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Good morning, It seems we are all experiencing problems with posts and messages on here the last few days. Gremlins about again. Talking of gremlins how is everyone doing beating the nicotine gremlins? The gremlins may win the odd battle but they wont win the war. Keep positive thoughts and stay focused you CAN beat old Nic.

Have a good day today , and catch up later. :)

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When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. Franklin D. Roosevelt.... remember don't give up peeps!

Two weeks completed and I am feeling some fantastic health benefits which is great. I am sleeping soooo much better without the wheezing and coughing and my skin looks better too. I was able to buy myself a little antique treat this wkend too because I hadn't spent any money on cigarettes : )

Hope you all have a great nicotine free day



Good morning BeeL.

2 weeks and your still going strong. Well done. keep it up. love the saying about the rope. Its amazing how much money you can save. I know i certainly feel the benefit health and wealth wise. :)

Have a lovely Monday. :)


Yep still going strong thank God! I've been to the pub with smokers and didn't smoke and had smoker friends over for lunch and didn't smoke either so I'm feeling positive that I can keep stopped even if very tempting situations. I was sober though so I've yet to be tested when I've had a few drinks. I hope I can stay stopped! I feel wonderful not smoking and don't want to go back to it.

Have a great day too


Well, it was a good morning but my post has gone :X :X and so now it's a good afternoon :D :D

Who else is having problems? If you could just let me know what's happened, I can report them to HU along with my list!

I can't think what I put earlier now....

BeeL, well done to you for staying strong and making it into your 3rd week :D It's great that you can recognise and deal with any think that you may feel will weaken your plan. The key to success is to have a good clear strategy in place that addresses any potential barriers that you may come up against. Not drinking during the early days of your quit has been something that you have obviously identified, so good on you for thinking about it. :D

JillyGirl, I think it must be coming up to a year since your diagnosis. How fast has this year past, so much has happened over the year too and I still think you are one of the most amazing and inspirational people I have (never) met :D :D

I've copied and pasted the above, lets see if it stays....


Hi Emjay my post seems ok but if someone replys i see it then next time i look it disappears. Must have a lot of magicians at HU. Your right it is about a year ago i got diagnosed. Sure they did an implant of silly brain cells at the same time as my op. Wow 1 year so glad i aren`t facing that now. I am doing my best to lose weight, but i know its only 2 weeek since i got told about diabetes but i have put 2 lb. in weight on not off. reckon nowt to that. : :(


Hello & very good afternoon everyone

Well done BeeL - excellent and you have kept going with this very POSITIVE attitude.

I am trying to get mine back again, seems it went walkabout or something / maybe it wanted a few days off !!!

The sooner it returns the better.

One BIG POSITIVE is still a NON SMOKER and doing this however I feel.

Best wishes to everyone with this NEW WAY OF LIFE !!! We all know it is the only way to go............




Afternoon all,

me and you both Jonathan, seem to have lost my positive attitude over the last few days and I'm only on day 7 :(

It seems to be getting harder not easier, i can't sleep so am exhausted all the time, and when i do sleep i have really mental dreams.

Still haven't smoked though... yet



Hello puppieseatchairs, I too am on Day 7 on stop number XXX (lost count) and I was up last night at 1.30 having not gone to bed until 11.30 and awake until 3.00 so didn't want to get up this morning. Keep positive it does get harder before it gets better I managed three months at the beginning of this year and hoping for longer or for ever this time. Sue c x


Ahh well, at least I don't feel like I've lost my positive attitude as I never had one to start off with :D Feeling happy wallowing in my own self pity as always. :) Went out on my old bike yesterday as my new one has finally gone back to where it came from for good, as the chain was just a lost cause. Was surprised at how easy it was to get up hills that were once such hard work. I also keep looking in the mirror and I really don't think its my imagination that my complexion is looking better too, and seems less saggy. So maybe I'm getting somewhere at last.


