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Daily Chat: Friday 18th January 2013

Daily Chat: Friday 18th January 2013

Good Morning Everybody :-)

Well, Friday is here again! With regards to stopping smoking, for some of you the weekend will be just the same as any other days of the week and if what you are doing is working for you, then keep on heading in that direction :-)

For those of you who things may be a bit different and you feel as though you have more time on your hands, is it because you're routine will change (maybe you are off work at the weekend)? Think about how you can fill your time. How about picking one room at home and giving it a good clean. Maybe the kitchen cupboards could do with emptying and sorting out, how about that pots and pans cupboard, putting the lids in all the right places of your Tupperware etc, what about that drawer in your kitchen that is full of everything and anything - but nothing to do with anything kitcheny - nearly everyone has one :-/

You could even think about sorting one of your drawers out in the bedroom, or starting to wash some of your clothes in your wardrobe. I remember Pete saying a while ago on one of his past quit attempts that although he had stopped smoking at the time some of the clothes he hadn't worn for a while still smelt of smoke. So maybe you could freshen up your wardrobe just by bundling some of your clothes in the washing machine.

For those of our members who live in the UK, make sure you wrap up warm and only venture out if you have to. The thing with us folk on this land in the UK, we're not used to sudden weather changes and when weather like this hits us, we're not as equipped as some of our friends in other countries, such as the Eskimos! :-/

Take care on the roads for those of you who are driving, stay safe.

Remembering today to stay as positive as possible and that you only have to say no to that one cigarette...

You can if you think you can :-)

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Good Morning Emjay and everyone,

I love your picture today, that is so true :)

The kitchen drawer made me smile, i remember cleaning mine out, it was full of rubbish :D and i think if i hadn't started my quit journey would i have even looked at it, probably not

I'm still staying positive, there is the odd craving but i just think of my grandson and that chases it away :) another positive is it's helping my Raynauds :)

We've finally got snow, it's a bit pathetic though, so no sowman building for me, i do have to go out shopping though, i'm putting that off as long as possible :D

Have a great day :) xx


Good morning.

Love that saying Emjay , No snow at the moment here in Yorkshire. Hubby defrosting the car as I am supposed to be seeing the disatrict nurse this morning. Hopefully it should be the last visit.

Funny you talking about cleaning kitchen drawers out. I did mine about 2 week ago. But I was pleasantly surprisede as I found a £5 note under the cutlery tray. I had put it away and forgotten about it. Seems weird now as it wouldnt even buy a packet of 20 now.

Hope you all have a super day. loves ya all. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :) :) :)


Good morning

Great advice as always EmJay. There are always loads of little job you put of doing so it's a great opportunity to do them to keep your mind occupied and keep the cravings at bay.

I'm glad that giving up smoking has helped your Raynauds Sue, another good thing to add to your list for staying quit then as well as thinking about your little grandson of course :)

Hi Jillygirl, so underneath the cutlery tray must have been a 'safe place' How many times do we put something in a safe place then forget where that safe place was :D

It's snowing quite heavily here in Cheshire. A few people have phoned in to say they are working from home today. It's not sticking on the roads yet but it's coming down thick and fast. I can't believe you dont' have much snow in Scotland Sue, I thought Scotland always got the worst of it :)

Have a great day everyone and keep warm.


Hi everyone,

there are areas of Scotland that have a lot of snow we just don't have a lot where i am, it happens a lot Kazz, all the villages round us have tons but it misses us for some reason :o :D

Just thinking i've lost loads of stuff cause there in a "safe place", i always forget where i put them :D :D be careful if your driving home Kazz, it sounds like it's really bad there

Hope it's your last District Nurse visit Jillygirl :) you'll be able to treat yourself with the £5 you found as well, i love finding money in odd places, it means more cake :D :D

Have a brill day everyone :)


day 4 here with no smoking, still got lots of that jobs to do to keep the cravings at bay, think that this afternoon will be they day for that though, the kids will be home from school grumpy seeing it is Friday and Im sure I'll be going off my rocker so I'll keep the horrid jobs that I leave for another day till Im gagging for a ciggy!

no snow here either and we are in the North of Scotland, we seem to be missing it totally which is unusal, but still got a month to go till end of February when we usually get some.


