

    Good evening Jillygirl :) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • wikihow.com › ... › Speaking › Phone Skills‎

    have a browse Pete. :D :D

  • Off in my nice new bath now, so will say night to everyone. sweet dreams. xxxx

    off out tomorrow night for a meal so Pete your in charge of the evening shift, :D :D xx :)

  • I hope you enjoy your newwwww bath Jillygirl, and dont you stay in it tooooo long, cos you'll get all wrinkly :o :D :D

    Nite nite gal, you enjoy your zzzzzzzzz :) xxxx

  • Enjoy your new bath, but don't splash too much cos I'm sure the tiles aren't up yet. :o ;-)

    Nite nite and sleep well. :) xxx

  • Hi Andi are you sure you havent been to my flat before. :P

  • Good evening Pete

    All is well I think and great to see more and more of us giving Mr Nic a good kicking !!

    Also that we are NOT being fooled by or giving in to these Cravings.

    Maybe we could set up another site on "How to Quit Work" and stay "Quit", can NOT see the work cravings causing too much problem !!!



  • Yes its just great to see more and more people on this quit site isnt it :) :) and we all have something in common !! WE ALL WANT TO GET RID OF NIC !!!!! once and for all :) :)

    Am with you allllllllllllllllllll the way on that one Jonathan :) :)

    Am just wondering if Jillygirl or Andi have some tips for us eh :o :D :D

  • I don't think there's any left that I can tell you. :o :D :D

  • On quitting work :o :D :D

  • Last resort.


    nite nite boys. xx

  • :D :D :D

  • Andi, yep I too will be over the fields this next weekend, mushrooming, erm, but am not sure where to get the mussels from :o hmmmm I will have to have a think about that one gal !!

    Rite am off to nod land now, cos on 6 till 6 again this week :P :( so I will bid you a happy and pleasant dreamy nights sleep :o :) xxxxx

    Nite nite Jonathan and everybody and get a positive nights sleep :) xx

  • Nite nite Pete and everyone else, sleep well and sweet dreams. :) xxx

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