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Good morning,

Sunday again. you werre all very busy yesterday, getting stuck in the snow, baking, photography. At least you all help each other. End of another week and another week under your belt for quittting.

I am of to make some meringues and a cake if I have energy. SO JC I have only one thing to say to you this morning and that is


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Good Morning Jillygirl,

Your making meringues and a cake, I'm coming round to your house then I love meringues :D :D :) I'm sure JC will join me, unless he's made his own :D :D

We keep getting tiny amounts of snow here then the rain comes and it's all gone, I hope it's not too bad for you :)

You've got to 9 months of not smoking, that's brill, you are a star in so many ways I can't count them all


something to brighten your day :)

I'm off to do some shopping, will chat later :) xx


Morning peeps

Bright and bushy here todsy, cracking sore head but the tablets will set in soon, hopefully.

No cake doe me Jilly, trying to keep weight down, put 2 stone on in the last year and for me that is too much.

Got big plans for around the house today to keep me occupied while hubby and kids are home, its a lovely crispvday out there so we might go a walk in the afternoon while the chicken is in the oven roasting :)

Did a 'to do' list last night for today and tomorrow but i'll probably not do much of it coz my energy levels have been low

Anyone got plans for the last day of the weekend?


Enjoy your walk this afternoon. Sorry your not joining in with the cake. Here you are a healthier alternative.

Have a good day. :)



Thank you so much Sue, they are lovely.

Guess what think I just spotted JC.



Good Morning Everybody,

Lovely to see the cake chat has started already :D

Jillygirl, good to hear that your in a cake making mood. How about a lovely Eton Mess? Meringue is simply delicious if made properly :D

Orkneysarah, headaches are common when you first stop smoking, regardless of what therapy you are using. Try and up your fluid intake slightly, even just a glass of water regularly as this will help. If iyou are feeling a bit nauseus because of the Champix, maybe have some toast or something before you take it. Try and stay positive and remember that this will get easier for you. Have you tried some of our breathing exercises? I'll pop some more up for you on the main page.

Sue, make sure you wrap up warm before venturing out. Wouldn't want you suffering later for it! Brrrrrrr it's cold looking out there!

Pete, hope you are having a lovely Sunday lay in. Building up lots of energy to make your famous Sunday Roast and lumpy gravy :D

John, I bet you feel fantastic when you go into your new bright and cheerful kitchen to put the kettle on, you've done a great job :-)

Delina, I hope you are well and ready for another week ahead :D

Big waves to everyone else :-)


Thanks emjay, i have been drinking lots more water and it seems to help, fresh air might help too, been cooped up in the house too much


Good afternoon everyone :) :)

Jillygirl, thank you so much for opening up the Daily chat, as I had a plan to do it this Morning before i started cooking lunch, but ermmmm I slightly over laid my lay in :o :D :D

I blame it on the champix tabs so there :o :D i dont usually eat breakfast at the weekend, so I'm taking Kazzes advise and I have a couple of digestive biscuits and then take the tab, so far so good as they say :) :) am not feeling sick or anything :)

Emjay, sorry no lumpy gravy today, cos have made a chilli con carni ( hot ) cos er-in-doors dosnt like lumpy gravy with that :o :D :D

Sue enjoy your shopping gal :D :D

Sarah, its lovely to see you on here again :) ha ha ha yep I know what you mean about to do lists, :D the jobs will get done one day :) :) just not sure which day though eh :D :D

All take care now, Pete :)


So far so good with to do list, missing my in between fag though so thought id come in here again, think i am addicted to this now lol

Just put the hen in the oven for our tea, looking forward to that.

Monday tomorrow which is not good though. :(


Yep Mondays arnt good for me either :( and yes this site does get addictive Sarah :) :) but only in a nice way eh :) :)

Rite am off to check my van over and top the windscreen wash up etc, so will see you in a bit gal :)

Pete :)


Hi all,

Hope everyone is keeping well and staying warm! Good to see you back on top form Jilly!

Am having a day at home today. Have made a casserole for tea, that's cooking as we speak and am making a Shepherds Pie for tomorrow, only have to do the veg when I get in from work then ( depends on how bad the snow gets if it arrives later and how well the gritters have done! They have done a brill job thus far!)

Sarah- Mondays do come round far to quickly!

Sue- Enjoy your shopping!

Pete- Well done with your new start for not smoking!

John- Your kitchen looks very bright and summery, very 'Mediterranean'! A brill job!

Am away now to do some ironing....




Aup Chuckles, long time no chat gal :(

Just come in from the garden, cos my poor little feet are like blocks of ice :( :o and now am about to start the veg for tomorrows dins, like you today, we will be having a casserole :P yum :P flippin yum, sorry but I just love em when its cold :) :)

How are you keeping gal ??