Well done getting to day 4 Orkneysarah :) I remember it well, kids driving me up the wall, you'll get there though, I know you will :) and you have all these jobs to do if it gets too much, you can also come on here and moan, or have a laugh :)

can't believe you don't have snow there, here in Dundee we don't always get it, or it's pathetic, like today, it's actually melting already, hope we don't get it later on in the year, have a good day and stay strong :)

I like your idea better mad, think I;ll join you, housework can get done another day :) am gonna stay wrapped up in my duvet :D :D

enjoy your book :)


Hi all, Well a sad day for me today, my Budgie died this morning :( she had been sitting on the bottom of the cage since yesterday only going up on the perch two or three times, we moved her perch down and put her water and feed down also and she died sitting up in the corner of the cage ;( she was 11 years old which is a good age for budgies, her partner died in the summer so was surprised she lasted this long, also my son was coming to stay for 5 days but due to the bad snow we have here in Birmingham and they have loads down south it is not safe to travel :( will now have to wait till he gets a few days off :( Have made a nice madras curry for dinner ;) that should warm us up. Hope your all having a nice day :) and well done to all who have quit and good luck to those trying :)


Thanks John, we do become attached, we are a family of pet lovers, birds, 2 dogs, 1 bearded dragon, 2 rabbits and two fish ponds outside, my garden birds are eating really well today, I put out extra food and some grated cheese and plenty of crushed nuts :)


Afternoon All,

Delina, sorry to hear about your budgie. As John has said that was a good age and she was obviously very happy. I hope that your day gets better and that it won't be too long before you get to see your son :-)

John, I love the first line of your thoughts of a cakarian :D, I can just picture it really well! Hope flights aren't cancelled though as I'm away for a couple of days next weekend. Glad to hear you came across some happy memories of Linda today :-)

Sue, I'm sure you'll get the snow at some point. It stopped for a short while earlier but is gradually picking up again now. Quite windy too actually :-/ How does it feel to know you are going to be a smokefree Granny this year :-)

Jillygirl, hope you made it safely to the district nurse and it is your last visit. You are dong really well :-) Hopefully it's a good day all round for you plus you're a fiver up :-)

Mad, I'm just about to have a cup of hot chocolate, I'll pop the kettle on and fill the teapot though if you fancy one :-)

OrkneySarah, how are you getting on now? I have just put your name up on our Wall of Winners, let me know if it's the right date etc. :-)

Kazz, most of our office went home at 12.30 as the weather was pretty awful for driving conditions. I hope you don't get snowed in!

Okay, kettle time... hot chocolate, tea... anyone for anything else? :-)



Hi everyone,

Delina i'm sorry your budgie died, i know she would have been very happy :) hopefully your son can come and see you soon :)

John it's nice that you came across some happy memories of Linda, the same thing happened to me yesterday when i found some stuff of my dads, it was nice to smile and laugh at some old pictures i found :)

It feels great to be smoke free Emjay, and to think my grandson will be in a smoke free environment, that's how I know i will never smoke again, i'm going to stay that positive and alert, cause cravings can sneak up on you when you least expect it :)

I'll have a hot chocolate please, yummy :)

Have a good day and be careful driving home :) xx


What a lovely thing to do for Linda's family and friends John, they must have really appreciated that, even though it made you cry it must have been nice to find that photo as well :)


That's lovely John :) I wish i was that clever on computers I would love to do something like that


That's true :D :D, I've never done computer graphics so i would find it really hard, I can't even burn anything on to a dvd :D


Mad, thats just how I like my tea too :-)

John, here you go;




Do you think Amor would have gone into the hall John, if so Vida might have eventually followed, I think you'll be okay with the fridge as long as you don't move out there :) :D


Awww poor Amor. they'll just have to stay in their room then, which i'm sure they love hence they don't want to leave it :)


Well friday night has come, im in ned watching tv, gasping for a fag, had worse cravings and am coping not too bad really, am really trying not to eat crap to replace the fags and am also doing good with that.

Wall of winners? Where do i find that?


