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DAILY CHAT/ Friday. 30th August 2013

DAILY CHAT/  Friday.   30th August 2013

Hello everyone.

Yipee its Friday. Weekend nearly here again. The weeks just fly by now.

When you first try giving up smoking it seems to go on forever.

Talking of flying by, why not be like the picture , and get wise.

Why do we smoke , no other living thing smokes, and they survive.

Yet us humans seem to think that if we dont get that little white stick,

set fire to it and inhale the smoke, we will somehow not cope with life.

In fact we wont have a life to cope with , if we keep on smoking. Believe me I know i found out just in time (within 2 weeks). (cancer is no joke).

So enjoy your Friday and enjoy your life. :)

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Good morning Jillygirl and everyone,

That's a brill pic Jillygirl, what you said is so true, and i am sooooo glad you kicked big c's butt :) :)

I'm off out soon to pay bills and the trolley dash so I'll catch up later, have a great day everyone :) xx


Good Morning JillyGirl, Sue and Everybody,

After last nights attempt, this is my first go at logging in and typing, so far all seems well. I think we are slowly but surely getting there... Watch this space!

Friday is here already and not only is it the end of the week... It's also (almost) the end of the month. Did anybody see July or August at all?!


Everything that you have said is so true JillyGirl, during the early days of quitting everyone wishes that they could just fast forward their lives to a point when they are not feeling the brunt of quitting and are in a 'safe' zone. However, if they were able to do this, then I don't think they would appreciate all the hard work and effort of what it takes to get there. Becoming a true non-smoking is most definitely something that is earned and well deserved. Anybody can get there as long as they believe they can.

Remember... You can if you think you can :-)


Hello Jilly, Sue & Emjay + everyone else

Love your post Jilly this morning and I had thought about no other animals smoking etc, what a sad sight it would be to see an old horse or dog dragging & coughing away !!!! Might also add we spent at least the first 10-12 years of life without smoking, so we have all been non smokers before !!!

Feeling better and more positive today after a few very difficult days and so glad to say I am still smoke free and a non smoker for 5 weeks now.

Saw the Doctor today who was most impressed I had managed to give up and although I have a chest infection at the moment my lung capacity for intake of air was miles better along with the asthma.

Note the positives .... best wishes to everyone & stay with it WE can do it.




Hi Everyone,

some great comments and observations on here today.

Sadly Jonathan the pets of smokers do suffer the effects of secondhand smoke and it is not unusual for pets of smokers to suffer chest disease and other things as a result...Emjay and jillygirl have previously posted about that so if you have a look it is in the archives here



its a great feeling Jonathan when you come out the other side if a tough time...5 weeks is brilliant. Well done you.

Sue and jilly girl enjoy the rest of Friday and everyone have a great smokefree weekend.



forgot about that post. I was amazed at what damage smoke did to pcs too.


Hey Jonathan, you are doing brilliantly. Tomorrow you will have entered your 6th week as a non-smoker :-) How fab is that?!

It must have felt so good to be able to tell your Dr how well you are doing. How about money saved, have you noticed a healthier looking wallet yet?

Sue, I hope the bill paying and trolley dashing is going well :-)

I've added in another category under the 'posts' section called 'My Quit Story'. I thought some of you may want to post your story here, and if needed, you can always add to it as you go along :-) So... please feel free to tell your tale :-)

Right, surely it must be cup of tea time....


Hi there everyone.

I'm now back in the land of Quit Support for a while. :) My sister left this morning (5 a.m. coach :o ) so I've got a bit more time again. ;-)

I've had a brief catch-up and am so pleased Jonathan that you came through that earlier this week. I think we were all taken like that quite a few times in the earlier days. It doesn't feel too brilliant at the time but each time I got through it with help from the lovely people on here, so just jump on here for help when it happens again and we'll try to help you through it. :)

Must try and do something in the garden now. I'll be distracted a lot cos it's the Air Festival this week and plane keep flying over my house. The Red Arrows are due at 3 o'clock. We were on the beach for the full show yesterday and I hope to get down there again at the weekend. :)

See you later. :)


Hello Eye & EmJay

"Yes" Eye agree about the poor pets .... it is so sad I do not even want to think about it !!

You are so correct about it being a "great feeling" when you do come out of a few day downer, always seems to be positive & negative feelings / thoughts at work - I just get stuck in the negative sometimes (along with the rest of the country) !!

Thanks Emjay for your support & saying I am doing "brilliantly" always like praise (who doesn't!!).

From NON Smoker



Hi Andi

Just read your post now - MANY THANKS & get gardening !!



Hi Jonathan.

You'll be pleased to know (so will Pete :o ) that I did about 2 1/2 hours of gardening and plane watching. The Arrows flew right over my head in tight formation but I couldn't see much of the displays as there are too many trees blocking my view. :(


Well chop the flippin trees down then Woman !! :P :D :D :D


Hey Andi, am glad to see ya back gal :) I hope you had a good time with your Sister :) and you didnt boss her about toooooo much eh :o :|


Hey there monky! :o ;-)

I can't chop the flippin trees down cos their not mine! :P

Yep, had a lovely time with my sis. I probably got on her wick a bit too at times. :D :D


Aup Andi, am so glad you and your sis get on well :) hmmmm about you gettin on her wick at times, naghhhh cos you only get on my wick gal :P ::D :D


Jillygirl, love your opening again gal :) You're truly talented and I hope you had a better nights sleep last night :) :)


Pete I think you had better find a sledge hammer to knock me out. No didn't sleep right well. Never mind sure I will catch up soon. sr.photos1.fotosearch.com/b...


Mmmmm - me too! :o


Hmmmm you've got me yawwwwwwning now, :o

Loooooooov your new pic Jillygirl :D :D :D


I've just looked at it a bit closer - it looks like she/it's got the pox. :D :D :D


She looks a bit erm, dotttttttttty to me :o :D :D :D


She's probably in the bath right now, as we speak, trying to scrub them off. :o "Out damned spot........." :D :D :D


:D :D :D


Nite nite Andi, Jillygirl and all :) :) got to go now, sorry I havnt bin around, but will be tomorrow :) Sooooo you all keep calm and collective and dont try too hard to get too sleep, cos I think, the more you try to get to sleep, it dosnt happen !! :o so if you tell yourself that you have to keep awake :o :| the next thing you will know, its morning :| :D Good night all, and luvs ya :) xxxx


Nite nite Pete, Jilly and everyone else.

Sleep well and see you tomorrow. :) xxxx


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