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Day 1 of a long haul !!

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Good evening everybody, and I hope your all having a lovely smoke free evening :) :)

For those who dont know me, I'm Pete, erm, I'm sort of part of the fixtures & fittings around here :o even our Emjay has to come and dust the cobwebs off me now and again :D :D

I relapsed a few days ago after very nearly getting to 5 Months quit ! sooooo please all of you be aware eh :o After struggling with my 1 brain cell to reach a new quit date, I finally have, and its today 3rd March 2014 :)

I am using the 25 mg 16 hour patches, and 2mg lozenges for the hard times ! These are ok when I'm driving and at work, BUT when I get home its a different matter, cos I like a drink of lager you see :| and lager & lozenges dont really go together :P :D so I'm using an inhalator with a 10mg cartridge in it :)

Rite, Day 1, its not been too bad actually, I drove too and from work without having a lozenge :) and I only had 2 lozenges at work, which were after my breaks, cos I was used to having you know what after a meal :o So that wasnt too bad :)

I got home tonight and walked into the house, then it hit me !! I tell you I could have ripped my hair out for a smoke :o Soooo I gave the inhalator some flippin kissing, then went into my garage and dived onto my rowing machine, and dint half give it some wellie !! Got off there puffing, panting and coughing :o but it worked I got rid of mr nic :P :)

I went back in the house, had my shower and dins, with the help of the breathing exercise too, so far ok :) Still having to kiss the inhalator now and again though, but what the heck, I aint smoking, thats the main point :)

PS, am sorry for boring you all, flippin tuff :P :P :D :D :D

Here's to happy days my friends, Pete :) xx

22 Replies
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This time you can do it Pete. we are all with you . including your friend Mrs B :D

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monkyAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Hey Jillygirl, those rollers just, just, dooooooooo something for me gal :o :D :D

Thankyou so much Jillygirl :) xx

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to monky

Getting ready for bed now . gotta take mi rollers out hurts when I lay on them :D :D . Night nite luvs ya. P.S. our Sue is back. xxxx

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monkyAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

Hey gal, you duna wanna be going to bed in ya rollers :o Luvs you too Jillygirl, you get a lovely nights sleep now :) xxxxx

Rite am off to look for Sue :) speak tomorrow :)

Hi Pete

You can do've done it before and you can do it again - forever! Keep kissing the inhalator, just do what it takes. Stay strong, we are all behind you.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to

Thankyou Rozi, for those kind supportive words :) and yep, I've got to do what it takes to kick mr nic out of my body and my life Forever :) :) xx

Aw Pete, so sorry you slipped at almost 5 months but ... so impressed you are again a non- smoker - well done you

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monkyAdministrator in reply to

Hi Tania, thankyou very very much :) :) this is my, ermmmmm umpteen try, but I will never give up, giving up :) xx

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Hey! Go dude! I think I've seen that title somewhere before - mine I think. ;-)

Good luck, you'll get there one day and don't forget, one day at a time.

Big hugs, Andi. xxx :)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to andi22

Ha ha ha, YEP I pinched it off you Andi :P :D :D :D And thankyou :) :)

Have grabbed your hugs, and got em for a rainy day gal :) xxx

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pete your a star. you support all of us all the time. remember we are here for you too. sorry t hear mr nic made an appearance last week. but hes not goina win. your back on it now! so tough but your strong you will get there:-) give that rowin mach some stick beat off mr nic!!!

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Well, its that wooden hill time again for me, so nite nite and thankyou again for the lovely words of support, cos I KNOW that I cant do this without all of you to ermmmm, guide me on the straight and narrow eh :) :)

Sweet dreams and get a good nights kip eh :)

PS, a flippin luvs ya all :) :) xxxxx

I have very nearly bit the dust today after 32 weeks, 7 and a half months and still crave, I collect dolls and I have been knitting hats for them, i have done that many I think they all have two heads. I am off my patches now but still trying to eat my inhalator with 15 mg cartridges in.

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kizwiz1 YEAR WINNER in reply to

Well done for getting through it, sounds like you had a tough day, stay strong.

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Ah not to worry least you've stopped again am like u stopped for th umpteenth time my husband smokes but nt in the house but I cn smell it wen am in th kitchen coz he leaves th door open nt making it any easier for me but never mind anyway good luck am sure you'll be fine pancAke day today make yrself some n hve a munch hve a good day :)

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All the best to you Pete. They say the world doesn't love a quitter, but we really do on here :) Don't stop quitting, you can do it, and have not smoked sooooo many fags because of keeping quitting that your lungs and everything are so much better for it.

Hats off to you Pete! Great respect from me!

You are an inspiration to me, so go Pete! No fags today! One day at a time :)

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You kick that nicotine monster up the butt and tell it where to go! :)

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Well done. It's a hard slog but worth it in the end. I am now on day 22 no smoking. I would have smoked 440 cigs. I am on the patches 21mg. Your suppost to wear them for 24 hours but I find by 6/7pm I'm ready to remove it. Good luck

I'm with Betts, just think of all the ciggies you haven't smoked rather than the odd few you have. Good luck Pete, just gotta keep on trucking along.

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You can do this our Pete & absolutely EVERYONE is with you so one step at a time my friend,one step at a time. : ) Hugs to you mi amigo. H x

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Hi Pete, thinking of you. I had a smoke free evening thanks to quit clinic and a very good friend who came out and walked 8 miles in the cold with me (she's never even smoked!). It's blinkin hard but you can do it, you've already done 5 months, falling off the wagon is just a glitch in your long and smoke free life

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Not sure why or how I've found this?? Is this from back in the day when you initially quit monky? Day 1 here too and the idea to post everyday for a while takes seed! Thanks, 4Today

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