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Thought I had turned the corner

Well Mr Nic truly does leave his mark, 4 months on and felt great, eating well, exercising and getting fit then   bang !!

Got bloods done and Ive iron deficiency anemia !!! Mr Nic and coffee's have taken their toll...

Looking forward to getting this now sorted and fingers crossed no more Mr Nic surprises around the corner.. Another motivator to stay off them for good...

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Good morning jljblack,

Ya my dr just did blood work for iron levels as well .. I'm okay but I'm still out of breath climbing stairs.... Not comfortable with that but the senior quit members tell us it can take a year to heal our bodies...

4 months is awesome👍🏻☀️🇨🇦


Congratulations on your great quit, 4 months is terrific so well done hun👍 it sounds as though you're really feeling the benefits too. Sorry about the bloods but the good news is it's something that can be sorted😊

Hope you're feeling better soon💐 and I luv your positive attitude👍 you lovely non smoker👏👏


Hi ya Jljl and a great big WHOOOOPY DOOOOOPY DOOOO  to you :) :) 4 months quit is a great achievement :) :) 

As for your bloods, ok thats a bit of a set back :o BUT, nothing that tablets cant sort out :) :) 

like you say Jl, you just dont want to go through this again :) :) 

Take care now and I hope you have a fast recovery :) :) 


Well done jljl 4 months is great 😊😊 glad you have nothing serious and that you got it checked out😊👍👍

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Hi guys, thanks for the support,  yip no more smokes EVA for me lol...


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