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Daily Chat Monday 30th September

Sorry everyone it is Monday morning - but we can NOT do much about that !!

What we can do something about is smoking that dangerous weed !!!!!

If you have NOT got a quit date yet then maybe tomorrow would be good because it is the start of "STOPTOBER" and you can all do battle together against Mr Nic & those Cravings. Once you have gone through a few cravings and not smoked you start to see the cravings for what they are and in a short amount of time your body & mind will start to recover from this horrible, dangerous & smelly addiction.

Be kind to yourself and STOP flippin smoking.

Best wishes








ever again.....

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Good morning Jonathan and everyone,

I love your positive attitude Jonathan, your a winner :) hopefully your post will help lots of people to take that first step and quit; cause it should :)

I have a busy day today, getting the rest if the house packed for the move tomorrow so i might not be back on here till this evening. Have a great day everyone, and like Jonathan says have a NOPE day :)


Good morning Jonathan, Sue and everyone.

Good post J, many people start their quit on a Monday so that should give them a bit of incentive. :)

Good luck with the packing Sue, I don't envy you one little bit - been there, done that, bought the t-shirt. ;-) :D :D

A bit grey down south at the moment so I'd better get the ironing board out. :o


Hi All. Well I am just over 6 months smoke free. I was supposed to be having an op last Friday but it was cancelled that morning. Rescheduled for 25th October. It's great to fill in there forms and when they ask do you smoke you can smile and say NO!!

It was horrid having to get up and come back to work. Oh well only 3 weeks and 2 days before I am off again for 6-8 weeks

Hope you are all staying strong and kicking Mr Nic's butt.

Have a great smoke free day

Sue xx


Good Morning Everyone :D

I'm so pleased it's Monday as I know that it is a milestone for a lot of folks who have just reached either their first week of being smokefree, or heading fast into their 2nd week. We now know that we have a few people settling down very nicely into their 2nd year too :D :D

For those of you who have stopped today, just take each hour at a time and remember that you only have to not have that one puff. Get through that moment and then you'll be building up your strength not have the next :D

Sin, how many lozenges in total did you have yesterday? I don't think that you need to be giving yourself such a hard time about them, but do understand your concerns regarding the dentist. However, I do beleieve smoking would be doing far more damage than the lozenges would be. Instead of waiting on your check up time, why not be bold and book in early? You may find that your mind is put at ease :-)

I have to tell you all, I had the strangest of dreams on Saturday night, I was at the bottom of my garden (it wasn't really my garden though in real life!) with my hubby and another person who I knew in my dream but thinking about it, I'd never met them before and can't recall them now! We had all decided that we were going to have our last few whiffs of a cigarette and then we're going to agree between us that afterwards we would have NOPE (Not One Puff Ever!)!! Once my hubby and this other person had theirs I decided not to smoke, and then when they put theirs out I started to franticly pick up the stubbs saying "let me just have one quick puff on it before it goes completely out"! I woke up thinking "phew that was close"!! :-/ :-/

Thinking about it now, I wonder was it Jonathan in my dream :D

Have a lovely day everyone, I'm away into a meeting in a mo, but will be back pretty soon to put the kettle on :-)


In the same dream but a few days later - I took the carton of Silk Cut I had bought from the supermarket back and they refunded the money which was £ 17.27, but the carton had 20 packets - so this must have all taken place many decades ago because that is 86p per packet !!!

Mind you I remember buying 10 No.6 for about 32p or was it 64p - now I think about it perhaps it was both these amounts.


Hola peeps happy Monday! Great advice Jonathan! we are led to think cravings are the worse thing ever when in reality they are bad but we can cope with them especially when you remember that they pass and they are just a sign that your body is recovering. I have found my cravings happen less every day and it's good for me to see that the time between each craving is increasing. A week stopped today and I intend to keep it that way! Have a super day all!