Mondays sure do come round too quick,

Ive got loadsmplanned for tomorrow which is good, might run out of time though :)

Hopefully my house will smell of lovely smells tomorrow, planning to make curry with leftover roast hen, soup and pizza sauce.

Going to have a good sort out of kids clothes too and daughters craft cabinet, and washing if its not raining.


Hi Sarah, it sounds like you've got a very busy day tomorrow gal :( if you run out of time, then it will get done another day eh :) :)

Erm may I ask you about this soup & pizza sauce, cos it has court my taste buds :) :D gal :) :)


Just a plain old homemade veg soup with chicken stock leftover from tonight hen.

Pizza suce is also homemade, made it a lot now and it is oh so yummy, if only i could bet the bases a bit thinner it would be great lol


Am tip top thanks Pete, apart from a bit of bursitis in my foot, one thing gets better and another thing starts, hey ho, am still smiling :) I have to make an appointment to see the doctor for some test results, medication change etc, but no news is good news!

We have a healthy diet, but am not eating cakes and biscuits or puddings! We've got low fat yoghurts for dessert....much to my daughter's disgust, ha!

I hope that you're keeping well Pete and your feet warm up soon! Don't be getting chillblains!

I've noticed that the evenings are getting lighter, Spring will be here before we know it! It'll be brilliant to potter about in the garden and get the seeds in the propagators. Have got lots of seeds to plant this year. My Black- Eyed Susans were very poor last year, due to all the rain that we had! I do hope that we have a pleasant (not too hot) summer!

Hope everyone has a great evening!


Chickles, you make me chuckle :D :D

Your poor poor Daughter :o :( what no cakes, no bicies, and no puds :( :( :D :D

She probably dosnt know it, but you are doing her a favour eh :) :)

If I lived with you :o am sorry but I would have a secret stash of cakes in the garage to munch on :P :) :D :D

I doooooo hope you have a lovely cake, bisc and pud non evening toooooooo :D :D

Pete :)


Hi everyone,

Just back from shopping, then gutted my kitchen, had my tea, fish and beans, I don't have much appetite at the moment.

It's nice to see you Chickles, hope your doing well :)

Orkneysarah you can do work another day if you run out of time, if your like me it will get done, but who knows what year :D :D, I hope your doing a bit better now :)

Hope your all having a great day :) xx


Thanks sue, feeling much better now, although just had row fae hubby for not sitting down today, told him it was either putter about occupying myself or go to shop for fags, to which he replied he didnt want me doing either, just want me to relax seeing its sunday.......... argh i cant do any more sitting around or i would go and get fags


Hi Sarah, I know it can be really bad in the early days, your doing really well :), I used to shout and punch ,my pillows :D :D a bit daft but it worked for me.

Is there anything else you can find to do that would keep your hands and mind busy at the same time, e.g. I used to do crossword puzzles, if you could find something you could have a seat and rest your weary legs. It's not easy but if you could change your thoughts, when the cravings come, don't let them in, shout them, and come on here, which is what your doing, and we'll all help you :)

You can do this, your stronger than you think :)


Aup Sue, :) :)

I hope you enjoyed your shopping trip :P :D :D

You get your feet up in that duvet now gal cos you deserve it :) :) and I love the comments you have told Sarah, there just ace gal :) :)


Yeah thanks, ive just been playing solitair on the tablet so that keeps me busy too as well as on here, with 2 young kids I have plenty of housework to do and picking up after them

I keep reminding myself that it is to help give them better things in life and I suppose to have me around for longer although at the moment they prov wish i was away lol


Sarah, can I ask you something please :o '' Why '' do you want to get fags ?? your doing so so well gal :) :)

I know its getting to you, but you've done so well :) it would be a massive shame to go back to the fags, after you've tried so so hard not to :) alllllllllll that hard work you have done will have just vanished into thin air :( just like fag smoke :( :(

Sarah, rite you say you cant sit down doing nothing, rite then gal, its Sunday evening, you'r hubby & kids are in, hmmmmmmm jump on your hubby and have a wrestle with him, get the flippin kids to join in tooooo, :D have a flippin scrap gal :) :)

PS if you get any broken bones, I never said note :D :D

Your young gal :) enjoy enjoy :) :D :D


Wanting a fag to release my stress that is building up, i know that if i did have one i would kick myself,

Dont think the hubby would be up for wrestling, no with themood i have been in, hes avoiding me just now which is just grand.

