Daily Chat Sunday 13th January 2013

Daily Chat Sunday  13th January  2013

Good day everybody :) :)

I hope your all well and focused and positive on your quit smoking quest :)

Erm I'm just wondering how you see yourself in the mirror !! as in, do you see yourself as a wimp and not too sure whether you want to quit or not, but you will try :o

Or are you a lion ''ROAR'' !!!! and know exactly what you want, and that is to quit smoking, because you know you've got what it takes :)

I myself have been a wimp :o :( but am now building myself up to be a Lion :) :) because I really want to doooooooooo it this time, and finish messing about :o as I have done in the past, as in only going at it half cocked.

I have been trying to quit for nearly a Year now, so this is my 5th attempt at quitting :o but I know this time is '''''' IT ''''''' this is truly what I want, I want to '' LIVE '' and be happy :) :)

Please use our daily chat to let us know how you are doing with your quit attempt, at whatever stage you are at - Planning, preparing, quitting, staying stopped and even relapsing....

However, if you have any specific questions, then please still post in the questions section, or if you want to blog separately on your quit story then please do so.

Remember, that any questions that you have may help others wondering the same thing.

Soooo..... chat away :) :)

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  • Well then Matey - you've gone and done it now! You've declared that this will be the last time of quitting for you to the whole world! Don't forget to post your new quit date when you've got it. :)

    We really want you to be successful this time and you know you can be. :)

    Good luck, Andi :) xxx

  • Thank you so so much Andi for your kind words of encouragement :) :) :P :P :D :D

    No really I do :) Thank you Andi :) :) from now on am a man ok !!!!!

    Arnt you packed yet for your trip :o :| get a moooooove on Woman, do you flippin hear meeeeeeeeeeeeee :P :D :D

  • Thank you so much John for your support :) :)

    But am not 100% sure that i know what you mean :o but have got some of it :) :)

    Thanks again :) :)

  • Your not a whimp Pete, your a human being who finds it hard to quit, some find it easy and because you don,t that doesn,t make you any less a person. We are all different ( Thank God ) and we deal with things in different ways, at least you try and while your trying think of the ciggys you didn,t smoke. I hope you can get yourself sorted with Champix soon and then you can start on your journey again.


  • Ahhhh so thats how you spell whimp then :) :)

    Thank you so so much Mad :) :) :) for your input, cos I tell you gal, thats perked my up tremendously :) :) and I thank you for your time and trouble to let me know :) a luv ya for that Mad, I really doooooooo :) :)

  • No Pete the way you spelt it is right, I put a H were it shouldnt be, specsavers for me.

  • Happy Sunday everyone :) Hope everyone is doing ok and that quits are on track. Mines felt wobbly this weekend. My Mum, who still smokes, has been staying this weekend while my partners away in London working, and while she's done everything she could to hide her smoking (i.e. smoking hardly any and not telling me she was going into the garden for a cig etc), having her here smoking has really made me want to smoke!! I've felt like this all weekend and have started imagining myself going to the shop and buying a pack of 10. Arrrrgh it's so annoying. I don't want to smoke again!!! Almost looking forward to getting to work tomorrow as a distraction from sitting and not smoking :/

    Ok rant over, sorry :( On the plus side Les Mis is fab (apart from Russell Crowe) and I cooked a delicious lamb roast for dinner today which I could eat all over again :D

  • Aup Fraz, for a start, a massive well done to you for keeping smoke free this weekend :) :)

    Ahhhhhh your Mam has tried to keep it from you :) Bless her :) but I know what you mean, she comes back in from the garden, after a smoke and you can smell it on her :o :|

    just wondering if your Mam has a computer :) if so, why dont you tell her about us, and if she comes on here, then perhaps we could erm persuade her to quit :) :)

    It was just a thought Fraz :) :)

    You are doing so so well Fraz :) you stay focused & positive, and you will get there :) :)

    Pete :)

  • Hi Pete. I did show my Mum this site but she won't quit. Too scared. I'm hoping that if she can see that I can quit then that might give her some motivation but it's going to be a hard task. :)

  • Yep know just what you mean Fraz, as in your Mam and my er-indoors are alike :) :D

    But one never knows :o :) :)

  • Hi Fraz, great big well done to you for getting through the weekend with your Mum still smoking around you (nearly). :) I can understand that she's too scared to quit - I suppose we all were at the beginning. I never stopped until after my Mum died so I could keep her company when she had a fag whilst in the rest home. She did say near the end that I ought to give it up but I guess I used her as an excuse not to and was probably too scared to either cos it's the "unknown". :o :D

    Did you get out for a run? Maybe you could get her to try C25K then who knows? ........ :D :D

    Keep up the good work - and don't forget that you have now chosen not to smoke. :)

  • Hi everyone, just starting to feel human again, had a really bad headache which came on suddenly yesterday, hope i'm not getting migraines

    Pete i hope you get your Champix soon, and your not a wimp, we've all had umpteen attempts at quitting, your a lion ready to roar your way to success, you'll do it Pete, we're all with you, stay strong :)

