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Start in a day, quit in a day.. Day 1 Begins..

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So It's the 24th of October 2019 and roughly half 2 in the morning I've just had a cig at 2am. I've recently quit weed and haven't smoked any of that crap since the 4th of this month. However I know the real challenge is quitting my unfair lady Nikki, she's been apart of my life just before I took my GCSE's in high school, I'm now 19 (20 next month 15th) and smoked since I was 16. I only just found this page of supportive asf people ;) Yes you! So I thought bugger it might as well give it a shot and writing out the progress seems like a thing I'd enjoy doing so yeah here I am making the first step and I'll keep you guys updated on my success or my failure.

Strongly aiming to get on the wall of winners but only once I've completed 30days Nikki free...

For those curious on how I will manage cravings:

1: Pencil/Pen Between the fingers.

2: Gum/Hard sweets. Sugar Free Obvs ;)

3: Drinking Plenty of water.

4: Thinking about the positive health benefits.

5: Walking my dogs that I love and adore!.


5 Replies
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Hi immadothis, welcome toour lovely community. Thank you for joining us.

You seem very organised and positive about your quit journey, I am sure you will succeed. I will assign you your progress badge and add .you to our database. Please let me know your exact quit date.

Look forward to supporting you.☺Xx

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Hi ImmaDoThis, Well done for your decision to quit.👏

Welcome to Quit Support💙. You sound very organized in approaching your quit . I found it interesting that you refer to nicotine as lady nikki! I've only ever heard nic and assumed it was a male!!

You seem to have everything under control so I'll just remind you that if you need any help or even a shoulder to lean on please don't hesitate to ask. There is always someone here.

Good luck with your quit.🍀🚭xx

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Hi Imma and welcome to Quit Support

I wish I had been as smart as you to quit at a young age, I admire you for making this important decision, well done👍🏼

It’s a great idea to write out your progress and look forward to supporting you on your journey to a healthier future🚭✅

This terrific community makes a big difference so stay close, we’re here to help😀xx

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Thank you all for the responses, every little bit of support is helping I hope I can stay true to myself but also you guys 💯 xx

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im about to begin - in the morning i think...

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