Plate spinning

Plate spinning

Hi Everyone,

The sun is shining over Roy Castle Towers today and its my last day in work for a couple of weeks, off to Crete for a week with my lovely daughter.

So while I am away poor Emjay will be spinning lots of plates. I know you will all look after her, she wont drop any but if she does can you pick them up and set them spinning again :0)

See you all in a while....keep battling Mr Nic.....have fun with Stoptober.


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  • :D :-/ :D :-/ :D :-/ :D

  • Have an amazing holiday and well deserved break. Enjoy yourself Eye! : )

  • Thanks BeeL, I will do my best ;0)

  • Have a great time on holiday Eye, don't do anything i wouldn't do :D :D :)

  • Thanks Sue :0)

  • Oooo you lucky thing. I've never been to Crete, can I fit in your suitcase? ;-) :D :D

  • Crete is fabulous went their roughly 1,000 years ago when it was quite undeveloped, daughter time is great isn't it? Enjoy. :)

  • It is gorgeous Freiz, I went there a few years ago. We also visited Spinalonga which used to be a lepper colony until the 1950's, it was fascinating, especially if you have read 'The Island' by Victoria Hislop.

    Yep, daughter time is great.


  • Yes I read that recently it is a great book and made me want to go back there. Enjoy.

  • Have a fab time in Crete am a shade of pea green with envy !! :) Enjoy the rest.

  • Thanks Yellow. Can't wait

  • Aup Eye, :)

    I was going to carry your bags for you, but it looks like some-erm-body has beat me to it :P :P luvs ya really Andi :o :)

    Erm, ave not bin to Crete, but have bin near too, it was called something like Skeggy :o :|

    Eye, I wish you and your lovely Daughter the best holiday ever gal :) :) You enjoyyyyyyyyyyy :) :)

    As for our Emjay, just leave her to me Eye, cos if I catch her noddin, I will kick ass :o :D :D :D

    Oy, Eye, dont you do anything that I wouldnt do, ok ;( ;)

  • :D :D

  • Hey Eye, you take care now gal, the most important thing you have to remember, when going to Crete is,


    Oy, dont forget my humbuggggggs eh :o :)

  • Thanks Pete, I will do my best to wallow in the sun

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