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The thing is, I'm not free !!

And that's the whole problem really.I read all of your lovely posts congratulating each other on beating bad ole Mr Nic (& very rightly so) &I just feel such a fraud coz I'm still sucking on my ECig (fairly sporadically it has to be said!!) 4 weeks quit today but still nicotine dependent, what do I do ? I know I'm not strong enough to go cold turkey but need to work something out.I'm on the lowest cartridge strength now (6mg) so in some ways I'm fairly proud of myself but not as much as if I didn't need the nicotine at all.

Keep going everyone out there,NOPE.



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Aup H :) a gigantic well done to you gal for reaching 4 weeks quit :) :) I've just reached 5 weeks today :)

H, you have got rid of the fags, and all the horrid chemicals in them, that is the main thing eh :) :) and it also sounds like your going to get rid of the E-cig toooo :) :) cos your on the lowest dose, soooooo all you have to do now is cut down on that :)

I dont know where you get your E-cigs from, but at most places you can get nic free cartridges, so maybe get some of them and try alternating them :) Erm as in when your strongest cravings come, have the nic e-cig, then on your less strong cravings, try the non nic e-cig and work it from there eh :) :)

Erm, I dont know whether I have helped you or not, cos dont know much about e-cigs :o

Big huggs to you toooo H :)

Pete :)


Hi there ysd, First of all Well done on reaching 4 weeks. Dont worry about being on the e cig like Pete says try the nicotine free cig , see if it helps you. Main thing is dont go back to the ciggys. Still early days . You CAN do it. xx


A whole month! Fantastic! Good suggestion from Pete but try reading information on this website too whyquit.com/ and watching Joel Spitzer's videos on You Tube. You can do it!


This is a really useful site Beel, thanks.


Don't be so hard on yourself, I'm still having my spray when I need it, you are not a fraud at all


H!!!! I'm six weeks tomorrow and don't feel like a fraud at all and will continue to use NRT for as long as I need it, please don't beat yourself up, everyone has their own way of doing things, like Pete says you have got rid of the cigarettes and the chemicals. This is not like following a religion, it is giving up an addiction and certainly from where I'm standing that's tough. Just a suggestion, a mate of mine who hasn't given up yet but is seriously contemplating it, is using patches, low dose ones, she has gone 3 days without 'bothering' to have a cigarette, perhaps using those and then your e cig as a last resort? Might help to break the link between puffing and needing nicotine? You should congratulate yourself for getting rid of the weed , like you said in an earlier post you went hours without using your e cig. Personally think you are doing amazing, just keep doing what is working for you and try not to draw comparisons with others. You can deal with the Nicotine later. Warm wishes and hugs. xx


Hey yellowsnowdrop, I agree with everyone - don't give yourself any grief, you are doing amazing :-)

As already suggested, why not try using the patch or maybe the inhalator? Both these products are regulated so you know they are completely safe to use. You are getting a measured amount of nicotine delivered until you are ready to stop using it. I would suggest that if you do this, you use it for at least 8 weeks. You are not a fraud at all and nicotine is such an addictive ingredient.

The reason that you probably don't feel free is because it can take around 12-14 weeks for your nicotine receptors to down-regulate. Remember that you have smoked for a number of years now and your whole self has a lot learning to do.

You're now into your 5th week so you are heading in the right direction. Give yourself a break and just go with the flow :D



are the nicotine receptors downregulating even if you are using nrt?


Hi ya Protoss, a big warm welcome to our lovely quit support community :) :)

If you use NRT, you dont say what form of NRT, but as you use it, the idea is to gradually cut the nicotine intake down and down until you get to zero nicotine :)

So your nicotine receptors will gradually be getting used to the down-regulating :)

Protoss, if you have quit already, please let me know your quit date, then I can add you to the Wall of Winners and assign you a Winners badge :)

Good luck :) Pete :)


Hi Pete my quit date was 27 of june. I have since then only smoked half a cigarette.. I have been using nicotine mouth spray which can be bought without prescription in Sweden where i live.

I would have hoped that in these 4 weeks of no smoking i would have lost at least some of the excess nicotine receptors i have built up over the years. I must be getting less nicotine now compared to the more than one pack a day i used to smoke.. I had been a smoker for more than 30 years.

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Hiya Protoss and a big warm welcome to quit support 😊

Congratulations on 4 weeks quit, great achievement so well done👍🏼

Be patient with yourself as it takes a while for your body to adjust. You are doing great and should be very proud 👏🏼

Our motto is NOPE not one puff ever and this will keep you on the straight and narrow😉

It will get easier, stay strong and you'll get there😊x

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Wayyyyy Hayyyy Protoss, you 4 weeks Winner you :) :)

Its lovely to meet you from all the way over from Sweden :) we have members from all over the place, even as far as Australia :o and I just looooove it :) :)

Protoss, like Briar has said, you have to be patient :) just you think ! you've smoked for about 30 Years, soooo, it takes our bodies a bit of time to sort itself out :o :) but it will do :) :)

If you have any trouble with the mouth spray, just give me a boot up the ermmmm, behind and I will try to help :)

Protoss, your doing ever soooo well :) :) very nearly a month quit now :) you be proud of yourself :) and go treat yourself to something really nice eh :) :) You stay strong and focused now and hope to see ya soon :) :)

Pete :)

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5 weeks is amazing, nrt is there for a reason, use it, don't beat yourself up about it. I've been on patches for just over a week and am thinking of getting a quick fix nrt like an inhalator or spray for those moments of extreme urge. I smoked a real fag yesterday and it was horrid, so you are definitely not a fraud. Don't expect too much from yourself too soon,if like me youve been smoking for years it's going to take more than a few weeks to get over it.

Good luck

P x


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