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Day 3 for all you PIPPs

Day 3 for all you PIPPs

Good morning everybody and not forgetting the "pack in puffers possie" :) :D :D Al you just don't know what you have started gal :o :D :D

A massive well done to you Dave :) and am sooooo glad that you are feeling the benefits of quitting smoking already :) You stay with it pal and keep focused and positive eh :) Hey Dave, am not quite sure when you quit, but I reckon your in with the PIPPs pal :D :D

Well, its happy Wednesday, half way through the week already :) and Day 3 for you PIPPs of course :) You just have to remember what your Mam & Dad told you flippin Years ago, '' Don't touch what you cant afford '' and that's the ciggies !! Just think with the money you save on not buying ciggies :o WHAT can you afford to buy now ? :) :)

Perhaps go get pampered at a beauty parlour :) go shopping and buy something that you have wanted for Years, but just couldn't afford it :) save up for a holiday of a life time :)

You just work out how much money you will save in a week, a month, a year :o it will shock you into happiness I tell ya :) :)

I hope you all have a lovely smoke free day, and am sending you all my warmest loving huggs to help you get through the day :) yes and you Dave ! so if you don't want em, flippin tuff pal seeeeeee :D :D

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Hi Pete,

I think the name is catchy :)

Yeah you guys have already saved at least 25 quid each!!!! thats over 100 between you all! Amazing.

I put my 10 quid a day in a jar at home, and then treat myself....got my sparkly shoes and my next spend is getting my teeth whitened ( I know i am vane :( ) always wanted to have it done but seemed pointless while i was making them yellow every time i lit up. I have more than enough to have it done now, but i want to wait until my gums stop bleeding as i am a little afraid it will cause more problems.....anyone know how long my gums will continue to bleed for? Nearly 2 months for me now.....was hoping it would have stopped by now :(

Also my sons 21st next month so i have enough money for a trip to Paris for us, even more money i am not paying for that waste of space that was my partner lol!!!.......................every cloud huh :) :) :)

Well pack in puffer posse i hope today gets easier for you, and pop by and let us know how you are getting on x

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Al, I think that name is flippin great gal :) :)

As for you being vane, well be vane then, cos your old enough now eh :o :) :) ermmm, I was just wondering, if you need somebody to carry your bags for you when you go to Paris, I'm freeeeeeee :o :D :D

Yep, every cloud has a silver lining gal :) :) and you enjoyyyyyyyy it :) :)


awww thanks Pete, hey a bag carrier.....now theres an idea x



:) :) :) :)


Toooooooooo flippin right Jillygirl :)


Love this! Pack in Puffers Posse! How funny :-)

It's amazing what strength in numbers can do. I know that we are all here for the same reason and everyone is encouraged in their efforts to stop smoking. However, the fact that a number of you have chosen the same day to quit together, then this strengthens the likelihood of you staying stopped :-)

Al, have you been to the dentist since you have stopped smoking? It can take a good couple of months for your gums to recover and bleeding gums is usually a good sign of recovery from stopping smoking. However, it may be worth getting them checked just in case you have any remaining tar stains that are still causing your gums trouble.


Hi ya Emjay :) :) you've beat me to it gal, cos I was just about to look through your draws, ermmmmm posts to see if you had any for bleeding gums :o :D :D :D

You looking very pretty and perky today may I add :) :) creep flippin creep :D :D


Hi Emjay, i havent been to the dentist since i stopped, as i havent been able to get a dentist in this area :( so still registered up north, but i am back up there mon and tues so will try and get in. I am having to use a baby tooth brush as my electric one felt like barbed wire !!! x


Ha Ha creep away Pete, I'm not too sure where it'll get you though ;-)


Nice one gal, just love it :) :) xx

I trust your happy and well :)


We are the PIPPS! That is brilliant - Al you are a star and bless Monky for abbreviating it! I've always wanted to be a Pipp - yes I was a fan of Gladys back in the day! ha ha ha

Actually thinking about it, it's not just us who are the PIPPS - Every member of this group is a PIPP, we're all the Packing In Puffer Possie! Just writing that down makes me laugh!!! :) :) :)

So how is everybody doing today?

I've got a little tip that might help with the sleep thing. To cut a long story short, my secret weapon is Camomile Tea. I've never used it myself before, but I know how much it has helped my daughter since she went to live in halls at uni. She was a wreck within a few short weeks and that continued for her whole first term - I honestly thought she'd get used to noise but she didn't. So eventually I bought her some Camomile Tea and she absolutely raves about it now!

Usually I'm a fantastic sleeper - head on pillow I'm gone - but I've attempted to stop smoking many times before and apart from everything else, the sleep disruption was a real problem for me, and I get really grumpy if I don't get enough sleep! So having heard my daughter raving about it I decided I would try it when I stopped smoking

It has been a god-send to me - I started it on Saturday night before bed, and I've slept pretty well, only waking up about an hour earlier than usual - and nothing like I have suffered in the past when I've attempted to stop smoking! Last night I actually slept right through to my alarm and I felt fantastic when I woke up!

