Daily Chat Monday 14th October 2013

Daily Chat Monday 14th October 2013

Good morning everybody :)

Hmmm, Autumn is well and truly with us now, but one thing that brightens it up for me is, the different colours of the leaves on the trees :) so this Month is'nt all grey eh :)

I hope you all had a lovely sleep last night and have got your batteries fully charged for what ever nic may throw at you today :) Try to keep focused and positive on your quit, cos it does help :)

Well its the 10th Month, so I thought I would post my erm, 10 Commandments :o

We are all here for the same reason

We are all here to quit the fags

We are all here to help each other

We are all here to pat each other on the back

We are all here to give each other advice

We are all here to cheer one another up on a bad day

We are all here to get it right this time

We are all here for each other

We are all here to fight together

We are all here to beat Mr nic

We are all here to WIN !!

Enjoyyyyyy your day, even if it is flippin Monday again !! already :o :P :D :D

Speak soon :)

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  • Good morning Pete,and everyone,

    What a lovely picture . Autumn colors are so lovely. Pete you are so right about the 10 commandments.

    Catch up later. :) xx

  • Hi Pete and Jillygirl, what a great opening post for Monday.

    Love your 10 commandments


  • Good morning Pete, Jilly, Eye & everyone

    Just wanted to check-in and say "hello". Well done Pete - great opening post this morning to put us all on track.

    Best wishes



  • Hola all had EPIC fail at the wkend. Friday night had dinner with friends and drank two glasses of wine and a beer and was fine, had a really lovely evening and wasn't tempted to smoke despite everybody else doing so. Saturday night I had a huge argument with my boyfriend, decided to go out afterwards and got very drunk. I ended up having a cigarette at 1am. I put it out in disgust half way through but the damage had been done by that point... I felt rotten on Sunday and sooooo disappointed in myself, I can't tell you how low I felt. After 3 weeks detoxing and doing so well I felt so angry and disappointed that I had even put a cigarette in my mouth. Anyway lesson learnt don't be getting so drunk that I lose my self control. Back on the bandwagon and haven't smoked again since that incident. Why on earth I did that I don't know but it's not to be repeated. Have a great day all x

  • Hi BeeL

    With you on this and just getting straight back to being a non smoker again is the answer.

    After 20 days of being free from the cigs I went back and had 8 silk cut... but I immediately quit again and have stayed this way. Do NOT be too hard on yourself (talking to myself as well).

    BeeL - I found the cigs did NOT taste that nice anyway and in fact it moved me on big time with my quit because the game was up.

    Best wishes



    (Still eating & drinking too much though!!!!)

  • Hi all not been on for a while, but just to you you know I am now 14 days smoke free....yay! There are hard times but just keep strong and positive. Have a lovely day everyone. Dawn xxx

  • Hi Dawn, I too am on day 14. How long did you manage last time because we quit at the same time in March. I am hoping to get further this time I managed 12 weeks. At least we have decided to try again. Sue c x

  • Fantastic news! Keep it up, you can do it : ) xxx

  • Good afternoon, Dawn its nice to see you back on here 2 weeks and your doing fine.

    Jonathan where have you been, missed ya this weekend hope your still a nope guy. :D

    BeeL dont be too hard on yourself, we all slip up but learn from our mistakes. At least you went straight back to quitting.

    Dawn :- rlv.zcache.com/well_done_ha...

    Beel :-http://www.thenaughtyseat.co.uk/ekmps/shops/rescapeltd/images/well-done-award-smile-badges-572-p.jpg

    Jonathan :- positiveeyeful.co.uk/home_f...

  • Sorry! Eye, missed you. Good afternoon. media.merchantcircle.com/32...

  • Good afternoon everyone.

    Great opener today Pete. Glad to see you all back here again.

    Jilly, when are you getting your new oven? Just make sure you have a built-in one, not built-under - saves an awful lot of bending down and great to have an eye-level grill. :)

    Bee, it looks like there's a bit of a theme going on here - 3 weeks, blip, get straight back on it again! Good work. Sorry about your boyfriend trouble.

    Dawn, 2 weeks, keep on at it girl (don't fall into that 3 week spot this time ;-) ).

    Jonathan, hope you weren't crusading too much over the weekend and had a fun time with the family. Have you ever looked at the Couch to 5k community on here? :)

    Eye, I see you've been left in charge, I suppose that Emjay's off on her travels again. ;-)

    See you later. :)

  • Think it will be a while before i get my oven, havent started on the kitchen yet. Good excuse to go out for meals at the moment. :P

  • Hi All,

    Emjay off for another week so I am the plate spinner this week.

    Jillygirl thanks for the nice smiley face.

    BeeL as everyone else has said, don't beat yourself up it happens, the great thing is you didn't even finish the cig...props to that girl!

    Hi Dawn, nice to have you back here, 14 days is just dandy.

    Sorry everyone, I have to fly off now, got to deliver a training session to my lovely Roy Castle advisors.

    Catch you all later.


  • Ah! thought it was you Eye. :)


  • Oh yes, that's me!

