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7 weeks but struggling with feeling awful

Maison87 Weeks Winner

Hi 7 weeks today

Can taste and smell better but still really quite ill with insomnia and constipation

I don’t crave smoking at all and gave up cold turkey

Was constipated before I gave up and see a specialist but really bad now

Everyone assured me that it takes several months to feel better when u have smoked for so long (40) years

Sorry to sound so negative but the elation of finally giving up is marred by feeling so awful

Thanks x

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tiggs115 Month Winner

So sorry to read that you are feeling crappy in what should be such a positive time with what you are achieving. Being constipated can make you feel unwell so hopefully if you can get some help with that things will start to improve.

I am fortunate that other than struggling to get to sleep on a night even though I am exhausted I seem to be feeling ok with everything else.

Wish I had some advice I could give but I’ve only been stopped 6 weeks, hopefully someone else here may be able to help.

Good luck x

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to tiggs1

Thankyou . I think I just need to ride it out and be patient but I feel pretty ill but guess after 40 years it will take time

Thanks again


Hi Maison, sorry to hear you’re feeling so awful. When we stop smoking our metabolism slows down and it takes time for everything to settle down.

Cold turkey hits hard but on the plus side you are smoke free and nicotine free too. After 40 years of smoking our bodies struggle to function with this big change. All I can say is please hang in there as it won’t always be this way.

I think we have to give ourselves time and I know that’s hard when you feel this awful.

Warm water with lemon juice first thing in the morning may help to cleanse the system.

Hoping your specialist an come up with something to improve this.

You are doing so very well Maison, 7 weeks smoke free is a massive achievement👏🏼👏🏼

Hang in there💪 and be very proud of yourself🚭👍🏼xx

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to Briarwood

Thankyou . Don’t want to smoke but feel pretty ill really but guess busy needs time to adjust and the brain is a complicated thing . Dopamine receptors all over the place !!

Thanks again x


M sorry to hear about the issues you are facing.. 7 weeks is not long enough time for your body to adjust to smoke free life. Healing takes time and unfortunately is not a very pleasant experience. Constipation was something I suffered from too after I quit cold Turkey. It took me 7-8 months to start feeling myself again. Constipation issue got sort of resolved in 4 months or so.. Hang in there, get help from a doctor if need be, use laxatives, warm water, soluble fiber, prunes, etc. Dont quit ur quit. For insomnia also get help from a doctor, I did not face this problem so that is about how much i can say. I hope u feel better soon. Well done on 7 weeks.. Keep up the good work, stick with it. Cheers..

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to quit07

I realise it’s a long haul and never feel like smoking but do feel pretty ill

Thanks for support x

Witty4120 Months Winner

Hi Maison I had the exact same issues about a month into me quitting. The constipation and insomnia was enough to drive me insane. I ended up seeing my dr who for me suggested a gentle laxative. For the insomnia I found meditating before bed helped me a great deal. I use the insight timer app. All I can say is I'm glad I toughed it out. I went through times I figured hey I may as well smoke then go through all this crap. In the end it's worth it believe me.

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to Witty41

Thankyou so much . Don’t want to smoke but really feel ill !!

Will stick it through



Hi Maison,

Do try and hang in there. Like you I quit after 40 years of smoking. I was smoking 30 a day. For me, I expected a tough ride, I knew after all the years I smoked it was not going to be easy. I rode that roller coaster of emotions which included feeling crappy with throat from hell, insomnia, heartburn, constipation to mention a few.

We all quit so very differently, please give yourself the time your body needs to adjust. It will get better. There is no time frame as we all experience different symptoms of recovery.

Be very proud of your achievement so far as you have done brilliantly. Stay strong 💪💪 you have got this 👍👍

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to glolin

Thankyou so much . I know I won’t smoke but just feel so ill !

Thanks again

Sykes2919 Months Winner

So Sorry you are feeling rubbish. 7 weeks is fantastic! The first couple of months are the hardest and you WILL feel better. Hang in there!

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to Sykes29

Thankyou guess I thought a few weeks and I would crack it !! Don’t ever want to smoke but guess my brain is crying out for nicotine ?

Take care and thanks again

Happybear2 YEAR WINNER

Hello Maison8, sorry to hear you feel so awful.

The insomnia does get better but it takes several months from my experience. It will get better but that doesn't help much now.

Sending some positive vibes.

Frostytime9 MONTH WINNER

Hi Maison8 I can totally understand how you feel:( I’m going onto day 79 and have felt so awful! Cold turkey after 35 years and many failed attempts behind me! I can’t fail this time! I can’t go through withdrawals again and thats what I keep saying to myself!

My worst symptom is insomnia, feeling anxious and just blah 😑 it really does have such an impact on our health!!the weight gain for me is a big one too! I just have had no energy! And shortness of breath!.

I’ll ride through this crappy phase and tell myself this too will pass!

On the upside my teeth and gums feel amazing, there’s moments where I feel really proud of myself and financially so much better off!

Sending you so much positive energy for feeling good! We deserve peace after being enslaved to the nico demon! Totally agree about the dopamine receptors, smoking depleted our supplies but now I keep saying I’m just in the reprogramming phase!

All the best on your quit! I’m looking forward to the 6 month milestone 💛👌👍💪and seeing more positive changes in our quit! It will happen, we’re so close!!! :)

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to Frostytime

Thankyou for your really encouraging message .?it is 3am and once again I am awake , full of gas !! And can’t sleep

I am cuttting down on meds for ptsd

As know they exacerbate problem

Thankyou again xxxxx

jbc87Badge pending

Try CALM magnesium! Check pharmacy to see if it has any interactions with any of the medication you’re taking. But it’s supposed to calm you and your bowels. It hasn’t helped me with sleeping but has helped get things moving along.

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to jbc87

Thankyou 😊

Maison87 Weeks Winner in reply to jbc87

Thanks 😊

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