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Day 3 of no smoking. Feeling pretty miserable need some advice?

After the 3rd time having a horrible chest infection since Jan finally decided enough was enough and the smokes had to go!! Have been finding it ok I guess with the cravings during the day but when I come home from work I live with a smoker and its actually painful trying to control the urge to smoke!! Wondering would an e-cig help me? Also if anyone has any advice on sleeping that would be amazing!! 2 nights of broken sleep and Im walking around like a bear with a torn in its paw! Not very nice for the people im living with haha me and sleep depravation do not mix! I realize im moaning a good bit in the post and dont get me wrong I know eventually all this will be worth it but any advice to make this whole process a little bit less painful would be nice, I know its not gonna be a walk in the park if it was EVERYONE would be quitting but like I said some advice would really get me over this 3rd day.

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First off, congrats on taking that step! It's certainly not easy but it's well worth it. You mention e-cigs and I would definitely recommend them. I smoked for 18 years out of 30 and multiple quit attempts. Bought one online and haven't touched a cig for the 3 weeks I've had it. I would recommend finding a local shop that sells them as they are varied and not all will work for you (the really thin ones aka cartomizer/atomizer kinds never worked for me but the innokin itaste svd works like a charm).

Living with a smoker cannot be easy while quitting whatsoever. Do they happen to smoke inside? I would say that maybe you could work out an arrangement of some sort. One would hope that your roommate is supportive of your decision to get your health in order and would try to accommodate you through the hardest part of the journey.

After posting this I decided maybe I should add more information on e-cigs as doing the research was a HUGE pita for me. I'm still learning too so if you read something that contradicts what I say and they are more learned, by all means dismiss what I say. When you start vaping, you will do so more often than you smoked. You may get the same effects (head rush/buzz) as you did when you smoked. I didn't on my previous device but I certainly do with my current one (whether or not that's a bad thing depends on personal preference lol). If you have any questions, feel free to PM me. I'm a night-shifter here in the US so I'll be here for the next 4 hours ^_^.

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Good Morning Rach and welcome to this wonderful quit site. The first few days are the most difficult and it will get easier, I promise. You ask about the ecig and I have to say it has helped me to give them up. I smoked for over 40 yrs and never thought I would be able to do it. I also live with a smoker so I know how difficult that can be. I couldn't sleep for the first few nights as I was dreaming about smoking so that's all part of this quit journey. Hang on in there, other people will be on to help as well. This is a great site for support. Stay with us :) x


Aup Rach, a big warm welcome to this lovely quit site and a big well done to getting to day 3 of your quit :) :)

I live with 2 smokers, so I know what you mean :o but it does get easier as the time goes by :) As for you not sleeping, I think a lot of us have that problem in the first few days, but Chrissie, a young Lady on here has a cup of Camomile tea before she goes to bed, and that seems to help her sleep :)

Stay focused and positive on your quit, your getting there, just wondering if you've tried any NRT to help you :)

Speak soon, Pete :)


Hi Rachel and a big massive welcome to the quit support, hopefully you will find all the support and advice you need to get you through this horrible time and keep you strong!

Ah bless you, you really are in the middle of a really horrible phase of this journey and you are doing it cold turkey.

I'm like you, I really hate it when I don't get my sleep so I totally sympathise with you on that. It's happening because of both nicotine withdrawal and your body recovering from the effect that smoking has had on it over the years. I think Jillygirl had some really good info on that and it's to do with nerve endings in the brain recovering so whilst that is happening you can have disrupted sleep and vivid dreams - if you look at it like that it seems a more positive thing than it feels at the moment.

The fact you are living with a smoker must be so much harder for you. You say you are doing okay in the daytime but it's when you get home you are struggling. I'm thinking that if the smoker isn't making allowances, then it's time for some distraction therapy, not for them but for you, because I'm sure that the evenings were one of your main smoking times anyway (like me) so start thinking of things that you could do to slightly change your normal routines. I know you are tired so it doesn't have to be anything strenuous. Have a nice long soak in the bath, put a face mask on, paint your nails, treat yourself to a good magazine or book, try and remove yourself from the source of the stress for a little while - come on here and join in the chats!

