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TUESDAY - DAILY CHAT - 01/04/2014

Good Very Happy Tuesday to Everybody :)

No, this isn’t an April Fool – it really is me opening up the Daily Chat today, so I’ve unlocked the door, put on the lights, fired up the laptop and I’m ready to go!

First of all I cannot let this opportunity go by without sending a HUGE hug and the biggest CHEER to my fellow PIPP Miss MummyMinder as we achieve 1 weeks success on our stop smoking journey – it is an honour to travel this road with you sweetie as well as a lot of fun! So let's kick butt for a 2nd week!!! :) (Wey Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy !!!)

I must also send best wishes, a huge hug and an ENORMOUS THANK YOU to the wonderful Helen (YellowSnowdrop) for her fantastic support to so many people on this website for more than 6 months. Helen has achieved great success in her battle to stop smoking but not only that, she has remained on the site to give fantastic encouragement and advice to so many people like me who have only just started on this journey and for that we will be eternal grateful!

Helen has decided to take a step back from the website for a while and I completely understand that in spite of feeling so sad about it, but please please please Helen, do pop back and let us know how you are and how your smoke free life is going, and have no doubt we will definitely miss you!

To New Members – a big welcome and also congratulations on finding this site – it really is what it says on the tin “Quit Support”. EmJay is our Advisor and everyone else is at some stage of stopping smoking so can provide masses of support and encouragement along the way. They are also EXTREMELY friendly so please don't be shy of joining in a chat, saying hello or asking a question, these are not exclusive events they are for everyone! I only stopped smoking a week ago, but I can promise you that I would not have achieved that without the help of the wonderful people on this site!

On a final note, today is April 1st – so to all those people who have already started their journey to a smoke free lifestyle have a happy and healthy smoke free day! Stay strong, stay positive, be happy and don't be fooled by Nasty Mr Nic

Just say NOPE! (Not One Puff Ever!)

Now I’m off to work so hopefully we’ll catch up later

Have A Great Tuesday!

Love Chrissie


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Good morning Chrissie ,Thanks for opening the daily chat, (I knew you wouldnt have a problem).

Well done PIPPS on week 2 . Thats fantastic. Have a lovely day everyone. xx :)


Good morning Jillygirl, I hope your very well :)


Hi Pete, I am fine thanks love. Bingo today so busy this aft. I won £35 at the weekend. at least its not wasted on ciggies. Hope your ok. xx xx xx


Good morning Chrissie and the PIPPs :) :)

A giant, massive, HUGE well done to you for reaching week 2 of your quit :)

Hey Chrissie, gosh you can gassss gal :o mind you, there's nothing wrong with that, cos your a Woman eh :P :D :D It's a lovely opening Chrissie, I knew you could do it gal :) :)


Good morning ChrissieG, what a lovely way to start the day, thank you. Many congratulations on your success, long may it continue. Thank you all for the support at the weekend, now on my way to week four, can't believe it :-). Hope you all have a good day x x


Good morning Jo, sooooo, your on your way to week 4 now then, that's just flippin magic, ace it is :) :) You hold your head up high, and go treat yourself to something nice eh :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Good Morning, Good Morning :-)

I'm sorry I haven't been around as much as usual lately folks but I can promise you that I have been looking in on you. You have all been giving each other so much support in so many different ways, it's really great to see :-)

I had a whole day off yesterday so spent most of it nodding off on the couch - Normally I would think that this was a full day wasted but somehow I felt that I needed it. Pete, it was one long hell of a nod :-/

I did bob on here a couple of times but there seemed to be gremlins about :o Each post I read had the same comments posted a couple of times and then when I did post it didn't appear :o I've reported the problem on so fingers crossed all should be okay today :-)

As some of you know, I have had to work away from my computer quite a bit lately and so have only been able to bob on here late in the evening - (even though most of my evenings have consisted of eating my tea, falling asleep on the couch and then waking up to go to bed!) Anywhose, I have just finished up a the piece of work that has taken me away for so long and now (hopefully) I am back properly :-)

Chrissie, what a lovely opening to the day :-) I hope JillyGirl enjoyed her well earned sleep in ;-) Congratulations to you as you make your way into your 2nd week of quitting. This is the week that may test you ever so slightly but is still an important part of your stopping smoking journey - without week 2 you can't get to week 3 and so on :-)

JillyGirl, I shall put myself on kettle putting on duties today :-)

Pete, I promise to have a no-nodding off day today :-) How are you doing? I hope you are staying strong and keeping out of mischief :-)

Jopan, that 4 week Winner's Badge is here waiting for you ;-)

Helen, big waves to you if your looking in this morning :-)

Al, I've just spotted your other post so shall pop on over to that in a bit. Just in case I miss you, have a lovely, lovely time and enjoy your smokeferee break :-)

It's April Fools Day today - Lets not let the tobacco company treat us like a fool eh?!

Kettle-putting-on-time :-)


Aup Emjay, its lovely to see you gal :) :) and awake tooooooo :D :D :D erm, saying that, am about noddin off :o

I don't know about kettle-putting-on-time, but its Pete's-head-down-time so I will love you and leave you gal :( sorryyyyyyy. You get some flippin rest gal :) :) See ya soon :) xx


Hi Emjay nice to see you back on line. Yep kettle on sounds good. I have decided to delegate my daily chats to Chrissie who may I say is doing a great job. Catch up later. xx :) :)


Hi, love the way you sound sooh positive and hope it rubs off on me


Hi Briarwood, it's so lovely to meet you!

Thank you so much - I need to feel positive to succeed in this otherwise I just know I'll fall flat on my face and we just can't do that can we! :)

Many congratulations on stopping smoking - I can't help thinking it's such a fantastic decision but a difficult one to make so you much feel happy now you've made it.

The e-cig I use is from MyCiggy. They sell online as well as in shops, but I don't know where you are so whether there is a shop near you. I can tell you that they are actually much cheaper online than in the shop and this company do pledge to despatch the order immediately so you should receive it in a day or two. I had already ordered from another online place and that hadn't arrived, so I decided to just go out an buy from there instead. I'm glad I did, I only received my online order on Saturday (a month after I'd ordered it).

Anyway all is good now, I've got my vape and I've got some niquitin mini lozenges for back up, so I'm sorted and like you, getting on with it now! :)

Please keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on xxxxxx


Nite Nite everyone. have a good sleep. :)


Well done Chrissie great opening keep it up my friend you are doing really well, back home now after my break back to work today feel as if never been away oh never mind loved being away it was fab and congratulations you newbies all doing great well done my friends x x x


Welcome back from your sunny jolidays Kaprin - it's so good to see you (did you get a lovely tan?)

Thank you so much for your best wishes, I know it's only been a week but I can't deny I am really feeling proud, both for me and for MummyMinder - we're like a pair of giddy kippers about it! :D

And let's not forget your wonderful achievement of reaching 5 months - Wow - I daren't think that far ahead because it sounds so awesome to be but you must be so proud of yourself and SO HAPPY :D :D :D - congratulations sweetie xx

Have a really fabulous day xxxxxx


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