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Have a positive day, all!

Have a positive day, all!

Good morning again :)

See these lovely rhododendrons and azaleas? Well they are out in full bloom all around where I live, so beautiful!

Another brightening day here, fresh warm wind, it smells good.

It's that midweek feeling, and I am planning all I can do to have a lovely free weekend, so getting the work off my plate. Remember it is Father's Day, so might make some plans for that - BBQ if sunny? He is very difficult to buy for and anyway he's my hubby not my dad, but I think he deserves a little something. Any ideas?

Anyone for a midmorning coffee?

Keeping positive, keeping strong!

Have a good smokefree day all, whatever comes your way :)

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Hi Betts

They are truly beautiful and wonderful - I have always loved both types but unfortunately they won't grow in my garden but they will in my neighbours so at least I have some close at hand to admire and look at.

As for treating your other half - how about socks? No not a good idea cos what would you get him for Christmas if you gave him socks now?! Does he read cos if so maybe a nice book by his favourite author or even a book on his hobby because in that way it doesn't have to be about the actual hobby just something that goes with the hobby - ie canal boat = canal/waterway journeys if you get what I mean. That way, you benefit as well because he will be really quiet whilst reading apart from when he reads something that he just must tell you at that precise moment. Whatever you get him, I'm certain he'll love it because you've bought it specially for him!

Have a lovely rest of the day Betts and hope you enjoyed your walk and saw some lovely things and that you have been able to clear your head in the fresh air.

You will get there Betts - right now, I am 30 minutes into my day 1 (day 1 yet again I hasten to add) so I am starting out very slowly.

Hopefully, this will bring a smile to your face and a laugh to your throat. At the car show on Sunday, there was one man walking around with his family. Well, I say walking with his family they were actually a good 3 or 4 steps behind him which I thought was rather peculiar to say the least. However, as he drew nearer I noticed his tee shirt which read "I GAVE UP DRINKING, SMOKING AND SEX - IT WAS THE WORST HOUR OF MY LIFE" which made me understand totally why his family would not walk beside him!

Catch you later Betts,

Take care

Luv and hugs to you - you will do it, honestly, you will - if I can, then you can - together we both can. Believe in yourself cos I believe in you.



These flowers look beautiful Betts, seeing them must brighten up your day :)

I can't think of anything you could buy your hubby, I'm struggling with what to give mine, why are men so hard to buy for, it takes me forever to think what to get mine, i dread Christmas, sorry for swearing :D :D :)


Hi Kath and Sue

You certainly did bring a smile, Kath, as I checked in on my mobile phone. We were by a little lake with the sun filtering through some trees, sitting amongst the daisies, a couple of ducks were swimming, and for that moment you joined me. And made me laugh! Thank you :) I couldn't reply, the signal was so poor.

You too Sue, when I just got back.Swearing? My husband takes a while to warm to presents, and it's that first look, that says 'What's this???' followed by 'why??' that gets me. I don't know why they are so difficult :) :)


The reason they are so difficult to buy for is explained in three letters m a n !!


Hi Betts,

It sounds like you jad a wonderful walk, so peaceful :)

I swore cause i said Christmas before we've had summer, hopefully :D :D :)


I mean had lol xx


Ahhhhh :)

Now I understand :) :)


sorry i should have made that clearer Betts, it's a joke in our house :)


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