  • gods sake, gods sake. Grrrrrrrr. I can't dump nicotine. I just give up, bloody give up. I got to 2.30pm today and could stand it no longer. No lozenges, no e-cig but by 2.30 I finally caved in. Maybe if I lived completely on my own, stayed away from work, even stayed in bed for the next month I might just about kick the nic, but that's not really practical is it. 2 more weeks and I'll have stopped smoking for nine months and just as addicted to nicotine as I ever was. :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • Hey Sinfree, Are things really that bad. Ask yourself why do you feel like this is it honestly the nicotine, or is nicotine the excuse for something else. I know even now after 18 months I still get the odd urge to smoke, thinking it will calm me down. Then I think stupid woman I am here with one lung gone through all the torment of chemotherapy , WHY because I smoked. Please Sin think carefully and try and work out what it is that made you feel like this. Its not unusual to get cravings like that, but perhaps its more in your mind than actually needing nicotine. Keep strong you can do it. xx

  • Hi, sorry jilly, I did reply but then deleted it. :( Guess I just haven't learned how to deal with stress without nicotine. I know what makes me feel like this, but don't really have a clue what to do about it. But....the longer I go without lozenges the worse I feel.

  • Sinfree

    just don't beat yourself up about the nicotine.If you research nicotine addiction on the web it seems that having an addiction to nicotine is worse than being addicted to heroin.What I'm trying to do is just use my ECig to replace the cigs I desperately miss & that way I only use it a couple of times a day for about 3 minutes a time.Beating this will take time so just keep trying.

  • Thanks, snowdrop but......you've only been stopped a few weeks and you're already doing a million times better than me, the e-cig doesn't even do anything for me except make me swear at it. It's been nine months of sheer misery. But thank you for you kind words, it does help :)

  • OY, Sinfree, just calm down a bit gal, eh :) :)

    Look, you made it untill 2.30pm, before you had to have a ermmm, dose :o THATS flippin fantastic gal :) :)

    Sinfree, I think your a lot like me, cos I cant just dump it like other people can :o we, have to work at it eh :) sooo tomorrow, try to get to 3.00pm before you indulge eh :) and so on, untill you are free, It might take a couple of weeks, But then you will be free of nic :) :) Come on gal, come down to earth again, and lets try to sort something out eh :)

    Please dont go and do something stupid eh :o

    Hope to speak soon, :) xx

  • Hello Pete. I know. I don't think I would smoke, but it's just sooooo frustrating not to be able to stop the cravings for good. But like you say, I'm telling you something you know all about. I'll have to get one of those rowing machines :) Mind you I've got a turbo trainer for my bike, maybe I should try using it :o I will do what you say, start again tomorrow and see if I can get to 3.00pm :)

  • Hmmmm, not sure what a turbo trainer is :o but it flippin sounds great :) :) I will put on my shopping list :|

    Hey Sinfree, if you dont do it tomorrow, there is always the next day :) just keep on trying :)

    I am only 6 weeks into it yet, just hope you or somebody is around when I go, erm, boswald eh :D :D

    Take care now Sinfree :)

  • A turbo trainer is just a flywheel thing that turns your push bike into a stationary bike for indoor use. Aww but you're not 6 weeks into it really, you've been stopped even longer than me, just with a little break now and again. Still been stopped a lot more than you've smoked.

  • I still get erm, hicupps now and again gal :( like you, stress is the main factor I think !! but am working on it :) :)

    Hmmm, er-in-doors has got an exercise bike, but its erm, just too soft, I put it on the hardest setting, chuck the cat on it, and she can do it :o well thats after tempting her with some biccies :| :D :D

  • :D I know what you mean, not the same as riding up some great big hill.

  • Think you'd better get on them there hills tomorrow then! ;-)

  • Please please, just calm down a bit Sinfree, take some nice deep breaths of FRESH air, cos now your not smoking, it is fresh Eh :)

    Just count to 10 slowly, cup your hands and put them over your mouth and nose, and take lovely deep breaths, thats it innnnnnn and outttttttt, just relax a bit eh :)

  • :)

  • :)

  • Hi gang.

    Sorry you're still feeling like that Sin. You'll get there in the end, I know you will and like you say, deep down you know you will too. You haven't gone through all that sh1t and come this far to chuck it all away now. So, if you still need some kind of nicotine fix then so be it for now. Just come and rant to us about it and get it off your chest, that's what we're all here for. :)

    Did you have a good day at work Pete? What hours are you on this week then? :o

  • Nope :P :P

  • Aup Andi :)

    Yeah for saying it was a Monday, it wasnt tooooooo bad eh :o :| am on 6am - 6pm

    I tell ya gal, its bin pi g it down all flippin day :(

  • We had that yesterday but today wasn't too bad. Had showers at lunchtime then about 4 the sky turned black in the north with really pretty rainbows and gave us really heavy showers for the next couple of hours. It's beautiful and clear out there now, chilly, with bright stars and moon. :)

  • Nice gal :) :) yes its calmed down here now too :) it gives frosts coming this week :o soo if you got any plants worth saving, fetch em in eh :)

    By the way, erm, how many Commandments are there ?? :P :P :D :D :D

  • I thought you were quick Andi, there are 11 :D :D

    Just thought I would try to keep you flippin lot on your toes eh ;)

  • Hope it stays dry tomorrow, my grass needs cutting again. It's so annoying at this time of year cos it just clogs up the mower and spreads itself all over the lawn and the job takes twice as long. :( I haven't got any tender plants that need putting away at the mo so no problem there. :)

    Right, eyes getting droopy so I'm off to byebyes. Nite nite Pete, Sin and everyone, sleep well. :) xxxxxx

  • :) xxxx

  • Nite nite everybody, yeah, its that time again, got to flippin traipse up that flippin wooden hill again, hmmm its made of wood, sooooo maybe I could get rid of it at bonfire night eh :o

    Anybody got a spair lift they dont want ??

    Sweet dreams to you all, and loves ya all too, cos your a good bunch of QUITTERS, yeahhhhhh we flippin will do it :) :)

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