Hi Orkneysarah

Your doing really well, i wouldn't worry too much about your diet just now, the main thing is to stop smoking, most of us put on some weight in the early stages of out quit journey, it can be hard to do both in the early days of quitting so concentrate on saying goodbye to the cigarettes first. You'll get through this and we'll all help you :)

Emjay put that in the questions, you might need to go down then list to find it

Take care, and stay strong :(


Hey sue, thanks for the support, i have said before i am so glad that i have found this site, meeting some nice people and getting some good advice and support, i look forward to coming on here and even though its talking about fags it takes my mind off them lol

Infound the wall of winners, i just searched for it and found it, ta


I know what you mean Orkneysarah, i found talking about them helps me to stay strong, it keeps me focused on my goal of being a non smoker, I stopped on 25th September last year, so still have bad times but there a lot fewer now


Oh wow sue that is good, 4 months is great, i hope i can manage that long!!


Hi Sarah, its nice to see you on the Daily chat :)

Just wondering, erm are you using the champix to help :)


You'll get there no problem, just do what I did, take it 1 day at a time, I still do that :)


Hi Sue, gosh how time fly's by eh, so your nearly 4 months quit now then :) :) thats just ace gal it is :) :)

What you been upto then :o


Yeah i think that is the way to go, im not sure if this time is easier than last, im certainly not sucking on as many lozenges as last time anyway, before i was taking about 15 lozenges a day bot this time im only having maybe 5mat the most


That's good then, sounds as if it is a bit easier this time, do you use anything else, i was on the patches and using the inhalator, now I just use the inhalator if i need it


Hi Pete, I hope you day went okay :) I've been mainly hiding from the wind and cold, we got some snow today it's all melted with the rain now though, what's it like at your end?

Did you start your Champix today, I'm sure you'll stop this time :) xx


Yep have started the champix this morning :) so am keeping my fingers crossed this time eh :)

What you got rain up their in Scotland gal :o :| we've got about 4 inches of snow here, took me just over 2 hours to get home tonight :( then i had a job reversing my van into the drive :o


A lot of Scotland has snow, it's just that we didn't get a lot, Sarah didn't get any and she's further north than me :o :D

Hope your not getting more tonight then, having said that it could get you a day off work :D :)

I think everyone else must be stuck somewhere tonight, they've all disappeared :o :D :D


Hi Sarah,

I left you a post further up :o dont know whether you saw it or not !!


I have a e-fag too, like you i only use this when needed, a bit in the afternoon though

Good luck with thw champix dave, it has started snowing a little bit here, mainly windy though, its no raining at the moment, just had a big hail shower though.

Really hoping we dont get the snow you are getting but we are near the beach so the salt will melt it hopefully lol



I had erm a funny experience today :o my index ( middle finger, is it ) on my left hand went white, and sort of numb for about half an hour :(

All my other fingers were ok, just that one eh :o


Sorry dave, yeah im using it too.

I take my first tablet as soon as my feet hits the floor in the mornings and the second one around 4pm, i feel if i take the second one at that time it helps with the evening cravings.


Erm Sarah, erm my names Pete :o :| sorry I should have said.

But I doooooo look like a Dave :D :D


Pete, do you work with your hands, rather than say in an office, there is a few things it could be, none of them serious, you should go to your doctors though cause half an hour is a while for your finger to be numb, keep an eye on it and see if it happens again :)


Yes Sue, erm I work with everything :D the only time I sit down is on a folklift truck, when I'm loading or unloading a wagon etc

We make animal feed for farmers :)

If it happens again i will go to the Docs :(


do you look like this then Pete

tingleff.org/jensting/duke_... :D :D :D


Ha ha ha ha nice one Sue :D :D

My hair's a bit darker though, hmmmmmmm not sure where that beard came from tooooooooooo :D :D


Oh sorry pete, dont know why i put dave lol


Dont worry about it erm Wendy :D :D

Got to go to bed now gal, cos I dooooooo need as much beauty sleep as I can get :o :| :D

Have a nice weekend Sarah and good luck on your quit :) :)

Nite nite gal, speak soon Pete :) :)


It will be okay Pete, it will probably be something that just annoys you now and then :)

Well i need to go to bed now, I'm so sleepy

nite nite everyone, sweet dreams, luv yas :) xxx


Nite nite Sue, try to get a good nights sleep gal and will speak tomorrow :)

Sweet dreams to you Sue and luvs ya gal xxx :) :)


Nite nite John & gang :o take care now :)

Enjoy your Galaxy cake bars :P cos I dont like em anyway :D and i aint sending you any kisses good night either :o pal :D :D

Speak tomorrow :)


Aye im away to sleep too, absolutely shattered and its past my bed time

Will more than likely be on the morn


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