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Tommorow is Day 9!!!!!

Well for those who have been following my blogs and offering me words of support, thank you! Tommorow is day 9 and will be the longest I have ever stopped smoking for! I know its hard to explain but its been a slog up until now as I feel Ive just been doing what Ive done before (get to 9 days). Its been sooo hard and the hardest quit attempt to date. I dont want to ever have to go through this again. From tommorow I feel like Im achieving new things and feel very positive. Jo x

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Aup Jo :) I've bin trying for over an hour to get on to the site :( flippin gremlins :o

Your doing just great Jo :) and yes day 9 tomorrow for you, you flippin go out and treat yourself to something really nice :) and enjoy :) cos you deserve it gal :)

Yes am like you Jo, the more quit attempts I have, the harder it seems to get :o :( so then lets make this the last attempt and beat the nic once and for all :) :)

Pete xx :)


Deal!!!! Never want to go through this again :-) Jo x


Well done Jo keep positive you can do this Day 9 fantastic achievements Take care a d keep smiling suecx


Tried to pack up smoking loads of times and it seems each time gets harder. So this time is my last time I will not smoke again even though sometimes I want to. 8 weeks now, getting fatter as we speak, always chewing sweets ect., still thats another problem, not going to worry about it. So keep going and remember lots os us are in the same rocky old boat. Congratulations 9 days a non smoker, keep going


Hi Nixy :) a big big welcome to this lovely quit smoking site, and a massive well done to you for getting to 8 weeks on your quit journey :) :)

Ha ha ha I think we all get erm, put a bit of weight on during our quit :o but like I've said before, lets get the ciggie finished off with :) then we can cut our weight down if needs be !! because the way I see it is, if we can beat nic then we can beat anything :)

I too am on 8 weeks quit and like you and Jo have said, we want this to be the last time :) So if you like Nixy you can join Jo's and my gang - The last timers :D :D

Hey you keep positive and focused cos you will do it :)

Pete :)


I like it 'the last timers club. Mind you in my case im in the 'old timers club' as well. Have to say my temper is a bit of a problem, even the poor dog is confused, one minuit I love him to bits next I telling him to get out of the b----y way because he is getting on my nerves, even found myself saying "what are you flippin looking at, its alright for you". I tut a lot as well, have no idea what Im tutting at, and I sigh all the time, funny things happen when you ditch the evil weed. Hope I get my sense of humor back soon. Well done everyone tomorow is another good day to look forward to.


Hahaha the last times....Love it!! Well ive woke up in day 10 of my last ever quit attempt and im feeling good....... i know its only wednesday but at the weekend it will be 2 weeks!!! Haha I have absolutely no sense of humour whatsoever at the minute and live you nixy, im hoping it returns :-) Have a good day last timers!! xx


Well done Jojolou, I'm following behind you... Only 2nd day, but at least it's a start now. You don't ever have to go through it all again... unless you insist! You have worked so hard for this, so make it "Yours" this time. Don't let nicotine steal it from now. Your on a winner with this definately. Best wishes, Gill, xx


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