I've failed already, had a rubbish day, got home and smoked a fag... Gutted, a week, how rubbish am I? Let myself down, my kids, it wasn't even that nice. I felt better for five minutes and now feel really dreadful. Gutted :( am going to try and not smoke any more.

P :(


Aww, never mind you've smoked it now, you can't unsmoke it. As they say, no point crying over spilt milk and no reason to feel bad, a failure or anything else just carry on where you left off. Tomorrow is day 8 by the way not day 1, you don't have to start all over again.


Dont worry like Emjay says regard it as a practice run. So start again , practice makes perfect. Its not the easiest thing to do, but think of all the positives. Better health. More money, happier and cleaner home for the kids. No more standing outside in the cold. Stick a few notelets around the house to keep reminding yourself.


Here is a reminder of the nasty stuff we inhale:_

Just a small list which may jolt your mind of why its worth stopping smoking. :-

Ammonia: Household cleaner.

Arsenic: Used in rat poisons.

Benzene: Used in making dyes, synthetic rubber.

Butane: Gas; used in lighter fluid.

Carbon monoxide: Poisonous gas.

Cadmium: Used in batteries.

Cyanide: Lethal poison.

DDT: A banned insecticide.

Ethyl Furoate: Causes liver damage in animals.

Lead: Poisonous in high doses.

Formaldehyde: Used to preserve dead specimens.

Methoprene: Insecticide.

Maltitol: Sweetener for diabetics.

Napthalene: Ingredient in mothballs.

Methyl isocyanate: Its accidental release killed 2000 people in Bhopal, India, in 1984.

Polonium: Cancer-causing radioactive element.

For the whole list of 599 additives used in cigarettes, see the BBC Worldservice page What’s in a Cigarette.

Read more: care2.com/greenliving/t...


I'm a chemistry teacher,i know what all those chemicals are, and yet I still feel the need. Addiction is not good. :( anyway, the positive to come out of this is I didn't actually enjoy it or feel good about it so at least now I'm sure I don't want to smoke anymore.

Thanks for the replies

P x


sorry miss! :D :D


Dismissed jilly! ;)


:D :D :D :D


:D :D :D :D just flippin loooooooooove it




Aup Beauty :)

Thought you would have gone to bed by now gal, hey !! you got that new bathroom in yet ??


Start tiling this week. Then its the kitchen. Fancy a break in Yorkshire could do with some more helping hands. :D :D


Goooood evening evrybody :) :)

It sounds like our lovely Jillygirl is on form today :) and I see so is P :) Hey P, like Sinfree says, just 1 fag dosnt alter anything on your quit trail, I bid you a gigantic well done :) :) cos usually,you have 1, that leads to another, then there were 3, and so on :o I know, ave bin there gal :( try to get focused again on your quit and be positive about it :) you will NOT have another puff :o !!

I know when I get stressed, thats the worst time for me :( so I expect, being a teacher IS very stressful :( I would just kick the little bratts up the backside gal :D :D

You take care gal, erm, sorry, miss :)


Jillygirl, just looooooo your opening today gal :) :D :D :D its flippin ACE :D :D

Am going to try that, hmmmmm, am definitely looking forward to Friday :D :D :D


I think you`ve probably done more than 100% already knowing you. :)


Emjay its lovey to see ya gal :) :)

Yesterday, some of my posts just erm, went somewhere else :o I posted them and they were their, then I posted another one, and not no more !! they had gone :o

I put it down to the flippin gremlins, but was toooooooo erm, cream cracked to scrap with them last night :o cos I was scrapping with er-in-doors last night, mind you all good exercise eh :D :D :D

Keep up the marvellous work your doing, luvs ya loads gal :) :)


Ok folk going to sign off now. Getting tired now. Night night and sweet dreams everyone. xxxxxx :) :)


Nite nite Jillygirl, and if I lived a bit closer to you gal, I would come and do the tiling for ya, cos, although I say it myself, am a pretty hot tiler :)

Sweet dreams to you toooo Jillygirl, you just dream of how lovely your flat will be :) :) soooooooon :o

Loves ya gal xxxx nite nite everybody :)


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