Sitting down with a hot water bottle and some crackers and a good book while daughter is ribbeting on about dancing on ice lol


Hi Pete,

I'll be under the duvet soon, it's freezing here, I'm glad i kept a spare one instead of throwing it out :D :)

Don't think I'd wrestle with my hubby, he'd squish me :D :D :D think I'll stick to card games :D

Have a great evening Pete, and whatever you do stay warm :)


AUP Sue, its lovely to hear you'r voice gal :) :) it really is :) :)

Now then young Lady, are you telling me that you havnt wrestled with your hubby :o

:D :D :D

You keep flippin hold of that duvet gal, cos I tell ya winter is only just beginig :o :( :)


No way I'm doing that Pete, he's like an elephant :D :D :D

The duvet is stapled to me, or I might swap it for this :D :D



Haha, I love that jumper, cheered me up that did. I want one. 5.7 degrees in our bedroom yesterday afternoon, 7.5 degrees today (heatwave).


:D Love that Jumper Sue, I want one :D brilliant.


Hi Sarah, that's a brill idea, I used to play daft games on my phone, I still do sometimes when needed, and before you know it the craving will have passed :)

Keep in mind all the reasons you want to stop and be proud of yourself for getting this far :) I know we're all proud of you :) Your a star

image.shutterstock.com/disp... :)


That didn't work :( I'll try again



I must say that since stopping smoking I do have a lot more energy now! Sarah, you are doing really well! It does get easier honestly it does. Pete did a list of his reasons for not smoking. I think that we can all agree with that list!

I was proper ratty yesterday, but I am in good spirits today. I have now done 20 weeks and 1 day. My daughter is so proud of me plus I have saved a fortune, I smell nice and I don't feel like a social leper, by going outside for a ciggie when out for a meal etc. I am so not going to cave in and let one little bit of paper stuffed with poison get the better of me! Plus this time I can't let my daughter down, she would be very disappointed with me if I smoked again.

Stick with it, you can do it! Take up knitting, or get one of those stress balls to squish! A friend of mine used to faff about with an elastic band when she stopped. We all have our own ways of coping. Mine was to keep busy or play on the Wii :) To be honest, I don't think about smoking very often at all now. I have the occasional dreams, where I am offered a cigarette, but I say, 'No thanks. I don't smoke'. Get me :) ha!

Am tickerty boo thanks Sue...I too shall be sprawled on my sofa, with my throw over me later, candles lit, watching telly...no snoozing tonight! I want to be fast asleep in bed by 10pm.

A late tea tonight, am just waiting for the roasted veggies to cook...


Well done chickles, your tips are great, esp the one about your daughter.

What are younhaving with your roast veggies tonight?


Hi Chickles,

Congratulations on reaching 20 weeks one day :) : )

I've had my tea so watching tv from the duvet now :D :)

Have a great evening :) xx


Hi chickles, sorry not been chatting very much, as you know I have been pre occupied tosay the least. I cant believe its 20 weeks . Well done. Isnt it a good feeling when you tell people you dont smoke. Keep up the good work. Xxxx


Hey Jillygirl, its about flippin time you appeared on here :o :D :D

Erm I've herd you about 9 Months now gal, erm just wondering, is that smokfree :) or are you about to go into labour :D :D

Am only asking gal :o :| :D :D


Chickles that is just ACE advise you gave to Sarah, cant fault you gal, just magic you are :) :)

As for you getting to 20 weeks and 1 day :) that is just suuuuuuuuper gal :) :) :) :) :) you hold your head up high gal :) cos you've done it, you have concured the dreaded fag :) :)

and tell your Daughter, how flippin hard it is to do it :) :)

Speak soon Pete :)


Thanks folks, knew the weekend would be hard but I have got through it with all your help so a HUGE thank you to all of you.

I think through the week should be loads easier coz i have plenty to keep me occupied.

And i have the brilliant support of the people on here.


If we can help you in any way Sarah, we will do, cos I tell you, the people on this site are so so lovely and helpfull :) :)


Sorry Sarah, yeah its me again :o

Chickles mentioned my reasons for quitting smoking, and these are them :)

Please feel free to add your own to it :) :)

Why I want to smoke !!

1)They help me when I get stressed out. ( Although this might just be psychological )

2)They help me think. ( here again this might just be psychological )

3)It’s easier than quitting.

Why I want to quit smoking !!

1)Better health.

2)Coughing and spluttering.

3)Walk up stairs without getting out of breath.

4)Whiter teeth

5)Breath not smelling of fags

6)Clothes not smelling of fags

7)Better complexion. ( Smooth skin, More colour, Less wrinkles )

8)Better circulation in my hands and feet

9)Better health all round

10)Have money to spend on what I WANT TO ( Not having to put money aside for fags )

11)Getting my taste back

12)Not having a Furry tongue

13)Getting my sense of smell back

14)No standing outside in the cold and wet

15)Not having to think if I have enough fags to last me the day

16)No yellow fingers

17)Not having to carry a pack of fags and a lighter around with me


Why i want to smoke

It de-stresses me

It helps me relax

It keeps my weight down

That first puff of the fag when yiuve been longing for one after a long trip/flight or your stressed or just had a fight with the hubby

That fag you have after your lunch/tea, I class that as my pudding so then dont go for the actual puddings

Why i want to stop

Want to see my grandkids grow up

Want to have nice holidays

Want to pay off mortgage

Want to be healthier

Want to smell nice

Want to be able to say i dont smoke and havent done for x amount of years.


