Worst day ever!!

Hi All

Anyone know why after 44 days free of the evil weed I am having the worst day ever!! I am absolutely desperate for a fag and really don't know if i can last the day UNBELIVABLE! Ive been doing so well, but today no that little moster will not leave me head - I look and feel terrible - what is it? does anybody know ????? I so want to be free !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any advise would be greatly appreciaed :-( sad marion

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  • Hi Marion,

    Sure sounds like it's a tough day for you. And it happens to a lot of folk I know too, some have been stopped a few years - then "bang" a really bad few hours comes creeping up. Most of it's a memory being triggered, even though we're not conscious of it. By now most that Nicotine will be out of your body, but some of the other chemicals can linger longer, it will go though - just hang on in there.

    I'm sure you would feel sick with disappointment tomorrow if you had a ciggie. And you would feel dizzy and yuk too.

    I know it's not easy, but this horrible feeling will pass. If you can do something - just for the next hour to help your mind get off it... could be anything, a walk, a shower, or just phone a mate. It would help.

    Stay safe and well... And I hope smoke-free.

    Gill, xxx big hug too!

  • Thanks Gill so kind - still nic free and trying to keep my self occupied its alwful x x thanks again x x

  • Hi Marion, what you are feeling is quite normal and wont be a physical thing. Are you under a lot of stress at the moment ? most of us reach for a ciggy when were stressed out thinking that smoking will solve our problems, we all know it doesn,t but thats the way our mind,s work. What you are feeling should pass, try and distract yourself, mybe do somethink you have been putting off for ages, it could be that you have come to realize that now you are a non smoker and you,ve gone into panic mode :D You have done so well don,t let it get to you because it is not physical, it,s all in the mind and you can beat it. Good luck.


  • Thank you so much x x still nic free x x

  • Been there, done that and got the tee-shirt. In a two words - DO NOT! You'll be sorry if you do and believe me I speak from experience. Please don't - do anything rather than give in to nic - I beg you as you will really, really, positively and truthfully regret it so much.

    Not much help but the heart speaking.

  • Thats great help believe it or not - I'm sitting here laughing and still nic free - thank you so much x x :-)

  • You know those carry bags that you screw up and put in either a drawer or another carrier bag, you know the ones I mean those that burst out of the drawer when you open it or one you go to either take one out or put another in the bag, you either get half a dozen out orthere's not enough room to put another in without squishing and squashing those already out - pull 'em all out and take them one at a time and lay one them flat on the floor. Put one edge to the other edge and gently press down the fold. Put the folded edge to the two edges (fold in half again basically I mean) and again gently press down the fold. Then start by either (a) puttting the top to the bottom and gently press down the fold then again put the top down to the bottom and gently press down the fold or (b) start at the top and fold a quarter down on to the narrow strip, then fold that down and then fold that down not forgetting to gently press down each crease. By the time you've done half a dozen, your not thinking of nic at all you're thinking "why the hell did I start doing this". Once you've done a few, you'll be amazed at how many more you can get in the drawer or the bag!!!!!

    Hope this helps but if not blame me! I may be able to think of something more boring but not as productive as making room for more carrier bags - big, medium and small!!

  • The trouble with me today is - i'm not stressed - under no pressure - just can't understand where this overwhelming desire to smoke has come from its horrendous - i can't seem to concentrate on anything and feel so grumpy - my husband who's also quit smoking is sat (thankfully) in the other room - I feel so angry i just want it to go away - now shall i try the carrier bag draw lol - might go for another walk - keep your great posts coming they do make me laugh which is much better than sitting her like little miss misery arse!! big thank you :-) x x

  • Now heres a challenge for you. talking of bags.

    Get your bike out and see how many bags you can manage, lol. :D :D :D


  • :D :D just an average shopping trip then. My husband would have us looking like that when he goes in a supermarket. I have to keep reminding him that we are actually on a bike and there is only so much a person can carry.

  • Straightening out your carrier bags does have an advantage today though - you don't get wet indoors!!!!!!!!!

    And you do feel that you have acomplished something when they're all neat and tidy with space for even more??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • desperately trying john, even just been for a walk in this horrible winterious weather oh well i suppose tomorrows another day - thanks for replying x trying to keep strong

  • Marion, this comment is a bit late, hope you survived the urge and now feel as proud as! Recently a 'friend' offered me a cigar, my choice of nic. I turned it down and ate a sweet. Then I couldn't wait to get home and tell everybody how I turned one down. I was proud to the point of boring, so I hope you can come back to the site and tell everybody you beat the bugger. All the best.

  • ahh thanks jim - i did manage to beat the bugger yesterday although i stayed completely miserable ! not so bad today lol - BIG WELL DONE to you, lets hope we all beat this terrible affliction x

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