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Day 3 of a long haul !

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Hi everybody, I hope your enjoying your evening :)

Today has been a bit harder than yesterday for some reason :o I've had 5 lozenges at work, but didnt need any driving to and from work :) But still, the hardest time for me is when I get home !

Am still giving that poor rower some flippin bashing, but it works :) it gets rid of that erm, first big craving when I get home from work :)

I noticed this morning, that my teeth are white again and not an offffff white :)

My chest has felt a bit tight today, but thats happened before on other quit attempts, so am not bothered about that :)

I've also noticed that I keep smelling this ermmm, smell :o I have smelt it before on other quits, something like - burnt bonfire toffee and tarmac, not all the time, just now and then !

I've got more erm, wind than usual but I think thats to do with the patches :P :D :D

Well, I think thats about it for Today, boring or what :o

Speak soon, Pete :)

9 Replies
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Pete treasure,NOT boring,that's another day done then.Not sure about the odd smells, burnt bonfire toffee eeeeeuuuuukkkkk !!!!

That rower is worth it's weight in Gold at the moment I think.R u on lates this week? Anyway,stay strong you know you can do this and you know the drill,one day at a time. : ) Hugs amigo Hel x

Well done Pete xx

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Pinkiezoom26 Months Winner

Woohoo well done honey x

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joolz542 Weeks Winner

Well done Pete!! I've been avoiding this site for 6 months after failing again after 5 months of not smoking. I've been reading the posts now for a week and I feel inspired now by your post. Aim to set a date and try again (all typed with a fag in my hand but thinking about it for me is a big step x Joolz

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Betts in reply to joolz54

Same as me Joolz. It's been a real help and kick up the backside for me reading Pete's story. We'll do it (again). Trying to get well prepared. Good luck!

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Well done Pete, great work, great determination, we're all with you here! Wishing you a good smokefree day. Just imagining those muscles with all this rowing,! can't be bad :). Good move :)

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joolz542 Weeks Winner

Thanks Betts x

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Hi Pete, Glad you mentioned the smell thing as I have experienced that too, it's like a sweet smell to me, I thought it was just me or something in the house and have wanted to clean everything ! It's so weird ! Hey don't talk about wind ! It's part and parcel of life these days :-D

My Hubby still smoking but he doesn't smoke indoors, I had hoped he would go on the e-cig too, he has a terrible chest and coughing all the time, and I can smell the smoke on him all the time, Not nice, :-( But I've given up trying to persuade him now.

Here's wishing you a stress free, smoke free day, x. :-)

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Hi Pete, I am on day 4 now and I am having a much better day then I had yesterday, I struggled yesterday but felt so proud this morning that I did not give in to my cravings to this awful drug that it carried me through the day. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but keep at it, surely things can only get better, and if smoking really was enjoyable none of us would be on here, don;t let it beat you mate

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