    Well done Fraz, staying strong when your mum has been staying with you, it just shows how strong and determined you are to quit :) I know that couldn't have been easy, be proud iof yourself for that, you deserve to be :)

    Have you got all your packing done for your trip Andi, it is tomorrow you go, isin't? i can't remember, think the headache killed off my only brain cell :D :D :D,

    I hope you have a great time :)

    Hope everyone had a great day, and your now having a relaxing evening :) xx

  • Aup Sue :)

    Sorry you had a bad headache yesterday :P :o and I hope it's better today :) :)

    Thank you so so much for your comment :) I know this time is for sure :) )

  • Hope your brain ache has gone Sue, I know how you feel, had Migraines for so many years I,ve forgotten, there awful. If you dont normally suffer with headaches then you should start and see if you can work out why your getting so many now. Have you changed your Tablets? I think I remember somewere you saying you had, then mybe thats whats happening.

  • Hi mad, i have changed one tablet, maybe i need to change the rest now, or at least the dosage. Hope you've had a great day mad :)

  • Had a lovely day, good job I got out today as it,s snowing now Sue and I wont go out if its slippy, that will really drive me insane as I need fresh air. I,ll end up sitting in the garden like a gnome to get my fix, ha. Why dont you phone your Chemist and ask if the new Tabs could be causing the headaches, could be worth trying.

  • Sorry you've got snow mad, we've none here yet, i don't go out in snow either, everytime i fall now i break something :D :D

    that made me laugh, picturing you like a garden gnome :D :D hope the snow is all melted for you. I'll try and ask the chemist tomorrow, thanks mad

  • Sue, sorry you had one of your heads - thought your hubbie had whisked you off somewhere nice - no such luck! :( :D

    Just about packed now - a few odds and ends to do round the house (Like washing up etc! :( ) am off tonight on the 1 o'clock coach. :o At least I should get away before any snow comes - don't really want any over here but can have as much as possible over there. :D :D

  • Have a lovely time Andi and a safe trip. Its just started snowing here in Liverpool, I love looking at it but hate it when it goes icy and slippy. Cant get out walking then because I am terrified of falling with all the metal and screws in my tin body, I dont need any more, ha ha. Enjoy youself.

  • Thanks mad - I'll try! I should manage to get about a bit better cos I'll have a couple of planks strapped to my feet! :D :D

  • Hi Andi, i've no chance of hobby taking me away anywhere, except maybe round the bend :D :D

    Have a great holiday Andi, just take the snow with you :D :D

  • Hey Sue, are you on your phone - or have you not got your specs on? :D :D

  • :D :D just noticed Andi, i'm blaming it on my phone :D :D

  • Why would Andi take the snow? Isnt there enough were she,s going.

  • So we don't get any :D

  • We,ve already got it Sue, I do love looking at it when its fresh, it brightens the world up I think, makes it look lovely and clean, but it,s lethal when it ice,s over.

  • Hi everyone

    I have every faith in you when you quit this time Pete but I totally agree with Mad, you are a human being with all the weaknesses that a human being has. Most of us on here have tried to quit a few times but as Andi said, they were training quits getting you ready for the real one :)

    You did spell wimp correctly by the way, you can spell in wimp or whimp but your way is the most used.

    Sorry to hear that you had a bad headache yesterday Sue, glad you're feeling better today though.

    You have done well Fraz being around a smoker and not smoking. Pete knows all about that as he lives with smokers which is why it's so brilliant that he is determined to give up. My mum and brother and a few of my friends smoke, someone even left a packet of cigarettes in my kitchen over Christmas and it is hard while they are smoking around you. Again it does get easier and your mum sounded as if she is being really considerate which is nice. Some of my friends over Christmas were actively trying to sabotage my quit but I felt stronger for not giving in and so should you. You have got through a difficult situation and you should be proud of yourself knowing that you dealt with it.

    Hi Andi, I hope you are all ready for going away tomorrow and hope you have a great time. We will miss you loads xxx :)

  • Aup Kaz :) :)

    So you have finally risen then :D :D :P :P

    Thank you Kaz for having faith in me this time :) :) i love you for that gal :) :) but I will show you this time, that I CAN DO IT :) :) :) :)

  • Hi Kazz, thought you or Pete would have opened the chat this morning but obviously everyone was busy today.

    We had gorgeous weather on Friday then rain for 24 hours then this morning was another lovely sunny day but I didn't really get a chance to get out for a walk today. :( I had planned a run for today but was feeling rather knackered the last couple of days so decided not to go. I think I was doing quite a bit last week and it finally caught up with me! :o :D :D Are you planning to start whilst I'm away? Cos if you are then I'm sure Fraz can give you a few tips. :D :D

  • Andi :o :| I'm pete, and i did open the Chat today :)

  • Think Andi needs to come with me to Specsavers

  • No, I don't need glasses for reading like all you other old fogeys do. :D :D :D

  • Thank you Andi

  • Hey Andi, i,m not old ( just my body is ) but I do need glasses

  • Yeah, but not til afternoon tea and cake time! :o :P

  • I'm very sorry for being late opening the Daily Chat today, but I had to cook Sunday lunch first, plus I dooooo have a lie in on a Sunday, which I tell you now I enjoyyyyyyyy

