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Daily Chat: Monday 19th August 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 19th August 2013

Good Morning Everyone,

Welcome to a fresh new week again already. I really don't remember the weeks passing by this quickly when I was younger!

Looks like you all had quite an energetic day yesterday 8-)

Andi, I hope you are feeling much better today, if not a visit to your GP may be on the cards. Take care of yourself :-)

Johnathan, welcome back and congratulations on remaining smoke-free. You are doing really well :-)

Sally, good to see that you are still taking your breaks at work even if you aren't using them to smoke. Smoke-free breaks are the healthier option. Have a good day :-)

JillyGirl, I hope you managed to get your 'leak' sorted and the weather is helping to dry up any damage :-/

Pete, almost another week under your belt again. We're all proud of how well you've done this time round. Keep on, keeping on! Have a good day at work :-)

Sin, that was quite a hill to be pedalling up. I hope you're not feeling it too much today! :-)

Sue, I'm just going to 'brew up' if you fancy joining me :-)

Big waves to everyone else :D :D

Remember to stay positive everyone, especially at the times when you least feel like it. See cravings as a positive sign of recovery, welcoming them in through the front door and then seeing them safely out through the back one! :D

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Good morning Emjay and everyone.

Nice one down south today (although it's just clouded over for a bit).

I didn't sleep too well and still feeling dizzy but can't waste any more time on it. I went out for a run - first one for 6 days and usual blisters kicked in after 15 minutes. I've now made an appointment to see the doc on Wednesday and hope he can throw some light on my tiny problems. I don't hold out too much hope though, I was just amazed that the phone was answered. :o

See you all later. :)


Good afternoon Emjay, Andi and everyone else.

Bit quiet on here this afternoon, must be all waiting for Pete to finish work. He seems to liven everyone up.

Hope you get sorted out on Wednesday.

Had a busy morning cleaning up while hubby out. yippee!

leak not sorted yet but I am leaving it up to hubby he seems to know who to get to fix it.

Well going to do my ironing now then its time for a break. :)

catch up in a bit. xx :)


Jillygirl, just you leave it up to us men, cos we are good at sorting things out gal :o :D :D


Afternoon Everyone :-)

It most certainly is a tad quiet on here today. I think I must have scared everyone off!



Hi ya Emjay, am sure its not you that has scared everyone off, I bet they've all took a leaf out a your book, '' gone noddin '' :D :D :D

I expect Eye is noddin toooo :o :|


Hi everyone,

I hope your doc can help you Andi, ( I have everything crossed for you) just be careful till then, don't want you falling and hurting yourself.

hope your leak is fixed soon Jillygirl. Your lucky getting your hubby out for a while, I'm stuck with mine for ages yet :D :D.

Emjay I hope your have a nice easy day today, think i missed your cuppa but i have the kettle on now if you want one.

I'm hoping to stay awake for a bit longer today, yesterday i fell asleep with the laptop on my knee :D and my hubby just left me like that till i went to bed at 11pm, nice of him wasn't it.

Hope you all had a fab day :)


Hi ya Sue :) its always lovely to see you on here gal, just hope them docs of yours have got your tabs sorted out for you :)

Hmmmm about hubby letting you sleep, just wondering, what would have happened if he had woke you up :o :D :D hey Sue, us old boys cant do nothin right gal :D :D


Good early evening everyone

Thanks Emjay and like what you say about letting the cravings come in the front door and seeing them safely out the back door... had a few visitors this afternoon and think one or two are still in the house, will open the back door !!

Got rather a lot of work to do with having been away, just need to read Pete's article on discomfort including procrastination to get me moving again ....

Feel a bit flat after the holiday and deflated after the rage / anger (serves me right !!).

Best wishes




Hi Jonathan. its a rotten feeling when you come back of holidays. but just think the money your saving with quitting ,you can look forward to treating yourself. Oh yes I found this sign for you to give those niggly cravings



I think that might be appropriate for Pete as well. I don't think he'd manage to get one up inside the house though. :o

Jilly, if it's not your windows leaking, doesn't the problem get fixed through the management of the block?


:D :D :D :D


Always the way J, one day back and you've forgotten all about it. :( At least you haven't forgotten that you don't smoke any more. :)


Hey Andi, please take it steady untill Wednesday eh, cos your knockin on a bit now gal :P :D :D


:P :P


Hi Jilly

Thanks for your understanding as always ...

Printed off your sign so hope these cravings can read, stuck it on the office door. I guess (as you said) we are on a roller coaster ride, and the track keeps changing .... this ride is free but I wouldn't mind a rest for a few days !!

NON smoker


Still a success story !!!!!!!!!!!!!



Hi Andi

"Yes" do not know why we bother going on holiday as it is so bloody stressful when you get back and I am still recovering from this rant & rage .. on top of everything else. Never mind .... it could all be much worse and I can breathe - about the most basic requirement !!!



Aup Jonathan, so glad your still on the quit mode pal :) :)

Ha ha I too have printed Jillygirls sign off, hmmmm just wondering where to put them :o :| I shall find somewhere erm, appropriate for them ;) :|

Stay with it Jonathan, cos I reckon you've got through a very hard bit, as in going on holiday and getting stressed out, that is my problem, i get stressed out, then flippin give in :o so this quit of mine is focused on stress, cos if I can get through the stressful bits, then I KNOW I will WIN :) :)

Take care pal, speak soon :)


Good evening everybody :)

Huh, so flippin much for my early shift this week :o got to work this morning at 6 am, there was a notice saying, this week shifts have changed to 12 hour shifts :P :P , so now on 6 till 6 supposabley :P :P

Rite thats my moan out of the way for today, hmmm I do believe I feel better now :) :)

Am off to see what you all bin talking about :o :)


Oh Pete that is ridiculous. surely they can`t make you work all those hours. Are you not in a union

. Don't worry Sue, Andi and I will protest for you.



Hey Jillygirl, :D :D :D just magic gal, thought you would be in bed by now gal :)


No not gone to bed yet. Although going to get ready as hubby already snoring and that's watching tv. bless him. Not bothered as long as he doesn't snore too loudly, or I will be on night shift too. So of to bed now. night night ,sweet dreams. luvs ya all. xxx


I'm in! :)


Nite nite everybody, try to get a good nights kip if you can :) and may all your lovely dreams come true :)

Luv and huggs heading your way if you need them :) if you dont, flippin tuff, cos your getting em :o :D :D

Pete is now going to nodd land :) xxxxx


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