Another one bites the dust. Day 9!!

Hello fellow non smokers. ( that has a nice ring to it.) First all i want to say thank you so much to those of you who relpy it puts a huge smile on my face and definitely makes me feel like I'm not alone. 😉👍Today day 9 still smoke free what a liberating feeling. What has been helping me what with cravings in when i want to i process the thought answer to myself no you cant and then i let the thought go. I don't mingle with the idea i just give the automatic answer of no and it doesnt go any farther than that. Especially hard after meals. Thanks again guys you're awesome.  💪👍👏😉😃

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  • Hi ya Sandra and look at you gooooooo gal :) 9 days quit now WHOOOOOPY DHOOOOOPY DOOOOOOOOOO :) :) and yes, its a great feeling eh :)  

    Sounds like you got a great strategy going there and its you thats awesome Sandra :) 

    NOPE, Not One Puff Ever :) 

  • Thank you so much!! And nope not one puff ever!! 😃

  • Hi Sandra, I know what you mean. It's almost like saying NO to a child in such a way that they don't come back and bother you for a few hours..... They eventually learn that there never gonna get it from you so give up, however, every now and again they'll ask you again just to make sure 🤔😊

    Great quit, nearly into double figures 😊😊

  • Im truly  loving it and accepting the challenge for what it is. 10 days lets go.... 😃more to come thank you.  👍😀

  • Great job Sandra - keep it up! 

  • Great job to you too tictac. Until tomorrow. 😴😆

  • awesome....celebrate every new day :) :)  Double digits in the morning :) :) 

  • Yay and thank you.  ♡

  • you are doing brilliantly 

  • Your doing fantastic  Sandra.  No mucking about just another day to beat.  Nic isnt going to beat you.  well done.

  • Hey Sandra 💐 Congrats on 9 days👏👏  sooo hard the first month.... I still keep my reason out every day why I can't smoke... Mine is young women in my family who smoke have strokes .... Don't want to go there.... As long as we don't take that 1st puff =1 pack❤️🇨🇦

  • Well done Sandra, 9 days is fantastic👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🚭😊

    My tip after eating a meal is get up and clean your teeth coz it takes away the longing for a dirty horrible cig. Keep up that great quit👍🏼😊

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