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Good morning everyone can someone tell me why quite a few people get really I'll after giving up smoking there are a few who have got cancer after giving up and copd and pnuemonia someone I spoke gave up smoking got very unwell and so went back to smoking it sometimes makes you think why bother giving up althoughi do know why my skin looks clearer my hair isn't so dry my breathing is better I can laugh without coughing and I am almost getting through the day without thinking about smoking constantly and sometimes I forget I don't smoke and think to myself I'll go for a fag when I've finished this and then I remember nope I hope this is me for the rest of my life.

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  • Hi donesmokin

    There is no guarantee on what our future hold.. I know several people who have developed lung cancer and never smoked as well as other people with a range of other forms for cancer. Continuing to smoke certainly may increase your risk.

    I too know people who have returned to smoking as they got rather ill after quitting. I know myself, i too have suffered but no matter what, i would not return back to smoking. there are far too many positives reasons for staying smoke free. I was smoking 30 a day for 40 years so my body doesn't know how to react :D :D

    We have to be patient and give our bodies the chance to heal and recover from all those nasty chemicals from cigarettes.

  • Thank you for that I guess sometimes on this quit journey you do feel like your missing something although I don't miss haveing to stand at the back door to have a fag when its freezing outside

  • Many people go through that feeling..kinda like missing a friend..but cigarettes is not a friend at all..

    What worked for me was not to see myself as quitting smoking, but starting a new life with cigarettes :) :) I redirected the money that i was spending on cigarettes to another bank acc. I am only a few days of being 17 months quit and have over $11,000 that i have saved :) :) this equates to around 5200 British pounds :) :) that is incentive enough for me :) :)

  • Hi donesmoking that's a tough one.

    When we stop smoking, our bodies go thru some changes in order to rid itself of the 4000+ toxins we inhale when we smoke. Some people have little or no illnesses to speak of. I smoked for over 35 yrs but never had a cough and never coughed up anything either. Some have had chest infection after chest infection (which I'm assuming could lead to pneumonia)

    I'm not a medical person but re copd, maybe they already had it but it was disguised by the smoking or the damage had already been done whilst they were smoking. Maybe it's the same with the cancer, it just hadn't manifested itself??

    As to some going back on it...... Yep for some it is difficult, they will feel run down, lethargic, constant colds/flu but these are the side effects of giving up. sometimes when your going through these withdrawal symptoms, it's hard to see the wood for the trees. You say to yourself "I was healthier when I smoked so I may as well start again" hopefully those people will come to realise over time that it was just their bodies way of dealing with the withdrawal.

    Sorry I couldn't be of more use but maybe one of our quitter family has a background in medicine (other than a first aid certificate).... And can give you a more scientific answer 😊😊😊😷

  • Thank you for your reply sometimes you just have to ask so you can decide for yourself I know I'm doing the right thing

  • That's what this site is for donesmoking, there maybe other members out there wondering the same thing who don't want to ask..... So thanks for putting it out there 😊😊

  • Love your response

  • when we smoke the cilia in our lungs is paralyzed and cannot move phlegm etc from our lungs---Cilia are little hairlike structures that line esophagus,bronchial tree ,lungs--It does this for about a half hour everytime we smoke--so when you quit--they begin to move again and so you will cough up junk or just cough as your body tries to rid itself of all types of toxins it has been unable to get rid of due to smoking.. of course with all this junk coming up bacteria can get involved and you can get a cold--have a sore throat etc...Now if cilia is destroyed permanently (don't push your luck and keep smoking) junk can still sit in your lungs and you can be prone to bronchitis,pneumonia etc--just as you are while some people think I may as well keep on cuz Im no better...I think with time some of these structures may grow back but some people don't have the patience and it is an excuse to smoke and they want to feel better NOW..I used to think even if I got away with smoking that if I got sick when I was old (and its close-lol)--Id have a harder time recovering--How many people die in the hospital of pneumonia>> you want to have a good functioning set of lungs in there--not to mention you cant smoke in the hosp--and Id freak thinkin about that too.. I was a psychiatric nurse at one time but had to learn a lot of biology while in school so here is a little...Ironically the avg smoker scraves a cigarette every half hour to 45 minutes so that pretty well keeps that bronchial housecleaning from happening

  • craves I meant--not scraves

  • Good honest question with good honest answers from glolin and droopy (

  • I understand the missing something I feel that guess it's the addiction. Have not felt unwell so far so can't comment on that. I think that whatever life throws up which non of us know surely we must have a better chance without smoking as well can only make things worse.

    If ur feeling ill after quitting it must be what smoking has already done so by stopping we hopefully limiting the damage. I think anyway


  • Hiya donesmoking, great question so thanks for asking😊

    There's always going be exceptions to the rule but we have to believe we are doing the very best thing for our health. I see exactly where you're coming from though. I guess that's why life is such a mystery, we don't know everything and probably just as well we don't. One day at a time and keep believing👍🏼😊x

  • Thanks everyone wobble over

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