DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY/ 01/11/2013

DAILY CHAT/ FRIDAY/ 01/11/2013

Good morning all, 1st. November and lung cancer awareness month. As Emjay posted yesterday a very well worth charity and cause. I know from personal experience what lung cancer does. My donation is already sorted, how about yours? Ok 1st of the month will probably mean a first day of quitting for some of you, or another month ticked off the no smoking calendar. Whatever it is stay strong. We can helpyou through it.

Have a lovely Friday. x :)

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  • Good morning Jilly and everyone.

    Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month! :)

    Yes, that's definitely a very good cause. It's rather disgusting that the government gets so much money from the smokers that a bit more of it is not put into the research side. A similar thing with the roads, but we won't go there now.

    Hope all those Stoptober people are still stopped now they're halfway through their 5th week. The worst is over for them, onwards and upwards. :)

    Got out for a run this morning and it started raining early on. It's quite warm today so no problem - not sure how I'll feel about wet runs when it gets a bit colder. :o Quite pleased with myself cos after taking ages to get into it, I did my 3rd longest run ever of 3.48 miles. Hoping to get to over 4 miles before I go away - might even manage 5 - that would be truly amazing for me. Watch this space! ...... ;-)

    Have a good day everyone, the weekend's nearly here. :)

  • Hi Andi your doing brilliant. bet not long before you do the 4 miles. What a fit lady you are. :)

  • Tooooo flippin rite Jillygirl, corrrrrrrrrre she's fit :o :) :)

  • Morning jillygirl and all. Yes think we all must know someone who has been affected by Lung Cancer.

    I lost my mother to Lung Cancer 13 years ago, my sister gave up smoking shortly after but here I am at last doing the right thing, just thinking of mum especially at this time of my life ( age 60 ) seems to have hit home !!!

    Here's to a great Friday, x :-)

  • Hi Mrs s., I too lost my dad to lung cancer so I know how you feel. Like you seems to hit home when you get older. . Have a good evening. :)

  • Good Morning All :D

    That is a lovely drawing of a pug JillyGirl, so cute :-)

    Thanks for your support everyone, every mickle makes a muckle :-)

    Sorry to hear about your mum Mrssunnyside.

    Big waves to Andi :-)

    It's not just about raising pennies but is also about raising awareness. One of the biggest messages that we want to get out there is that early diagnosis saves lives. So, even if we find we have more reportings of people being diagnosed with lung cancer, we'll hopefully have a better survival rate.

    Both Eye and I are on a choo choo train to London, in fact we're just about to arrive.

    Shall pop on again in a couple of hours.

  • Morning all... or should that be Afternoon?! I'm feeling smug as last night I had a bottle of wine and started to feel the familiar urge to smoke but resisted and today I woke up without a hangover!! This seems like a miracle to me, I'm thinking it's because I am now a NON-SMOKER!! Hope you all have a very pleasant (hang-over free) day and weekend. Lots of hugs and :-)

  • Good stuff, showing you are guttsy ;)

  • Aup Pinkydinky :)

    I am standing firm with this one, I am not going to call you flippin mi-------ts, so there :P

    I arrived at the name Pinkydinky, cos your picture is in pink :) and we had a female cat, when I was a erm, well quite a bit younger than I am today eh :o and she was called Dinky :) a very happy cat :D if we were playing, then she would join in with us :D :D

    I will just call you 'M' in future eh :) Am so glad your having a better day :)

  • Yes ... wanted to say HELLO to all my fellow NON SMOKERS and also to JUST ABOUT TO START BEING NON SMOKERS as well.. so "HELLO" and welcome to the winning team.

    Away the weekend so wishing everyone a smoke FREE weekend and NOT too much grub please (one small portion only!), keep up the good work everyone.

    Best wishes



  • Have a lovely weekend Jonathan. :)

  • Aup Jonathan, you have a great time pal, cos you deserve it :) and flippin enjoyyyyyy :) :)

    Erm, I just might have a little post on here when you get back home, its about grub :o :D :D

    Speak soon pal :)

  • Hi everyone, sorry I haven't been on here much this week but I have been really busy. Two trips to London this week. The first was for a round table event at the Guardian to launch a report on tobacco control and how it is faring now it's under local authority control. Look out for it on November 13th when the event and all the discussions will be featured. The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation were co hosts with Pfizer and Quit.

    Today, Emjay and I have been in London planning some exciting work for next year to help soldiers to stop smoking. More about that in the future.

    Thanks to those who have donated to our Just Giving page, it's so important for us to support lung cancer research and to find a way to beat the damned disease. Like a number of you I have lost 4 uncles and one of my dearest friends to lung cancer so it's dear to my heart. Please give if you can and share the link to the page with your family and friends . We will remove the page at the end of November. If you feel that Emjay and I have given you any good advice please throw a penny in the hat, it makes such a difference .

    I hope the only smoking you all do in the next week is toasting marshmallows on the bonfire......

    You're all doing just grand ;)

    Have a great weekend

    Eye x

  • Good evening everybody :) :) HEY, its flippin Friday at last, Yoooowser, flippin Yoooowser :D :D

    I hope you all said '' white rabbits '' this morning, being as its a new Month :o :)

  • Hello Pete, Friday evening at last. Hope your ok and not worked too hard. Any plans for the weekend? or are you off chumping ready for Tuesday evening. :D :D :D

  • Hiy ya Jillygirl, sorry gal, was looking through the posts :o

    Yep, am ok now gal :) am bonfireing tomorrow night, so perhaps wont get on here then :( but will be on jurying the day eh :)

  • may join you tomorrow. waiting for 1 of my cookers to be delivered,

  • I'm making my own, in the back garden gal :D :D if you come, bring some tats with you, so I can put them in the ashes :) flippin yum :P yum :P smoked jacket spuds :) :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Erm, toffee apples are for the kids by the way :o :P :P :D :D well, most of em eh :)

  • Aup Jillygirl, have you bought 2 the same ?? Buy 1, get 1 free :D :D :D

  • no one is a gas one. the new flat is all electric.

  • What happens if the erm, nope am not saying anything :o

    How you and hubby keeping Jillygirl, I hope hubby has got rid of the man flu eh :)

  • man flu gone now thanks Pete. Bless him he1s busy trying to finish jobs on this flat., ready to put on the market.

  • Ha ha, when we used to get a bad car, as in it always going wrong, we used to call them Friday cars :o soo perhaps the flat your in now, was built on a Friday eh !!

    Cos them cars would never be reliable, cos they were always going wrong, so, get rid :) :)

  • Signing off now getting tired. so night night sweet dreams . luvs ya. xx :) :-)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl, and sweet dreams to you too, and I bet I luvs ya more gal :) :) xxxxx You take care now, and look after hubby, well, now and again eh :| :D :D Speak tomorrow Jilly :)

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