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4 weeks and feeling that I might Mr Nic

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jim22448834 Months Winner

Had terrible cold in new year and really couldn't stomach the taste.

Forced myself to get my regularly nictotine.

In fact over the past 3 years I could smoke a cigarette in a minute or two. Wanted it but really didn't want it.

Tried gum on Monday 12th January and battled for two weeks to resist driving to the shops to but "just 10". Moved on to patches as well and this has made a difference.

Still need that nictone instant kick , but not missing the tight chest and smell.

There are moments in the day where I could just ask for a cigarette and have that instant satisfaction, but I have worked hard to tell myself that the only satisfaction I will get is 2 minutes of "headrush". Followed by guilt, followed by a horrible taste, followed by "you started smoking again?" followed by taking £10 out of the cashpoint a day and standing in the rain 10 times a day.

I smoked for 12 years gave up for 6 then smoked another 7.

I have a beautiful 4 year old daughter and my guilt is now around why I didn't give up before , which makes me feel depressed, which makes me want to smoke.

That's my story so far and I greatly appreciate this site and the psychological help your are ALL giving me to convert to not smoking.

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Hiya Jim and welcome to quit support :)

Congratulations on your quit and we all wish we had given up sooner but that ship sailed and we have to forget about that one. This new voyage is what's important now and you are doing it now, brilliant. Don't look behind you just take one day at a time and keep moving forward. You know you can do it and we will help you :)

I think if we dwell on past mistakes it's not a good idea, we have to learn from them and move on. You have a beautiful daughter and you are so lucky, so throw away that guilt and be proud of what you're achieving now. 4 weeks is fantastic, well done :) :) x

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jim22448834 Months Winner in reply to Briarwood

Thank you so much. I have been looking at this forum without joining for support as I felt it would be too much pressure to announce a quit date and then relapse. I feel more confident that I am committed to not having another cigarette so can talk about it publicaly. Im sure there are other people out there with the same thought process.

It may help other people to know after that 1st day I bought the strongest gum 4mg but the craving was still there in the background so I started the patches and that's what finally helped.

I also wrote a list, nothing about money, or my family but just the following down the side of a page on my desk.

Bad breath, horrible taste, tight feeling in chest, guilty, stressed, paranoid about my health.

I then put at the top "having one fag" , "not having that one fag"

Every time I get that real urge I look at this . Physically tick each one under having a fag and putting a cross under the other.

It re emphasis what will happen if I light once cigarette and inhale for 2 minutes .

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BriarwoodAdministrator in reply to jim224488

All very good ideas Jim and that will help others on here too, so thanks for sharing them because that's really what this site is all about, we all want the same thing and that's to quit and stay quit. The support and encouragement on here helps us do that. Thanks again :) :) x

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Hi Jim and welcome to quit support :)

Thank-you for sharing your story, as often someone has used some method that will definitely help a new member through those early days of quitting :) :) You have already come through the first 4 weeks and that is fantastic :) :)

Try not to worry about the past and things you have no control over and spend that energy on enjoying each day as a non smoker and sharing that with your little girl.

All the very best on your quit journey and there are lots of wonderful members on here that will encourage and support you along the way :) :)

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Its great to meet you Jim :) and a big warm welcome and a great big well done to you for sticking to your guns and quitting the smokes :) :)

Like the Girls have said, thankyou very much for your post and how you have got through your first 4 weeks, very much appreciated :)

I see you have a beautiful young daughter of 4 then :) well, she has got to be your biggest and best reason to quit :) cos you want to watch her grow up :) and most of all, to walk her down the isle arm in arm to marry a hansom young chap :) :)

As for the patches and gum, thats just the norm, cos you need a bit extra help sometimes and thats when your second nrt comes in handy :) By the way Jim, if you need any help with the patches or gum, just you shout out pal :)

Like you Jim, some of us write a list of WHY'S we want to quit and stick them around the house or where ever :) just to give us a reminder why we are doing this and it does help, cos I did it for the first few weeks :)

Would you please let Jillygirl or myself know your quit date, then we can award you with your Winners badge when you need it :) Thank you :)

Stay strong and focused on your quit Jim :) cos your doing just ACE pal :) :)

Pete :)

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