Its the weekend.....what you got cookin'?

Its the weekend.....what you got cookin'?

Hi everyone,

well the weekend is almost upon us again so what have you all got planned?

The great thing about the weekend is that it marks the end of the week and we can reflect on what went well and what we might wish to improve for next week. For those of you who feel things haven't gone as well as you hoped have a think about why that has been. If you have had a slip and been tripped up by Mr Nic think about how you are going to defeat him next time he try's that trick.

If your week has been good then revel in the success and give yourself a pat on the back...spare a though for those on here who have found the week to be tough and share your strategies so that they can have more tools in the armoury for next week.

The important thing is that you are on here and reading this and you are heading for a smokefree future.

Off to grab a cuppa now.....catch you all later


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  • Good morning Eye, How weird is that your piccy on about cookin. As I am just looking for butternut squash recipes.

    Bit awkward as i havent got my new oven in yet so have only got the hob and a George Foreman. The oven they left in the flat was horrid and rusty, Yuk! :( Any ideas appreciated.

  • Hi Jillygirl :) am a bit earlier tonight if your still about :o :)

    You could do your Sunday roast on the barby outside on the veranda eh :o then, if you burn it, just lob it over the side and get some burgers out eh :P :D :D :D

  • Oh I love the George Foreman grill. Not much of a cook myself but I do make a good soup and plan to make my first winter soup tomorrow.

  • Aup Eye, love the pic gal :D :D

    It sounds like you had a nice holiday gal I expect it was a bit warmer than here eh :) and you got plenty of nodds in :| hmmm just one thing though :o Where's my flippin humbugs !! :P :D :D

    Speak soon, Pete :)

  • Ha ha Pete, no humbugs in Crete! It was lovely but I haven't lifted my head since I got back into work on Thursday.

    Busy busy busy

  • Eye I hope your holiday was nice and relaxing, and it charged your batteries up :)

    Hmmmmm am just wondering what sort of winter soup you will be making tomorrow ? sniff sniff ermmmmm I can smell it now gal :) :)

  • Chicken and vegetable. Yummy

  • That sounds yum :P flippin yum :P Eye :) you will have to give me your recipe for it, then I could have a go at cooking it eh :o cos I looooove soup in the winter, you get in from the cold, sit down to a lovely bowl of soup :P yum :P yum

  • It's not got off to a very good start has it. Bloody football on a Friday night AGAIN. Am soooo sick of football, it's never off ITV these days and it doesn't matter who is playing, hubby always watches it. Soooo earphones on, volume very, very loud, playing sons Euphoria CD - lurve club music, was born way before I should have been. Should be getting ready to go out clubbing now, 'stead of sat here, a young head in an old fogie's body. :(

  • Aup Sinfree, how you doing gal ??

    Yep I know what you mean about a young head in an old body, sorry, old fogies body :D :D Hey we aint got no flippin football on here gal :) :) cos it wears me out watching it, so dont watch it :D :D

  • lucky you (football I mean). I'm fine thank you Pete and how are you, OK I hope. Tis certainly turning very chilly.

  • Hi Sinfree, I'm ace gal thank you for asking, just ace :)

    Just wondering how you are doing with the lozenges ?? and what strength do you take ? cos I found some 2mg ones today, cos the ones i have had are 4mg :) just a thought eh :o :)

    Yep got the flippin heating on here gal, hmmm nice :) :)

  • I've got both. I still notice the difference though :( Been comparing e-cigs at work today and I might invest in a new one tomorrow as mine looks weird in comparison to others. No improvements on the addiction front, in fact things are getting worse as I have to have a lozenge within half an hour of getting up now :(

  • Hey Sinfree, all I can say to that gal is, that your one hell of an addictive young Lady and a luvs ya :) :) on saying that, I thinks its time I scampered up that wooden hill to safety eh :o :D :D

    Nite nite Sinfree, I hope you have a lovely relaxing nights sleep gal :) xx

    See ya tomorrow eh :)

  • Night Pete. Aww, that's nice - a young lady :D

  • I have a recipe for butternut squash and chilli risotto Jillygirl can post it tomorrow if you like ?

  • Aup H :)

    Eeeeerm you say you have a recipe for butternut squash and chilli risotto, then whats up with not posting it now eh :o I will try ooott if it sounds yummy gal and that sounds flippin yummy :) :)

    Pete :)

  • OMG

    Pete - trying to speak .... don't say you are heading up the wooden hill again !!!!!


  • Hi Jonathan, it is a bit early for wooden hills for me. How are you doin?

  • Now you see what a lonely planet this is.........