I don't want to say yes get an e-cig as you are on day 3 without one so the nicotine is withdrawing from your body now although the memory of it will stay a while! But I will say, if that is what it takes to get through this time then definitely do it. You still have to deal with the habit of your smoking but it keeps you sane whilst you are doing it! NRT will help you or even just knowing you have it as a back will help to keep you strong, you don't have to use it but it's there if you need it.

But honestly you are doing brilliantly especially given your circumstances, so try to be pleased with yourself and proud of yourself and if you can afford it, start saving the money you have saved by stopping smoking so you can treat yourself to something nicer than stinky smelly harmful cigarettes!

Take care hun and believe in yourself that you can do this!

Big hugs

Chrissie xx :) :)


Hi Rach, Welcome to quit support. Big well done on reaching day 3. Everone has already given you good advice. I will post the info on dreams. and have a search for any other posts which you may find useful.

Stay positive you will get there . :) :)


Vivid Dreams Explained

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James, one of our lovely Stop Smoking Advisors has found some information that I thought you might all find interesting;

Vivid dreams are found to not be a side effect from stop smoking products. It has been discovered through research that it is part of the recovery process. The brain begins to repair itself and reverse damage caused from smoking. Neurobiologists have discovered that brain cells sprout new axons and nerve fibres during dream sleep. A chemical named serotonin in the brain triggers the brain to dream.

Smoking depletes serotonin production in the brain. When serotonin levels in the brain are balanced it creates a happy and contented state of mind. When serotonin levels are low a depressed and anxious state of mind is created. It is believed that smoking cigarettes can deplete serotonin levels by up to 50%. What compounds this problem is that the brain accepts the chemicals in a cigarette as a serotonin substitute on the basis that any chemical response is better than no chemical response at all. So therefore, when an individual stops smoking, serotonin production improves and the brain begins to compensate itself for lost serotonin production. The brain then produces more serotonin than needed, resulting in vivid dreams and nightmares.

Research has shown that it takes the brain 3 weeks to regulate serotonin levels.

Further research suggests that with an increase in serotonin levels there must be an increase in oxygen levels too. When a person stops smoking, carbon monoxide no longer takes priority over oxygen on the red blood cells. As a result of this change, oxygen levels of the individual increase. More oxygen is carried around the body and to the brain. When the stop smoker sleeps there is a higher percentage of oxygen reaching the brain than when they where a smoker. This process helps promote a process called rapid eye movement (REM) while sleeping. REM is an important process in dream production along with serotonin production.

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Having trouble sleeping ??

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If your having trouble sleeping, try this breathing exercise that Emjay blogged a bit ago, it just may help you :)

Breathing Exercise (3)To help slow a busy mind down and help with a good nights rest

Posted by EmJay ROY CASTLE

Before you try going to sleep, think about your day, and try and clear your mind. Is anything worrying you? If so think about whether or not you can do anything about it. Focus on all the positive things that have gone well for you, how good you feel about them or the things that have happened during your day. Any negative thoughts you may have collect them all together and have them ready to leave your body.

Once you have done this, close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Breathe in and out a few times, in your own time

Next, take in a nice, long, slow, deep breath through your nose

Breathe out a nice long sigh through your mouth

Repeat this 3 -4 times

As you feel yourself ready to relax, shrug your shoulders up towards your ears and then let them drop

Focus again on your breathing, now think of the number 10 as you breathe in

As you breathe out, see the number 10 leave your mind.

Feeling any tension leaving your body as you do this.

Next, breathe in nice and slowly as you think of number 9

As number 9 leaves your mind, breathe out slowly.

As you breathe in, see the number 8

Imagine every bit of worry within you being caught up in your breath and being pushed out

as you see the number 8 leaving your body,

taking everything that concerns you away.

Continue to focus on your breathing

Imagining with each breath in, you are gathering up every bit of tension from every part of your body.

Every breath out takes all this tension away.

As you see the number 7 enter your mind,

feel the activity within your head and thoughts starting to slow right down

breathing in and then out, feeling more and more relaxed each time as the numbers leave your mind.

