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drowning in a sea of craves ..day 5

drowning in a sea of craves ..day 5

start of day 5 and one long crave since i woke up..ok I know its not really but it feels like it !!..i feel like im swimming against the tide ..glug glug..make that drowning under each wave !! :)

So deep breath..and another ..and another..punch cushion use inhalator (yuk) get a cup of coffee..ah coffee mmm ...its got to get better the sun is out :)

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Hi Jan, yes I know how you must be feeling. How about a nice stroll down to the water to try and take your mind off it? :)

You can do this, keep strong, keep shouting, keep punching, how about trying singing? :) :D


Andi..thanks :) did my little job for my elderly couple,then went to gym :)) swim exercise and then hot tub oh yesss ! then asda (no so oh yesss) picked up a healthy sandiwch and bottle of h20 and grapes now home getting covered in dust sanding walld down in kitchen (very yuk)

Itrs beautiful here and on the way to the shop i drove down the lane that goes by the lake,how beautiful and peaceful so i hovered for a while....

As for singing..you have never heard a voice like mine lol. Yes Im bopping in the kitchen with dust :)))

hope youre day is going well

Jan xx


That's it Jan, bopp and sing in the kitchen, it will take your mind of things and cheer you up, that's the kind of thing i do, it's great, I'm sure your singing is not that bad, you should hear mine :D :D and i don't care :D

stay strong :)


I got home for work and could smell something really unpleasant in the kitchen. It turns out that my dog has spent the day rolling in a bottomless pit of vulture shit or something of that nature and was in dire need of a shower/bath/water cannon/flamethrower or something drastic. My point is, this took my mind completely off anything smokey for a good half hour. Others within this community refer to chocolate and sweets to divert their attention but I thought I'd pass on this gem of wisdom just in case the sweets don't work.

Well done for getting this far. Keep it up, I know it's not easy but we can all act as crutches for one another.

Fags :)


Aup Jan :)

Your doing just great gal :) :) if you can, do different things, as in not the normal routine :) if you see what I mean, cos the times that you used to smoke, like with your first cuppa in the morning, erm waiting at the bus stop and when you've had a meal etc :o try to start a new routine, like dont have a cuppa first thing, have orange juice instead :o ha ha that will wake you up gal :D :D do you see what I mean :) I know changing routine is hard, but it will help you with your quit :) I know cos I've done it :)

The first week is always the worst Jan !! the cravings do slow down and get easier as you learn how to deal with them :) :)

Please please stay strong Jan, you will get there gal, and we will help you in any way we can, you just come and shout gal :) :) speak soon.

Pete :)


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