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Day 6 of a long haul !

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Good evening all :)

Its definitely harder while I'm at home :( but ha-ho I've got through it again :) Its been harder today than it was yesterday :( cos in my mind, I have the red demon, who keeps saying '' the cigs are just over there, just go get one you will feel so much better '' but the thing is, they are just a few feet away from me :(

As you have probably gathered, I've been sucking lozenges and snogggggging the flippin inhalator, I've been rowing, gardening and messing about in my garage today, plus drinking water and breathing exercises ( yes Jillygirl/Andi flippin drinking water :P :P ) although saying that, ave cracked a cannie open now slurrrrrrp :P :) :) That pesky mr nic has been with me most of the day :(

But I tell you all now, that I feel on top of the World now, cos I know I've beat mr nic at his worse :) :) It's erm, such a great feeling :) :) I cant explane it :o erm, if I could float, then I would be floating :)

Coming down to Earth again, my chest is nolonger tight and although still coughing a bit, its not so bad now :) which tells me, that my lungs have almost cleaned themselves out :)

To all you wanaby quitters, please please remember, you have to stay focused and I mean focused on your quit, then you will succeed :) :)

9 Replies
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Well done Pete :) one more sleep and you'll be a week in!! That deserves a happy dance mate :D

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jillygirlAdministrator in reply to Muddles

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Kaprin in reply to jillygirl

That's just really tickled my fancy and made me smile x

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to jillygirl

Bahahahahahahaha first time I've laughed in over a week!! Thank you xxx

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monkyAdministrator in reply to jillygirl

:P :P

Hi Pete

Well done for Day 6 :) Go Pete!

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Well done Pete keep going x

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Friezfriend13 MONTHS WINNER

Did you fall off Pete? Im not on here as much as I used to be cos of work. ?? Well if u did well done for climbing back on. ;-)

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Friezfriend

Aup Friez, yep I had a mishap gal, not my fault of course :o :D :D :D

But am on to it now again :) thankyou for caring :) xx

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