Hi ya Beeee :)

A massive gigantic well done to you for getting the first week over and done with gal :) :) Like you say it does get easier :) BUT, going by my past attempts to quit, you may get the odd really hard day !! Sooo be ready for it eh, cos you sound really positive about it, thats what you have to do, I think, stay focused and positive :) :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


I'm ready for those hard days when they come but so far so good. I will get all Bruce Lee on Mr Nic's ars* if he rears his ugly head!!! : ) Still feeling positive, think this is the best way to combat Mr Nic so he doesn't get the better of me. If I start feeling down then I'll talk to someone or go for a walk listening to my favourite music or come and post on here. Have a good day Monky


Hi EmJay, Jonathan and everyone. I don't know how many lozenges I had yesterday EmJay, I wasn't counting, I just kept putting one in after another :( Up to now I've had just one today. Was my intention to have none but arguments were raising their ugly heads as a result of my bad temperedness so I had one.

I have to make that dental appointment today otherwise they'll be striking me off, still putting off picking up the phone though. I like that picture you put on todays post Jonathan, it looks like someone trying to escape smoking, is that what it's a picture of?

Don't envy you your packing Sue, good luck with that. Glad to hear you're still staying stopped Sue bunnyrabbit.


Afternoon All,

well done to you BeeL, one week of being smokefree is such a great achievement. Let me know if 22nd was your quit date and I'll add you onto our Wall of Winners :-) You have the best attitude to be taking part n this journey :-)


BunnySue, lovely to see you about and congratulations on reaching your 6 month quit mark. You are doing really well :-)


Jonathan, you are keeping that positive momentum going, good stuff :-)


Andi, how is the ironing going?


Sue, I hope you are winning with the packing...


Sin, you should count up at the beginning of each day how many lozenges that you start out with, then you'll know at the end of the day how many you have had. There's a nice smiley dentist waiting for your call;



:D haha. She looks like someone I used to work with from the nose up, just the kind of thing she'd do that is too :D


:D :D :D


Thanks for the pic EmJay, that's really sweet and brightened my day : )

BunnySue 6 months is so awesome, half a year of freedom and better health = whoop whoop!

Have a super day all - if you see Mr Nic punch him on the nose or get all Tekken on his sorry ars*! : )


Hi Emjay & BeeL


it is your VERY POSITIVE attitude that is sooo "BRIL" - and I am finding exactly the same thing that being VERY POSITIVE seems to make ALL THE DIFFERENCE (& I am NOT normally a positive person but I am starting to like this!!!) ...

Emjay - got your post and I will "KEEP THE MOMENTUM GOING" ....

Anyway back to work now ...

Best wishes




Jonathan, a great opening to the Daily chat this morning pal :)

Like Emjay says, you stick with that momentum, cos I know you've got what it takes to quit :) :)


“All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,

Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crownless again shall be king.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring


Love this BeeL, why not re-post it under our Poets Corner category? :D


Poets Corner? Waaay cool! Didn't know this existed! Will add this now : )


Hi all :) :)

Am a bit late tonight, but will catchup on the chat in a min or two :)

Emjay, just had a nosey at the Wall of winners, you still got me down as June quit :o Well I had a bit of ermmmm a mishap in between, so my new date is 2nd September, 4 whole flippin weeks ago today :) :) Wakey wakey Emjay, get a flippin grip Woman :P :P :D :D :D

Sue I hope you aint packed your fridge yet, cos I think I need a real good hidding place this time gal :o :| :D :D


Sinfree, I think your right gal :)


Oops, sorry Pete I just deleted my comment


Sinfree, now where you gone too gal :o :o there one minute, flippin gone the next, erm, dont think I said anything to upset you :( but if I did am so sorry gal :(

Hmmmmm maybe I will just put it down to a senior moment on my half eh :o

Saying that, am cheesed off with talking to my sen, so I will say nite nite to everybody and I hope you all have a lovely nights sleep, Emjay !! no flippin dreaming about fags, RITE !! cos if I cant you cant :| Enjoy the land of nodd :) and a luvs ya all :) xxxxx

My work shifts have bin changed today, am working 10am - 10pm for the rest of the week, so I suppose I will be talking to myself for the rest of the week eh :o Soooooo whats flippin new :P :D :D

See's ya at the week end :)


Aww, sorry Pete. Was watching Doc Martin and saying on facebook how nice it would be to have doctors like Doc Martin who can diagnose your illnesses without having to consult the internet while you're actually sat there.

Well night night. 12 hour shifts :( that's a bit rubbish, don't be working too hard.


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