Day 3

Good morning to you all. I got through day 2 ,and sipping coffee. Yesterday was a little more rough, but I don't give up easy. I had a little anxiety, but nothing too serious. Walking distance from the house and around the neighborhood for healthy lungs. Drinking lots of water! My husband is on the mend and walking with me. I feel good about the future. I will check back later today. I pray that God bless each quitter, with Health! Love to all. ..

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  • Morning Tear, your doing fantastic 😄 I had to avoid coffee for a while 😕 So glad your feeling more positive , and glad your hubby is now on the mend😀 Have a good day 😀

  • Good morning Tearforyhvh☀️☕️☕️

    Love your post ! And so happy for ya that you feel good for your future. Quitting helped me feel less anxious about my future. I use to be always worried that I would develop a smoking related illness. Have a beautiful day xx

  • Thanks Arizona, May God bless your day.

  • Thankyou xx🌹

  • Awww I'm so pleased for you tear you really are doing well keep it going each day will get easier and easier 😄

  • Good evening lovely lady, I'm so happy to hear hubby is on the mend and walking together is fantastic👫 well done and keep up the great work🚭👍🏼😊

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