Your breathing should now be nice and slow, your heart and pulse will be more relaxed and your mind will feel so at eased.

As you slowly count your way down the numbers, you should be feeling ever so relaxed and the days worries and stresses should be as far away from your mind as possible.

The more you practice this breathing exercise, the easier it should become everytime ?



101 things to do instead of smoking.

1. Read a book.

2. Wash the car.

3. Wash the dog.

4. Go for a walk.

5. Knit a scarf.

6. Do a crossword puzzle.

7. Take a nap.

8. Call a friend.

9. Stop and smell the roses...or the delicate scent of apples that you couldn't appreciate as a smoker.

10. Play with the cat.

11. Turn the bathroom into a spa and relax and rejuvenate.

12. Listen to a relaxation tape or some favorite music.

13. Go the the gym and work out.

14. Give yourself a manicure and pedicure.

15. Watch a funny movie on TV.

16. Bake a cake.

17. Go to a movie at the theater.

18. Window shop at the mall.

19. Do a jigsaw puzzle online at Jigzone.com

20. Breathe deeply!

21. Drink some ice water.

22. Jump on a treadmill and work up a sweat.

23. Give someone you love a huge hug.

24. Plant some flowers.

25. Go fishing.

26. Plan a vacation.

27. Take up a new hobby/interest.

28. Work in the garden.

29. Can pickles.

30. Suck on a piece of TART candy.

31. Slather on rich, creamy hand lotion and rub, rub, rub! It keeps fingers busy, and reminds you how nice it is not to have tobacco stink on them.

32. Eat a popsicle.

33. Floss and brush your teeth.

34. Cuddle up with your love.

35. Chew gum.

36. Do the laundry.

37. Spend time with a child.

38. Give yourself a treat every day of your quit - no matter how small.

39. Spend an hour filling and enjoying the paddling pool in the garden on a gorgeous sunny day.

40. Play a game of internet scrabble.

41. Create a list of small treats for #38 above.

42. Get your jammies on early, and park yourself in front of your computer for the night.

43. Build something with wood.

44. Refinish a piece of furniture.

45. Digitize the family photos.

46. Paint a room in the house with a faux finishing technique.

47. Create a family cookbook.

48. Try a new exercise routine.

49. Make a terrarium.

50. Whistle!

51. Practice smiling in the mirror (releases endorphins)!

52. Make lists of pros and cons of smoking.

53. Find gross smoking disease pictures.

54. Start a sewing project.

55. Spend some time scrapbooking.

56. Get a camera, and take some pictures.

57. Write a letter.

58. Clean out the closets or overflowing drawers in the house.

59. Crank up the radio and sing at the top of your lungs (works great for driving craves).

60. Crank up the music and dance like no one is watching.

61. Create a puzzle from a family photo.

62. Organize your boxes of pictures.

63. Alphabetize your book shelves.

64. Volunteer somewhere in your community.

65. Clean the car, inside and out.

66. Do your nails. Hard to smoke with wet nails.

67. Take a shower.

68. Take a candle-lit bath.

69. Wax the car.

70. Take a day trip.

71. Try making home-made candles or soap.

72. Run in place.

73. Do some jumping jacks.

74. Start a reward fund - put away the amount you spend on smokes every day and use for those daily treats.

75. Write a poem.

76. Go antique shopping.

77. Start a vegetable garden.

78. Go to church/talk to God.

79. Let your husband cook supper for you.

80. Call your Grandmother!

81. Paint a picture.

82. Eat a hot fudge sundae.

83. Go play mini-golf.

84. Clean the basement or garage.

85. Write a short story.

86. Try a new recipe.

87. Scrub the floor.

88. Treat yourself to a massage.

89. Chop up some veggies for a stir-fry - keep your hands busy!

90. Make a to-do list for the week ahead.

91. Check your car's tire pressure.

92. Start a home budget.

93. Ride a bike.

94. Spend some time in nature.

95. Watch the sun set.

96. Write a goodbye letter to cigarettes

97. Donate blood.

98. Color your hair.

99. Make a greeting card.

100. Write a list of things you are grateful for.

101. Run around in the sand in your socks!


Thank you all so much for the replies. Nice to see im not the only one going stark crazy over this. Feeling a bit better today think it could be the 3 day hump! Gibbers thanks for the advice on the e-cigs think i may try them out definitely for nights out anyway.


