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Day 4 of a long haul !

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Good evening everybody :)

Driving too and from work, its been ok :) just had a few fruit pastels to take the edge off any cravings I got :) I'm very happy with that :)

I've only had 2 lozenges today at work, mind you have been very busy, so perhaps thats helped eh :) plus have been chucking 20kg bags about, so had plenty of exercise toooooo :o which is helping my lungs to clean themselves out, well thats my thought anyway :)

I'm still getting this erm, weird smell now and a gain, not just at work, I got home tonight from work, walked down the garden path to my house, it appeared then :o It may be just my nasal passages cleaning themselves out or something like that :)

My chest is still a bit tight and I'm coughing more now, and sorry, but am coughing phlegm up too.BUT I know thats a good sign, cos that is definitely due to my lungs clearing all that crud out out of them, that smoking leaves behind :P :P

I know its not very nice, BUT, its better out than in eh :) :) So please please friends, get rid of the phlegm, spit it out into a napkin or something :)

I am on a days holiday tomorrow, so I will see how that goes eh :o If anybody wants to ask me a question, then you just fire away eh please :)

Rite am off to see whats been going on here today, sooooo good luck with your quit everybody, and just try to enjoy it :)

Pete :) xx

12 Replies
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Hey Pete,

Just checking in for the last time today.Glad that day 4 has gone well,soon be a week : ) x Not sure if it's just me but seems very quiet on here not even a daily post from Jilly, where IS everyone ? Think maybe the news from Al & Mardi has made folk a bit sad :( know it did me, can't stop thinking about them. ENJOY your holiday day,are you planting stuff yet ? Tell me about your garden Pete,I'd LOVE a garden.I grew toms and peppers and chillies from.seed in gro bags a couple of years ago,was right proud of myself,they did really well.Anyways I'm off to have a shower and then will read a while.Hugs Hel x : )

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monkyAdministrator in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Hi Helen, yeah it has been quiet on here today :o I'm sure our Jillygirl is just having a rest :) :)

I'm sorry H but ave got to go to bed, cos am flippin creamcrackered gal :o we will have to have a chat about gardening eh :) Enjoy your book gal, see's ya tomorrow :) huggs xx

Hi Pete and Helen

Well done on day four Pete love reading your blog.

Yes Helen I too feel sad for Al and mardi - hope they are both bearing up.

Have been so busy at work this week not had much chance to look in on this site but will try tomorrow. Xx

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monkyAdministrator in reply to

Thankyou Beth :) hmmm, so you dont mind me boring you then :o :D :D

Yes it is sad for Al and Mardi, I just hope that the sun shines down on them, and that all our love and hugs reach them eh :) :)

Nite nite Beth, sweet dreams gal, hopefully see's ya tomorrow :) huggs xx

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to monky

And pete I picked your hugs up from the airport. You know the ones you sent first class? They were very much appreciated xxx

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Hey you guys!!!! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy!! I'm so glad I found you all when I did! Not only have you all helped me remain smoke free but now you're helping me through a relationship breakup!!!! Can't help but say I love you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx

And for,the record.........I'm now working on looking fabulous so HE sees me looking gorgeous and moving on !!!! In my sister's words....revenge by gorgeousness is the sweetest :P

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Muddles

Hey Mardi, thats the way to go gal, you flippin show him eh :P :)

As for you working on looking gorgeous, you aint got note to do gal :) :) All you need is to treat yourself to a new outfit, look cool, collective and maybe a little seductive eh ;) ;) and you will kill him off, I tell ya :)

Mardi, good luck gal, I hope everything goes to plan, although, I'm sure you dont need a plan, you take care now and see ya soon :) xxx

Cool collective huggs heading your way gal, 1st class of course :)

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to monky

Wow you're good for my ego pete ;)

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Muddles10 MONTH WINNER in reply to Muddles

And I'll be waiting at the the bar......for my hugs :P

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Oooooooo and one more thing ........ Go pete!!! You're doing awesome mate xxx

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Hey muddles so sorry to hear your news and so relieved that you have not caved in with the smokes well done you, keep the faith, keep strong you will get through this and there are plenty on here to help you too, maybe some new makeup or a new dress and a night on the town would do you good and show what he is missing, sending hugs your way x x

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Hey Pete, glad day 4 has gone well keep the devil at bay darlin

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