    I will put it on record that i will have to try harder to get up early on a Sunday morning :P :P :D :D

  • Thanks for all the comments and ideas guys. I actually had a BIG shock this weekend. Well a couple actually. The cinema is luckily about 5 minutes walk from my house. No probs, we trotted down there with plenty of time to spare but the escalator was out of order so we had to do stairs to get to the cinema. Well my Mum's breathing was AWFUL after that. And we're only talking one flight, nothing ridiculous. She was wheezing for 5 minutes after that. :(

    The simple fact is that my Mum is about to turn 70 which in this day and age isn't really that old any more, yet she can't walk a flight of stairs without some serious breathing difficulties. She's not really overweight, doesn't drink and 'only' smokes 10 a day, most days less. I've always been a heavier smoker than her. Yet she's in such a state physically. No way can she walk for 5k let alone run it. I was quite scared actually and it brought home to me yet again the damage smoking does, yet perversely, I still want a cigarette???? How dumb is that?????

  • It isnt dumb really because we always think ' that wont happen to me ' Your Mum needs to do somethink because as you say she isn,t old, mybe when she see,s how healthier you are for stopping it might change her mind. You cant make her Fraz you can only show her by your example, that she would feel better by quitting herself.

  • Hear hear Mad :) :)

  • Hey Andi, it's just started snowing here, its only a flurry so far though :)

    Andi i wish you a lovely trip & a lovely break, you enjoy gal, cos you've earnt it, and I mean that :) :)

    Andi you take care now, '' please '' cos I want to see you again gal :) :) I aint half gona miss ya gal, again :o :| When do you get back ? erm Monkey wants to know, its not me you understand xxxx :)

  • Hey there Pussycat! :|


    You behave yourself when I'm away please. I probably won't have enough time to keep an eye on you this time but I'm sure that Sue and Kazz will keep you on the straight and narrow! ROAR!!!! :D :D :D

  • When do you get back Andi :o :|

    If you dont mind me asking, that is !!

    Andi I will be a goooooooood boy :) until you get back :P :P :D :D

  • I come back on the 31st. :)

  • Thats a long long time :( :o

  • I'm off to bed everyone, need to try and get my lost sleep back

    have a terrific time Andi :) :)

    Nite nite, love and hugs to you all :) xx

  • Night night Sue, I hope you sleep well. Luvs ya xxx :) Speak to you tomorrow xx

  • Nite nite Sue take it easy gal, a luvs ya ta bits gal :) I wish you a gooooood nights sleep Sue :) :)

  • Nite nite Sue, sleep well. See you soon.

    Big hugs :) xxx

  • Ha! You don't know the meaning of being good :D :D We will do our best to keep him under some sort of control with our spears :D

    It's snowing here now as well and sticking :(

  • Great news Kazza, the b....y country will come to a standstill now if we all get it.

  • Oooooooooh no it wont, cos i will be on the move :P :P :D :D

  • Sticking to what ??????? :D :D

  • So, was it Dancing on Ice tonight? Very appropriate! :D :D

  • :D Sticking to the pavements and roads and grass and cars and hedges and roofs and windowsills and flowers and garden walls walls and other things that I can't think of right now :D

    It will Mad and the Councils will say they have run out of grit :)

  • You didnt mention it sticking to your ed :o mind you it dosnt stay stopped in one place for more than a second does it :D :D

    as in tooooooo much rabbit rabbit :o :D

    A doooooo luv ya though, a think :o :o :D :D

  • Righteo all you lovely folk, I am going to wish you all a good night and hope that you enjoy your snow as much as I'm going to enjoy mine! ;-) :o :D :D

    Nite nite everyone and sleep well. Love you all and I'll see you when I get back. xxxxxxxxxx :)

  • Nite nite Andi, and you take care :) do you flippin hear me Woman :o :) :)

    I hope you have a good nights sleep and a safe passage to your Sisters :)

    You ENJOY gal, cos I would o

    if I was in your shoes :) :)

    Speak soon Pete :)

  • Night night Andi, have a great time and speak to you when you get back, luvs ya xxx :)

    Oy cheeky Peetie Weetie the snow wouldn't stick to my head anyway because I'm inside where it's snug and warm and there isn't a hole in my roof. What do you meant you love me you think ? You know you do, it's not my fault you are naughty and I have to tell you that you are and keep an eye on your behaviour :D :P

  • Yeah sos Kaz :( :(

    But you know a luvs ya loads & loads :) :) and I always will dooooo :) :)

    I dont want to be a haughty old boy, but it just happens gal :o :| cant help it :P :D

    Anyway ave got to get to my pit now, cos am noddin, nite nite Kaz :) and honestly I do luv ya ta bits gal :) :)

    You take care now, sweet dreams :) :) xxxxxx

  • Night night Pete :) I know you can't help being naughty but you do make us laugh with your antics. Sleep well and luv ya to bits as well :D xxxxx sweet dreams xxxxxx

  • Goodnight all, speak tommorow, thats if the internet isn,t down with the snow. ( Everythink else usually is in this Country.


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