9 days smoke free

I'm finding mornings really hard specially when children stressing me out argueing with me etc. I know mornings are the worst for cravings I would never go back to them dreadful things but the cravings in mornings are the worst. My training is going really well it's the last day of training today. I've been getting really anxious an sweating an heart racing but I do have anxiety an I know it can be because I've quiet boo hoo :-(z but on plus side Its nice not to smell of smoke on my breath my teeth more whiter I can now run better when take my dog out I didn't think that would improve yet. I've been coughing up the crap off my lungs it's like a brownie colour the phlem yuk. Hope everyone is doing just as good I don't mean in big headed way but I am proud of myself for once ive manged something for myself x

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  • Hi Leanne, and so you should be proud of your self...We are all very proud of you too :) :) This is one of the great things about this forum is celebrating the success's and supporting each other as needed.

    You are doing fantastically Leanne, Keep up the great work

    Have a great day :)


  • Thank you glolin x

  • Wow 9 days Leanne, fantastic achievement :) :)

    First thing in the morning is really hard coz we're breaking the habit of havin one when we get up and learning how to deal with the stresses of life without one but you are doing brilliant :)

    You should be very proud of yourself coz we're very proud of you, well done :) x

  • Thankyou briarwood and yes I agree once morning pass it does get easier x

  • Leanne, you have every right to be proud of yourself. So glad you are benefitting from quitting. :) :) xx

  • Thank you jillygirl x

  • Hey Leanne, I did write up a post to you this morning but it seems to have disappeared :o

    Try and stay positive and know that each morning that you wake up and don't have a smoke, the easier it will become for you :-)

    Remember that as long as you don't have that one whiff / puff of a cigarette then you will be fine :-)

    Also, at least by stopping smoking you can put all your efforts and energy into learning how to deal with your anxiety instead - smoking won't be at the back of your mind causing you to feel as anxious :-)

    We have every bit of faith in you, stay strong and keep smiling :-)

  • Thank you emjay means alot ive had a very stressful day too :-( between kids training and shopping so Yep I'm getting there lol x

  • Sounds like a very stressful day you had Leanne, so well done for getting through the day smokefree, all credit to ya hun :) :) x

  • hey Leanne,

    Have you given any consideration to putting the kids up on ebay? You just need to assure yourself they're no more contentious than usual. You're just more sensitive to their contrary ways at the moment. If they get you to the point where you're having thoughts of breaking down, go into the back garden & start digging a hole, & tell yourself you'll bury them before you'll let them get you to relapse. Then tell the kids what the hole is for & they may modify their behaviour all off their own bat.

  • Well just have to say Ron that I put hubby on eBay and couldn't give him away :( so hope Leanne has better luck with the kids :D :D x

  • Lmao probably won't hun like I said my daughter would need a remote to mute her lol an cello tape x

  • Ha ha ha made me laugh you are right that's a good idea ebay but don't think they would sell unless they had a remote lol an ill deffo take digging a hole into consideration ha x

  • Deep breaths every time you think you need one.

    Three long breatjs in a row.

    Wake for desire to pass.

    Acknowledge the clear air inside and out.

    Search for YouTube anxiety meditations and perform early morning before kids wake up or late at night when they are asleep.

    Anxiety is triggered by thoughts and feelings on sub conscious. See Zen Buddhism on you tube.

    Practice mindful breathing all day long. easier said than done ;),

    Hang in there! You can do it!

  • Awww thank you hun I will go on YouTube and check it out much appreciated I live on my nerves an get quite anxious so this will come in very useful :-) x

  • Aup Leanne, am sooooo glad your trainings going well :) :) PLUSSSSSS, am rite chuffed with ya gal for getting through them tough times in the morning :) :)

    Maybe try using your quickmist spray more in a morning, orrrrrrr, get a bucket of cold water and let your flippin kids have it :o :D :D preferably with some big ice cubes in it too, to knock some sense into them eh :D :D

    Joking apart Leane, your doing ever so well on your quit and am dead proud of ya gal :) and just remember, if you can kick mr nic up the backside in the mornings, then the rest of the day will be easier :)

    Like you say Leanne, you are now starting to reap the plus sides of quitting smoking :) :) and exercise helped me a lot to get rid of all that phlegm out of my lungs :) the more you help your body, the more it will help you :)

    Please keep us posted on your quit, cos I will soon have to go a roaming over them there fields to catch you another Winners badge and I will enjoy that soooo much :)

    Stay focused and hold your head up high and just keep letting mr nic know who the flippin BOSS is around here :)

  • Ha ha ha I will do monky and I intend too lol mr Nic can go and take a hike this body doesn't need it ha x

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