    Quit smoking on your own and that is what it is all about, nobody can do it for you...

    None Smoker Extraordinaire



  • Cool someone to the rescue .... hooray hoorah

    Hi Sinfree

    Very good evening to you and I think I am okay but one never knows these days.

    I think one thing and find myself corrected within a matter of seconds.

    Are you up for a conversation ?



  • huh huh, am talkin, you not watching the skanky football then?

  • Yes ... I understand we won. Well they won ...well we won ... good because failure is NOT something WE want to consider anymore.

    Okay with this Sinfree ??

  • No. Hate football, tis an intrustion into my living room on far too regular a basis, its on again on Tuesday night. But hey, am on to CD2 now so am happy. England can fail at football all they like, they usually do anyway.

  • Cool (not sure why I am saying cooool but never mind).

    "yes" agree football is always such an anti climax etc... boring ... full of egos (I hate) etc etc.

    What I did want to ask you is:

    I now feel very very anti-smoking, do you think I can let rip in my posts ??

    Or do I need to be more considerate in my posts ??

    I got a STRONG post off today but then thought is was too much and the more gentle approach is better.... ??

    What do you think ??


  • I think the gentle approach is better. Personally I am determined not to be a holier than thou non smoker, not that I'm suggesting that is the way you're thinking, you just feel very strongly about the damage smoking does. I remember that I was a smoker for a long time and it would be hypocritical to ask those who still smoke to stop just because I have. There are also a lot of people who need a lot of attempts before they are able to stop for good, and the plague themselves so much with guilt (not something I understand) but they do, and appearing very anti-smoking may make them feel even more guilty.

  • Also, what do you mean by very anti smoking? If you mean the complete immorality of successive governments who take with one hand with ever increasing duty on tobacco and living in the pockets of the tobacco industry while smacking all us smokers on the wrists and telling us what a drain we are on the health service then yeah, you go ahead, have a good rant, I'll join in.

  • Yes - thank you Sinfree

    I saw the error of my post today because I was seriously off on a solo crusade and realised on re-reading it that the chances of anyone coming with me was somewhat slim.

    But .. but having spoken to two local Doctors here about smoking and realised that locals / neighbours are dying from Smoking it brings this whole disaster of smoking to the front of my mind and I want everyone to quit so badly.

  • But they're adults, at the end of the day its their choice. There can be no one left on this earth now that doesn't know smoking causes serious illness. Everyone smokes of their own free will and there are many who wouldn't thank anyone for nagging them into stopping. Someone at work has cut down from about 15-20 a day to just 4 using an e-cig, encouraged by the success of myself and a couple of others in our office. However he has stopped purely to save money. He can no longer justify spending £7 or more a day on smoking. He says he doesn't care about his health, that we've all got to die at some point and probably from something not very nice but if he could smoke for the same money it was costing him for the e-cigs he would carry on smoking.

  • Yeah - agree

    The guys getting good salaries working for BAT & other tobacco companies are the ones who need to be named & shamed. I see it now ..... get these / us people addicted for life and that = £ 90,000 to £ 120,000 + from each customer ...... !!! Sh1T.

  • yep. I bet there's no other business model that can carry on in business when their own customers know they're trying to kill them but keep coming back for more. It's a win, win situation for them, as long as they keep replacing them at the other end of course, but when did a teenager ever have sense.

  • Yeah good point Sinfree

    We all have freedom of choice. BUT it is that freedom of choice that has caused so much problem and suffering. Honestly to see a father aged 33 (or something) die of lung cancer and leave his poor / well now poor family behind all because he got addicted to smoking and all that terrible suffering .....

    If he had never smoked all that suffering could have been avoided.

    You can see why I am on the road of becoming a CRUSADER against CIGS / SMOKING.

    Best wishes


  • There are far more fathers aged 33 hurtling down the motorway every day, taking risks with their own and others lives by driving like idiots. Do we stop them from driving? They know how to drive safely, but in the main they choose not to. With regards to smoking, Pandora's box was opened long ago, the only way to close it again is to keep on educating children never to take it up in the first place, there's a way to go yet but I think perhaps we're making slow progress which is better than no progress at all. You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but there's a good number of us trying to teach ourselves a few ways to stop smoking and stay stopped.

  • oh well I must go. Makeup to take off, teeth to clean, cups of tea to make, a non smokers work is never done :) Night Jonathan, sleep well and leave the smokers to worry about themselves, cos am sure they never worried about your stress when you were struggling to quit. :)

  • Thanks Sinfree & good night to you.

    I will kick some smokin butt tomorrow .....

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