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Will I ever be free from cravings and never miss smoking again?

This is quite a common question that lots of people ask. It's a huge concern to most smokers, especially those who have stopped smoking in the past and the cravings have become way too much for them to handle and they end up giving in and go back to smoking again.

In most cases, once a smoker has made the decision to stop smoking (and then started again), they will always wish that they could stop smoking for good. Very rarely does a smoker ever take the decision to say "right, that's it, I'm going to continue to smoke for the rest of my life". However, due to past stop smoking attempts, they find that the cravings have become too much for them to handle and this deters them from setting a quit date and giving it another go.

How many people have you met who have given up smoking and tell you that although they know they will never smoke again, they don't half miss them?

Sadly, there are people out there who feel this way. I would ask any of them what their main reason for stopping smoking was and quite often they will tell you of reasons such as;

1. They didn't want their kids growing up in a smoky environment

2. They've just lost somebody through a smoking related illness and don't want to put their family through the same that they've just been through.

3. Their Doctor or Consultant has told them that they simply have to stop.

4. Their partner / wife / husband doesn't smoke.

The majority of these people have given up for somebody else, or somebody else's reason.

For whatever reason, these people may never smoke again but feel as though that 'longing for a cigarette' feeling is still with them.

Over the past 18 years of helping smokers to stop smoking, I have found that those who stop for their very own reasons, rather than for somebody else's are the ones who seem to never miss them and live a life completely free of smoking.

So what's the best thing to do?

This is one of the few times in your life where it pays to be really selfish (selfish in a positive way) and dig down, deep inside your mind, your heart and think about your own personal reason for wanting to stop. Doing it for your children, or your family or even your pets is a fantastic reason, but if you can do it for yourself then in 5, 10, 20 years time you can still be smoke free and not miss those little white sticks. They've had enough control of your past.

Be in control of yourself and your future and remember "if it's to be, then it's up to me"

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I think you have hit the nail on the head there gal !! :) and if i may say, you are one hell of an intellegent young Lady, and i thankyou so much for helping us

Pete :)


An absolute corker of a question this! My main reason was to save money, so the question I am currently asking myself is if I win the lottery (LOL as if that will happen) would I go back to the cigs and I seriously don't know how to answer that. Still, its seriously unlikely I will win a ton of cash but it may be even more likely I become financially stable somewhere down the line, enough to be able to afford to smoke again, but that is far, far, FAR down the line, therefore enough time for me to find at least one purely selfish reason to quit that actually feels right! Blimey, I don't half waffle...

Thanks for this EmJay- food for thought indeed! xx


No problem at all Pete, always happy to try and find a way to help :-)

Lenne, just imagine having the money you need to buy the things that you'd like, the time to enjoy the things that you've bought... But more than anything... Being in good health, to enjoy it all....of which money can't buy but given a bit of time and patience...and giving up smoking... Then a happier life can be lived :-)


Can't argue with that! Going to check my lottery ticket now... ;)


hello i mary from edinburgh.i stop the fag 7 week ago.god it very hard.i feel ok sum time i can do wh a fag.i have to stop i got a bad lung.


Hi Mary, lovely to hear from you again :-) Congratulations on entering your 8th week of stopping smoking. Let us know which parts you are struggling with and I'm sure we cn suggest some ways of dealing with those little demons :-)

Also, let me know the date that you gave up smoking and I will add you on to our 'Wall of Winners' :-)

You are doing ever so well, remember to stay positive :-)


hi it was jun the 5.it hard it in the morning it very hard.


I agree, if you give up for the right reasons, and it's your decision and you feel so positive from day 1 of stopping, you already have the feeling that you haven't actually given up .... there was nothing to give up.... you are free from being addicted to smoking and nicotine.

Already I hold my head up high and am so pleased that I am a non smoker. I acknowledge the fact that when I see a smoker ...I think that used to be me...but not with envy ...with pity for the smoker for still being trapped.

After 4 months my mind set is that of a relaxed non smoker ... I no longer have to rush a meal, lunch break or a drink...to nip out for a smoke. Stick with the non smoking ...I read a self help book called Allen Carr's Easyway..... it got me in a positive frame of mind as previously the cravings drove me nuts and as my mind always wanted to smoke but now the whole of me is smoke free ... and it's a welcome release from an addictive drug and pastime :)

I have also started being more selfish ... treating myself in little nice ways...like a new handbag, lipstick, book etc .... as I have no guilt about buying fags and wasting money.


Well done to you Wonder :-)

It's really important to remember that you are stopping doing something that you no longer want to do anymore, rather than 'giving up' something that really means something to you. I agree in that sometimes it takes a little portion of your body to become smoke free at a time, sometimes the hardest part is when the mind is the last to become smoke free. However, if we work with our mind in the first place, it's a lot easier.

We should dance with our mind and not wrestle with it... :-)

Lenne, any luck with those lottery numbers? :-)



I love your wise words EmJay ..... we should dance with our mind .... and not wrestle with it... xx everyone have a good Sunday...... I have roast beef, yorkshire puddings to look forward to .... better than a B&H any day :)


Aup Wonder, i'm so glad that you are keeping with it, and staying piggie free, and enjoying it as well :) :)

So you have a new pic as well, seems to be the in thing these days, who is the pretty young Lady in the pic then ????

Speak soon Pete :)


How are you doing Pete ? Are you enjoying the monsoon weather and staying smoke free too ?


I have lived in two countries outside the UK in the last 10 years both of which you could freely smoke and the price of a packet of ciggies was under £2 so that was my first excuse "it is so cheap and no one cares if I smoke i can do this forever!" I have always carried extra weight and my hubby smokes so my other excuses were " I have got to lose weight, and I will give up when my husband does" well I am 3 months as a non smoker now, I decided to finally do it for me and me only and I have not regretted it once,I haven't gained weight, my hubby is still smoking and I haven't saved a vast amount of money, I have had the odd craving especially when I have had a few drinks but the cravings are momentary and far and few between.I can honestly say I already feel so much better, I have no regrets and will do everything I can to remain a non smoker for ever now!!


Hi Kacey21,

welcome to our happy place :-)

Thank you for sharing such a lovely experience. Let me know your quit date and I shall pop you on our wall of winners :-)

Congratulations on becoming smokefree and choosing to live a healthier lifestyle :-)


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