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Day 5 of a long haul !

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Hi ya all, I hope your all smoke free and well :) :)

I've been off work today, so its felt erm, different eh :o

I had a nice lay in for starters :) ( charged my batteries up ) got up, went for a wash etc, donned my patch, ok :)

I've been outside all morning, then came in the house for my lunch, then it hit me, the smell of smoke I mean !! gosh, did that hit me !! But I soon got my tucker and started munching on it, that got riddddddd :) :) After my lunch mr nic made another appearance :P soooo I quickly washed up and went outside to do one of Emjays breathing exercises, breathing exercise No 1 - but I must admit, I have difficulty in doing :o but, what the heck, it got rid of mr nic :)

Although I'm still coughing up phlegm, my chest isnt so tight now :) but I still get them weird smells :o I know its only my 5th day quit, but I can tell :) :) cos its easier for me on my rower now, erm, I feel fitter already :) I feel more confident in myself too :) I think thats to do with, I can go in the house and walk past Er-in-doors and he Brother ( who both smoke in the house ) and say '' NO '' to myself, and it dosnt hurt so much now :) yippeee for meeeee :) :)

The pic tonight is a number 5 inside a heart, cos its my 5th day quit, and the heart is for all of you :) who have helped me to get this far on my quit, I luvs ya all ta bits a doo :) :) xxxxx

I'm sorry for not replying to all your lovely comments, but I lead a hectic life, what with one thing and another, and my computer is in the house !! which is smoky :o sooooo, I try to stay outside as much as possible at the moment !

Nite nite everybody, sweet dreams and stay off em huggs heading your ways, thankyou and luvs you all :) :) Pete.

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5 days!!!! You're killin' it mate! And having smokers in the house makes it doubly hard!!!! So you should feel doubly proud of yourself!!!

All that fresh air would be doing good things I'm sure and put that together with your rowing machine WOW :). No stopping ya now mate you're on your way :)

I may have missed it but what's the weird smell like?

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Muddles

Hi ya Mardi :) and thankyou sooooo much for your support gal, much, much appreciated :) Erm as for the smell, ermmmm, well it smells like burnt bonfire toffee and tarmac mixed together :o

I've smelt this on other quit attempts too. you take care now Mardi, cos I tell ya gal, your one hell of a young Lady :) xx

Well done Pete! It's the quitting, and also the activity that's so great. Planning in the 'diverters' - gardening, rowing - for me I have to steel up to doing the daily walk and gardening. Working up to my quit date with trepidation, but also sort of looking forward to it. Oh I want to breath well again! Keep going, thanks for telling it daily, it inspires me and all us others who feel shaky.

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Betts

Aup Betts, its great to have you back gal :)

Look Betts, you've had a smell of that freedom gal :) :) so come on then, when and only when your ready to quit, you come on here and shout about it eh :) cos I tell ya Betts, we will all be here to help you, just like you and the others are helping me now :) :)

Betts, I know its one hell of a journey gal, but you and I know its well worth it :) xx

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Betts in reply to monky

Thanks Pete :) . Hope it's OK to be here tho' I've not yet quit. I am trying to get ready, making lists, planning. Got every sort of NRT ready, undecided still, but think patches plus sthg, ecig or inhalayor again.

You keep going! You are doing so well. It's so good to hear :)

Pete you are such an inspiration my friend and we are all here for you as you are for everyone else, you can do this and we will all help lean on us my friend, keep going you are doing fabulous it must be so difficult with smoke in the house I am lucky there as I don't have that extra stress, day 5 soon be a week then a month what a great bloke you are many hugs coming your way, with you on this journey my friend x

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monkyAdministrator in reply to Kaprin

Thankyou so so much Kaprin, you don't know how much them hugs are helping me gal :) :)

Luvs ya ta bits a do :) xxxx


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monkyAdministrator in reply to yellowsnowdrop

Thankyou Helen for being here with me :) your a star gal and a luvs ya :) xxxx

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