Five Weeks of Freedom! :D

I can't believe that for five weeks I haven't smoked! I never thought that I could do this through my own willpower. When I found out that I was pregnant (5 years ago) with each of my girls, I had horrendous morning sickness, I automatically gave up smoking and I wasn't bothered because I was so ill all the time. I feel like it was too easy to give up on those occasions because I didn't have to go through the process of 'giving up'. Consequently I started smoking again about a year after I had my children :(

I think that there is without a shadow of a doubt a lot to be said for the PROCESS of giving up smoking, learning to deal with cravings, remembering the lowest points and also the great sense of personal achievement that comes with overcoming those struggles.

And also the support that I have received from this site has definitely been the reason why I haven't even had one slip up since I gave up 5 weeks ago. I KNOW that this time will be the last time that I give up smoking. To know that there is always someone around to have a chat to who has been in my shoes, is amazing and the most tremendous comfort. It spurs me on to read other people's stories and triumphs, and when I hear of somebody that has smoked for 40 odd years and has been smoke free for over a year, it makes me think that I can do it too. Thank you to everyone on this site from the bottom of my heart, for popping up in my emails every morning with your blogs that get me through the day smoke free :D

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  • Well done Jasa, your doing soooooooo well :) keep it up, the longer you go without smoking the better, it should get easier for you. Keep up the good works, its worth it in the end.

  • Thanks madimad :)

  • I'll Double that!! Well done Jasa and inspiration to us all :-) :-)

  • Thanks Bellabella :)

  • Big well done on getting over 5 weeks Jasabelle. Glad to be of service. ;-)

    I keep thinking about moving on from this site but if I can help others to try to become smoke free then I'll stick around. :)

  • Thanks andi22,

    Great news that you are sticking around :-) it definitely helps me and other newbies to hear of others experiences in giving up. And even when I am no longer getting cravings, I will continue to stay on and offer encouragement to others as a thank you to all the people who have offered it to me :-) This site wouldn't be wonderful without all of the wonderful people on it.

  • keep on keeping on are also helping people cope.Well done and just think of that feeling when you too are also achieving a year of no fags!! I m now at 3 weeks smokefree and am struggling bigtime today I love. reading other peoples comments/blogs; it all helps. LOVE this site and the understanding and nonjudgemental nature of it. thanx again.

  • Thanks buddyboo and well done for your 3 weeks! We are all marvellous aren't we?! :-D I sure do feel proud of myself and you should too,when you are having a tough time with it, tell yourself how fantastic you've done up til now, and what a shame it would be to have to start from scratch. You can do it, we all can! :)

  • Hi JohnUk,

    I ended up coming off the patches because I forgot to put it on one morning and only realised about 4pm that I hadn't had it on all day! So stopped using them. I know what you mean, for the big cravings you actually need something to do to get over it, whether it be to chew the gum, or a lozenge etc but personally I use and E-Cig for the really difficult times (nights out) but I don't use it on a daily basis as I don't want to be smoking anything, whether it be a real cig or a pretend one, in the long run. But it gets me through the tough cravings without slipping up so happy days :)

  • Aup Jasabelle :)

    A massive well done to getting to 5 whole weeks smokefree :) :) you get out to them shops and TREAT yourself gal, cos you deserve it :)

    As you say this site and all the lovely people and help you get on it, is just indispensable :) :)

    even when i've relapsed, the lovely people have come to my aid and helped me get back on track again :) :)

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Hi Jasabelle, sorry to trouble you, but there is a young pregnant Lady on the questions who you may be able to help - Babyb -

    I will try to find some info for her :)

  • Thanks monky,

    Have just messaged her :-)

  • Well done Jasebelle, I too stopped smoking 5 weeks ago. Can't believe what happened today, got to 2pm and realised that was the first time I had thought of smoking all day, true sign of progress. Keep going, we can do it!

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