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Can you remember this far back? I can – Jimmy Young before Radio 1 was even thought about – don’t listen to it now but back then Jimmy Young was the person who made you sit up and take notice and his recipes were famous or should that be infamous? Oh well, sure someone will let me know which is right.

I have just spent the last 2.1/2 hours combing my two dogs! What a nightmare? Now dogs normally have four legs and a tail – mine have 18 legs apiece and god knows how many tails!!! I kid you not – they are absolutely atrocious – talk about ants in their pants not that they wear them (pants that is) but you know what I mean. Once every three or four months, I have them bathed and groomed by a lady called Helen who comes in a transit van which is fitted out with every mod con for pampering all pooches whilst they are bathed and groomed. Unfortunately, due to my ‘disease’ and the fact that my eldest gets eczema I can’t ‘do’ as I did for my previous dogs so this means that I have to have them trimmed but Helen tells me that they are the best behaved dogs that she does. So placid and helpful – even lifting their legs up so that she can comb and trim the leg and their foot! So why, if that be true, and Helen certainly has no reason to lie, are they such sods, brats et al when I do them. For 7 kilo in weight p**s wet through they are sure tough little b****rs! Talk about wanting a fag – I think I would have smoked 20 if there had been a packet handy which luckily there wasn’t.

Made a cup of tea instead and made his so strong (as I know he doesn’t like it that strong) by taking my anger out on the teaspoon and teabag (yeah, definitely pathetic me) that the spoon would stand up in it. Well, it serves him right watching sport whilst I do battle with OUR dogs and no offer to make a drink whatsoever. Anyway, let’s hope that this is my one and only temptation today. Today has got to be better than yesterday but it certainly can’t be any worse surely!

The blog title – well now I have calmed down and the craving has gone away (for the rest of the day I hope) thought you may wish to try the following recipe.

INGREDIENTS - One of each of the following:-

Simba196Dave a.k.a. FagsGillyflowermonky


thenunn sinfree johnUK

At least five of the following:-

Sueplease note that variations are accepted e.g. sue52, sue c, etc.



Place all the ingredients in different parts of the country but give them all the common goal of fighting the enemy of each of them – Mr. Nic. Bring them together on like a computer thingy and let the bonding and binding ingredients be there in the background to give assistance where necessary. PLEASE NOTE that any additional ingredients can and will be taken into the mix and all are and will be made very welcome. There is no limit to the numbers of ingredients and bonding/binding agents allowed in this recipe as in actual fact the more there are the better it is. The only criteria is that they must each individually want to rid their life of Mr. Nic.

Together they are superbly strong and promise that they will support, help and do whatever is necessary for each of them to win their battle against the common enemy, Mr. Nic.

Once mixed, they need no baking but will happily meet and greet each other via blogs – it does not necessarily follow that fewer means weaker and members of this site know that they are in for a long hard battle but will fight until Mr. Nic is, for each and every one of them, destroyed and out of their lives for good!

Now I really do think that it is time that I shut up – but, I can’t leave without, hopefully, giving you a good laugh.

This morning I saw a parked RAC van. The driver was sobbing uncontrollably and looked extremely miserable. I thought to myself, that guy’s heading for a breakdown.

Terrible I know so definitely finishing now, good night everyone and sweet dreams.

Hope everyone has a good Monday – day 15 for me and my birthday to boot!

Take care,


Photo taken at 9.30 am yesterday morning! from my front window! (and yes, I was inside looking out).

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Fantastic buttons, how do you think about them.

I agree about the dogs, had two until last September, unfortunately now only one but trying to groom them was awful. They twisted and turned the opposite way to what I wanted, then would try to lay on the side I was trying to groom, took an age. Fortunately my hubby did help it took two of us one to trim and one to hold.

Yes I can remember Jimmy Young, we are showing our age and Radio Caroline and Luxemburg, Top ten on a Sunday evening, ah they were the days.

On about cars in an earlier post, the first car my hubby and I brought was a Mini which he fetched and came to pick me up from work. I ended up pushing the car to his mothers as it wouldn't start again. The next car blew up on the motorway. We could only afford old bangers - kids don't know they are born now do they!!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Sleep well everyone and hopefully another smoke free day tomorrow. Dawn Week 1 achieved :)


Hi Sue c :)

ha ha ha yep, I can remember radio Caroline and radio Luxemburg :o :) I used to lay on my bed listening to the top 20, I think it was, from 6 - 7 Sunday night, :D :D and I used to have to turn the radio around, cos it went off station :o :D like you say, they were the days :) :)

Jimmy Young, nah he was before my time :o :D :D


Buttons just ace gal, ha ha another beauty from our top blogger :) :)

Oooh I wont be on until late tomorrow night so I wish you a happy Birthday for tomorrow :) :)


:P :P think I'd best scarper whoooooooooosh :D :D


Happy birthday for tomorrow buttons x


Thank you to both monky and simba196 - will read your replies again in the morning and just so you know monky your present is one of the nicest I have ever had as I had quick look 'cos I just could not resist and I haven't stopped laughing since opening it! Absolutely brilliant - thank you.

Nigh night everyone and sleep tight with sweet dreams.



Happy Birthday Buttons!

Lovely stuff, that recipe. Made my day... Keep doing what your doing... It certainly helps me. xx


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