Not a problem :D. I spent a paycheck before I found out that my issue wasn't with the e-juice but rather the tool I was using, if I can help someone avoid that then I will. I applaud you on 3 days without nicotine whatsoever, never doubt yourself! Nicotine (as well as the thousands of chemicals in tobacco smoke) is a bugger to kick. If you have the time, I'd look up Allen Carr's Easyway to quit smoking. A lot of people in here have mentioned it and I decided to take a look at it, quite insightful imo. Whilst trying to quit (or as he puts it escape), it can be quite the help. Even for those (such as myself) who are merely trying to quit smoking as opposed to escaping the nic monster.


Hi Rachel

Well done for getting past the 3 day mark. This the hardest time. The reason it's hard is because of only one thing.....addiction. I know there are lots of people who use ecigs but if you can do without you will break the addiction as well as not taking in all those nasty chemicals from real cigarettes.

I am not criticising anyone on here using ecigs, whatever helps is good :) I do think however that the major tobacco companies wouldn't be investing so heavily in them unless they saw them as the future for their profits. There are less people smoking in the West and they will eventually run out of other places in the world they can ply their deadly trade. Heaven knows what they will end up putting in ecigs??

Good luck with the next few weeks. You need to stay focused on YOU and do whatever you need to in order to change your life expectancy chances!


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I agree Rozi, the Ecig is good, but I am regretting my choice now :( wish i had just gone cold turkey, as struggling big style to get the nicotine down.

Do you still have cravings? you are a few weeks ahead of me, and just wonder if i was to just jack the ecig in, would i actually manage it lol x


Hi Al

Nice to hear from you. To be honest, the first week was really hard the 2 weeks after that were moderately hard. From around week 4 it was ok and now it's only a fleeting thought every now and again....easy peasy. You can do it Al. I know it sounds daft but my saviour was drinking different flavoured teas when I had a craving and congratulating myself a lot :D

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Thanks Rozi i think i am going to have to bite the bullet and do it, not going to buy any more eliquids after the bottles i have are done, and see how i get on, just something you said about pulling of a plaster rings in my head, and i dont want to be on nicotine forever x


Hi again Al. Good luck and I really mean that. I just wanted to add that I smoked for 42 years and if I can do it so can you. You're tough enough and it only takes a few weeks to get past the worst. xx


Hi congrats on quitting... for everyone coming to the site as I do for inspiration or motivation to continue the fight of quitting I have to say keep going.. I have read on this post a few replies I would not listen too... for instance DO NOT SMOKE E-Cigs... I have this is my 4th time quitting smoking... I smoked for 14 years.. I quit for 9 months one time and 4 months another time cold turkey... the worst thing I did was try to quit smoking using e cigs... I quit cigarettes for about 2 or 3 months but I didn't quit nicotine which is the real issue. i was smoking the e cig more then I actually smoke which was making me more addicted. When I started smoking again I went from about 15-20 a day to 30+ so no don't use an ecig. Also same issue with patches your not quitting nicotine it's a proven statistic that your best chances are to quit cold turkey. This way nicotine does not have a hold on u. I am a week in and I feel great.. the mental aspect is the hardest everything I do makes me wanna smoke. Coffee driving to work getting to work getting off work eating u name it I usually used to smoke doing it. The hardest part is convincing yourself to keep quitting cuz I have tried to convince myself numerous times I can quit later or 1 is okay. I actually find it easier to be around smoke cuz I know I can have a cigarette but I choose not to so I take away the u want what u can't have issue. I even go out with friends to smoke and hold a cigarette but don't smoke. Crazy right but it's working... good luck I hope someone gets over a craving reading this lol. Remember cold turkey it's the only way

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Thank you. You helped me today.


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