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Day 3 O.o

Last night was tough, I managed to sort out a lot of unfiled paperwork to keep myself busy! So at least I'm slightly more organised now :D

The cravings were hitting hard, sometimes on an almost unconscious level. It feels like I'm at the bottom of a dark pit looking up at a dot of light, I can't imagine a day without craving but I know they exist, they just might be a long climb away.

Chewing gum has been my go to craving buster, along with staying occupied. I have an e cig on backup in case of emergencies. At least work provides some good respite!

So now day 3 of my quit and day 12 of Champix, I'd like to say I'm going strong but I'm not really :D just strong enough to stay away from having a cigarette... and that's what counts :)

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Well done Gary, your doing Fab, the first few weeks or so are hard and definitely a roller coaster with your emotions and physical well being, but believe me it does get better, so hang on in there and stay close to this site. Eventually the cravings will get few and far between and not last as long. I still get the odd days so it's not all plain sailing for some. :( For others much quicker we are all different. For me work was also respite, I started to get up early and straight out, 1 hour early every day a habit which has stuck, but hey I claime the time back :) anything than hang around at home and think about cigs. I then only had the smokers to deal with at work, which was some times testing. They now accept I don't smoke and leave me a lone . Stay strong you can do this x


Well done Gary, you may not realise it, but every day that dot becomes bigger and one day you'll wake up and it will be glorious sunshine (unless you live in the north of England 🤔😉)

Your doing really well and believe me it does get easier 😊

Stick with the course and you will get through the other side 😊

Good luck with your quit hun 👍🚭🚭🚭🚭🍀🍀🍀🍀


Hi Droopy--hope you are fine--MmeT


Congratulations on day three!! as Maddy has pointed out everyone's quit is different. I personally have an extremely strong emotional addiction to the hand to mouth habit and just need to take a day at a time.

some days are easier than others, this past weekend I had a complete meltdown but..i still didn't light up...that is a LOT of strength that you need to give yourself credit for, strong enough to stay away from smoking.

those that have never smoked do not recognize just how much physical and emotional energy can go into just fighting 1 craving at a time.

it can be draining, but you can do it.

be sure to drink plenty of water, to cleanse you of the toxins! My go too changes almost daily it seems :) tic tacs one day, gum the next, and then the almighty donut has been my favorite, and for now, whatever gets me through I accept, whatever it may be :)

as the others have said the first few weeks are the hardest, but it will begin to ease :)

best of luck to you!


Hi Gary--you are going to do ok--you have a good start--and if this is something you really want ,you will succeed.. That bad craving will begin to let up--It will surprise you--when all of a sudden you realize you haven't thought about smoking for a half a day--There will still be cravings just not so bad as now--You are in the worst of it for that--Mind you there will be other withdrawal symptoms--but this one though it runs throughout will let up (and it is awful)--I still occasionally want one and its been 6 months--but it is like swattin a fly now--I have clarity and am conscious now--so it would have to be deliberate and an informed decision and I just cant do that--Ive worked to hard to get here-Just continue doing the best you can--and don't wonder when the next craving is coming--cuz then--there it will be--Just realize it is a strong addiction and remember those feelings pass--Many have gone before you--some have not had it to bad others have suffered to the point you cant hardly stand hearing about it--but it is what it is--and once you are clean--you NEVER have to do it again--Just rant,rave,whine,cry and celebrate here--we are glad to share it all with you--because we are all you in one stage or another--ok?? Hang Tough--your a winner!!! MmeT


Well done Gary, day 3 and ya haven't murdered anyone, always a good sign. Needless to say but I am only joking😉

Onwards and upwards, you've got this🚭😊


Your doing great Gary keep it up and keep reading the posts on here because they really do make a difference I have found since speaking to these people that I am now officially off my head :-D :-D in a good way though :-) keep thinking nope. :-)


Thank you all for all the lovely responses and overwhelming support. It helps so much, even regardless of all the good advice, just to know I'm not alone or going mad :)

It's the end of the day and nope, no one has been murdered Briarwood.... yet :D

I've been reading all the responses to my last two posts usually soon after I see the notification, and they really help and inspire me throughout the day, so a huge thank you to all of you for helping me stay strong, you're all awesome and I'm very grateful! :)

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