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9 weeks!

good evening all thought id drop in its been 9 weeks and 4 days since i quit it has been very hard these past few days been having really strong cravings times i have wanted to cave in a have a smoke but for some reason havnt today has been good busy at work but no craves just wish i ddnt get cravings but not at 3 months stage yet its so very hard at times i get so down in the dumps and feel as if im the only one doing this, wish this tiredness would go away. im also coming off my HRT as well been on it 7 years doctor says time to cut down so im taking a tablet every other day now, feel as though im being oushed and pulled in every direction but determined to stick to my quit, guess what im after is a bit of hand clapping hoorahs you know that sort of thing :)

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Hiya Lindy, not seen you for a few days, you should come on the daily blog more often. Well, you're so far in now that surely there's no going back for you, :( I know how tough the cravings can be, had loads of them today. Went to visit my smoking friend this aftermoon and nearly asked her for one but shoved a mint in instead ;-) and didn't even have a whiff! :D :D

I'm starting my 6th week today and can't believe that I've gone 5 weeks already but 9 and a half weeks is amazing!! :) :) DADAA!!! (Wait a minute, wasn't there a film called that?)

Anyway, sorry but I can't comment on the HRT front cos I never had any need for that.

Keep going strong cos we all know you can do it - and we all know that without this site - well, we wouldn't know what we'd be doing!! (If you can understand that, you're a better woman than I am. :o )


Hi Windylindy50 that's brilliant that you've got to 9 weeks, i'm at 7, this can be really hard at times, you should join in our daily chat, we all help each other and have a laugh as well, also give each other tips, Emjay is brill as well, she always knows what to say to get people motivated to stay stopped, it can't have been easy being on hrt as well but your doing great, you really are, i try to keep busy mentally, like doing a crossword eg to change my thoughts as i find the psychological addiction the worst, keep strong, you can do this, your not alone, we all have times of struggle, we're all here for you :)


Hi guys thanks for the replies you have both done so well on your quits

Im up at 06:20 and in work from 7:00 till 5pm I get in around 6 ish so Im unable to get on until the evening and sometimes in so flaked all I do is chillax (as my daughter would say) and nod off but I will make more of an effort to come on here and chat really appreciate your replies ??


That was supposed to be a smiley not question mark flippin phone :)


Hi windylindy, Nice to see you back on site. Well done with your quitting your just in front of me... as for hrt did that years ago. Good luck and well done.xx


9 weeks, that is HUGE! Seriously you've done amazingly well, and trust me those cravings get us all down but when they strike it might help to remember why you stopped in the first place (for example I mainly stopped because of the amount they cost so I do a quick maths session and work out how much I've saved to the day- huge boost)! Keep up the amazing work, you really should be proud of yourself xx


Thanks guys for all your support has really helped a lot feeling a bit better today still had a few craves but not as bad, still feel so tired all the time hopefully that will pass soon, had a busy one at work so kept my mind active, can't wait for the weekend lay in mind you hubby's on call so may not get this longed for lay in he's not the quietest person getting up in the morning :( once again guys thanks for listening xx



Hi Lin, i'm sorry i've not been on earlier but had a bit of hastle with them lot on daily chat !! :D

The Girls have said most of it gal, but you've done brilliantly well to get this far, :) i would have been on my week 6 but blew it gal, :( and well it's back to the start again for me --- not one of my best idea's i can tell you!!.

You come have a chat when you can, cus we all help each other and have a laugh sometimes, hope to see you soon, :)

Pete :)


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