4 weeks today!

Hi guys and girls

Just a quick update to say today marks 4 weeks smoke free!! Really proud of myself for not giving in and for making it this far!

Really noticing the difference in my health and breathing has become so much easier, breath doesn't smell any more and feel much more confident when around people not having to worry about how I smell of stale smoke!

Cant believe it took me this long to give up and sorry for all those people in my life who had to put up with my disgusting smoking habit!

Thanks for all the support on here, it has really helped!

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  • Well done you! Thanks for sharing!

  • Well done you, keep it up!

  • Congratulations and thanks for sharing the positive effects you are experiencing!

    It's encouraging to all of us in the early stages of smoking cessation. I know that I need a reminder of the benefits of quitting smoking from time to time! -WILL

  • Thanks for the well wishes and messages of support...Im hoping the next time I post on here I can be celebrating the 1 year mark!

  • FANTASTIC!!!! that is a great effort, Keep up the great work :)

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