I can't guarantee it would help everyone, but it might be worth a try if your sleep is really disrupted. If you do try it let me know how you get on.

Love Chrissie PIPP xxx


Have always wondered what camomile tea actually tastes like. The only camomile I know is the lotion which only seems to be used for nettle stings and chicken pox, so dread to think what it must taste like. The only tea I've ever had different to ordinary is Earl Gray that I got by mistake years ago in Ikea's cafe - urgh, wasn't really impressed.

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Hi Sin

Are you thinking of Calamine Lotion? That pinky stuff which dried on the skin - my mum used to plaster me in it (actually it was just like plaster) when I was sunburnt? I'm not sure I would fancy the taste of that - it actually had a funny smell if I remember

Camomile is like a tiny flower I think - I remember a book called the Camomile Lawn years ago. It doesn't really taste of much at all but it really has helped me relax and sleep! You don't add milk to it either!

To be honest, when it comes to tea, I really like Yorkshire Tea these days! And I'm not even a Yorkshire Lass!!!

How are you feeling today anyway? Are you on the road to recovery now? xx


Thank you, I knew there was something literary to do with Camomile but couldn't think what, didn't they make that into a TV drama or a film or something. Will have to look it up on Amazon now, you've got me curious. Yes I was talking about the lotion. It's the only two times I've used it, once when I was 4 and I fell into a ditch full of nettles and my mum used the lotion to soothe the stings and the other time was when my son who was about 2 1/2 at the time and myself both got chicken pox - ugh nightmare that was. If the tea really doesn't taste of much I might try it myself, I have no trouble sleeping really but if it has a calming effect then that is the tea for me ;) I could really do with a calming influence. I am getting better thanks but very slowly, still got sore throat and dodgy ears, no wonder my grand-daughter screamed for 3 weeks when she had this, I'll be screaming soon if it doesn't go away. Glad the tea helped you sleep, bad enough in the early days of quitting without losing sleep too.


See, am I losing it or what? Yes Calamine lotion not camomile lotion, hahaha, omg what a numpty. It's this virus its sending me insane :D


Hi Sin - I'm still chuckling about the Calamine Lotion! that was sooooo Funny! The only way I can describe the tea is it's not like a sleeping tablet or anything - it's just a cup of tea without milk - but I live alone and when I go to bed I usually put the tv on and that tends to send me to sleep. But the last 3 nights after drinking the tea I've got into bed and I've just thought, I can't be bothered to watch tv tonight - so I switched off the light and just nodded off straight away.

Usually when I stop smoking I'm climbing the walls at bedtime and I would have been suffering like Dave and Mummy have been, but this time really has been different and I think that has helped me to cope. Oh, I got my packet from Aldi's, it was less than a £1 for a box of 20 so I thought well if it doesn't work then I haven't wasted too much money - but they worked for me!

Oh your poor grand-daughter bless her it's so horrible when the little ones are in pain, it sounds like a horrible horrible virus! I guess it's like the flu where you can relieve the symptoms but it just has to take it course - which isn't really helpful is it!

Anyway I'm glad you are feeling a little bit better than you were and take care of yourself - hey imagine how bad you would be feeling if you were still smoking those horrible cigarettes!!!

Bye for now

Chrissie x


Hey all,LOVE the PIPP Pete :-) How's the night shift going? Hope the Monday quitters are all O.K.I've nominated both of us Pete to carry the bags for Al and her boy,you can carry the heavy one :-)

Hugs yo all Hel x


hi al i had this problem. went to dentist he said my kipperd gums were just recovering from years of circulation depravation ( big words but he was a medic) and to use mouth wash to sooth and would heal in due course. and it did. 3 months give or take. hope it clears up soon x


Hi Jules, thanks for this as my gums are bleeding like mad. Hopefully mine will calm down soon then as nearly 2 months for me x


hi pete hw you doing. well i hope. i agree all the pipps are doing brill. great name al. are you a copy writer? just thought i wd pop in and say hello. x


Hi jules, how are you doing today? x


Fine al. Full of the sore throat cold that everyone seems to have. But otherwise just getting on with stuff. Feeling a bit home alone, hubby off in southern spain sailing for two week, getting his certificate to captin/skipper. Nice yeah, so I am decorating, getting house up to scratch for selling. Looking at retiring end of year, and moving to the sun. So lots of planning and lots of waiting and anticipation. Still working too. So too busy for a cold. Got over my wobble couple of weeks ago, so still smokefree, but not nic free, not sure I ever will be. But not too bothered about that. As long as I stay off the cigs. Good to see so many new people trying. They are doing really well! Been reading all the posts its brill. How about you how yiu doing, apart from those horrid gums, was really horrible when I had it. Thought I had infection in all my teeth, so painfull, so I feel for you but it will pass, promise. Xx


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