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So joined this blog about 2 nights ago was still smoking at the time remember when I was doing the user name and password & all that, smoked about 5 cigs in a row non-stop. Been trying to quit for a long time now I have a love hate relationship with nicotine I hate it when I'm smoking (KINDA lol) AND love & completely miss it when I quit. First time quitting was about a year ago well I just transferred over to the e-cigs there was a cool little vapor shop down the street from my house and I went check it out was smoking a cig before I walked in and got told there's no smoking on the premises haha. got my self a little vapor pen and started with the lowest nicotine level in hopes to completely quit before the end of the week. After however long I was on the highest level of nicotine and on a lunch break at work my pen was out of battery and a co-worker was smoking so bummed one... They really kind of tick me off because I know people who never used to smoke start up on those things and before they new it they were on the highest nicotine lvl all its gunna take is for them to try the real deal and BAM!

My second attempt to quit I bought nicotine patches and losagens and I'm going to be completely honest all they made me want to do was smoke so before 3 days of not smoking I was back at it and wasted over 80 bucks...

There has been multiple other attempts were Ill go a day or 2 before getting sucked back in. But in my opinion the best thing that seems to work for me is quitting cold turkey!! the vapor 'pen, patches, losagens, all of them just seemed to make me crave a smoke 10 times more but getting nicotine completely out of my system by chugging water all day. And trying to sweat it out at the gym seems to work wonders for me. & that is what I'm in the process of right now about 2 days off the cancer stick feel great don't feel super lazy finally got energy. Still get the cravings pretty much ALL DAY -_- but ive gotten some good tips from this blog really helpful ..

Thanks for letting me share everyone!!!!!


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The vaping method of quitting Isn't gonna work for everyone (it did for me,I'm nearly 6months quit!!) Just like cold turkey Isn't gonna work either, full of admiration for you,I couldn't have done the cold turkey thing. At 2 days the nicotine is out of your system & any craving is just coming from your mind/brain which just THINKS you need the nicotine,YOU DON'T so don't give in.Tell everyone you know that you don't smoke anymore,folk at work,family,friends & don't go trying to bum cigs from.anyone.Work out how much you're saving by not smoking and Save it up in a jar/bank/in your matress (joking!!) and go splurge in a few weeks,nothing like the thought of a new iPad,I phone or whatever to keep you focused.Drink alcohol only in moderation (I just get the impression you're fairly young)any alcohol will weaken your resolve and one cig leads to another!! GOOD LUCK you absolutely CAN do this.H x


Aup Erik, a big welcome to this lovely quit support site pal :)

2 Days cold turkey, I take my hat off to you, cos I could never do that :o

I think your doing all the right things Erik, drinking water, like you say, helps to cleans the nicotine out of your body, and exercising helps to get your lungs cleared of all that crap eh,

Erik, everybody is different, and everybodies body is different, soooo, we all have different ways to quit eh :) its just a matter of finding what suits you :)

Good luck Erik and hey, pal, dont you flippin stay silent now eh :o Speak soon, Pete :)

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Great work Erik! Keep posting, so good to hear how you're getting on. Worked out it won't take too long to cover the gym membership fee with the money saved from stopping! I am making my plan.

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Gosh I take my hat off to you going cold turkey I couldn't do that so well done you seem to be doing really well so keep the faith and you will have your first badge before you know it

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Thank you all for the support,

well I failed yesterday -_-

On my lunch break @ work!

Ever since I quit whenever I see a smoker I'm like WOW they look happy, I don't know why but it pops into my head. & the funny thing is I never notice all the smokers out there intill I quit then its like theyre every where D:

So gave into the temptation and hit the smoke shop got me my camel filters and felt like "crap" the rest of the day. Mainly overwhelming sensation of guilt about the fact of giving in..

Plan to start over tomorrow but gunna snag me some Nicorette gum or patches because cold turkey isn't cutting it. I still have the mind set that I'm STUCK AS A SMOKER..


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