As well as all the things that chickles had mentioned


Sarah, this is what Emjay said about my -- wants to smoke --

4 Jan 2013Report

Good Morning Pete, thats a fabtastic start to the day

With regards to your 3 reasons to smoke;

1) They help me when I get stressed out. ( Although this might just be psychological )

Smoking actually causes a stress hormone in the body to be released. Try and understand the difference between stress and withdrawal symptoms. We all have stress in our lives, however its when we have too much or too little that causes the problem - and then of cause how we deal with it. If it is stress, then smoking won't change the outcome.

If it's a withdrawal symptom (sign of recovery), then the only way to overcome this is to either smoke or to not smoke. Either way the feeling will go away. However, if you choose not to smoke then you've so many more benefits

2) They help me think. ( here again this might just be psychological )

The only reason that you can't think is because 'it's time for your next cigarette', this is to do woth the addiction. Being addicted means that your mind and body will focus on getting your next hit and sp you don't have any 'space' in your mind to think about anything else. A bit like being a drug addict. You are right though, this is psychological and given time you can and will overcome it

3) It’s easier than quitting.

... But worth it in the end! Think about it, what part of stopping smoking is hard? You will probably notice that whenever the 'hard part' hits you, it will be in waves, so you only have to get over that moment. Unfortunately, those couple of minutes quite often feel like forever. I promise you though, stick it out and it will pass.

Remember, nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it is worth it

Morning Sue, weather here is surprisingly sunny I hope you had a well rested night and have a lovely day ahead. You are right with regards to us all rooting for Pete, we're with him all the way

Big waves to everyone else, remember to stay strong and if you have got any cravings, then this is a good thing. If you hadn't stopped smoking, then you wouldn't have them Welcome them in and then show 'em the door


Have just finished my dessert of low fat yoghurt :) Tea was lovely, we had a casserole Sarah...lots of veggies in it and roasted veg as well. It was delish, if I do say so myself :) A real 'winter warmer'. I've save the gravy to have with the Shepherds Pie tomoz.

Many thanks Sue...I shall be on the sofa shortly, watching telly, I haven't watched Dancing on Ice...so will be watching Call the Midwife....

Jilly, thank you too! And a very big well done to you on reaching 9 months! I am so pleased that you're on the mend Jilly and I hope that your treatment goes well. Your strength and positivity is amazing. It is a good feeling saying 'I don't smoke'. yay :)

Pete, bless you, you too are a great ambassador for encouraging people to stop and stay stopped :) Your list was a big help to me!

I certainly wouldn't have stayed stopped without the wonderful peeplies on here!

One of my reasons for smoking was....I liked it....I used to miss the first one on a morning and the ones after meals...but I don't miss them now. I did have a puff of an e-cig a few weeks ago, it nearly bloody choked me lol I was pleased to give it back! It was quite a strong mix, and was apple flavoured. If that's what an e-cig did to me, goodness knows what a proper one would have done! I know what you mean about cigs helping when you get stressed out, but that's more psychological, cos the thing that was making you stressed is probably still there.

The reasons not to smoke, far outweigh the reasons to smoke.

Everyone is doing brilliantly well!

Well, my sofa beckons....hopefully catch up tomorrow...



Good nite Chickles, and thankyou so much for your help :)

You enjoy watching dancing on ice, cos its a lovely program, hmmmmmmm if you like that sort of thing :o mind you, I doooo get to see a bit of leggggg some times :D :D

Wish I was your sofa :o :) :) I thinks it's time for me to go and hide, and quick :o :(


Just wondering JC, if you have read Emjay's post :) it's very good reading :) :)


Im like that John, if i could afford to smoke i would no be giving up and going through this hell


Its all i think about and it sure would make me happy although i would kick myself for doing so because i will ve back to day 1


It would make me feel sick indeed


Hi everyone, I'm going off early tonight I don't feel very well, think I have a bad cold coming on, so it's Lemsip and bed for me.

Have a great night everyone, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow

Luv yas :) xxxxxxxxxxxx


Nite nite Sue, and I hope the lemsip helps you to have a good nights sleep

Luvs ya too gal, and I hope you have the sweetest dreams ever :) :)


Very true madimad, very true,

All the othermtimes i have stopped (apart from the last time) i was doing it for other people and not me.

This time, the same as last time i didnt even tell the hubby till the day before that i was doing it coz i wasnt wanting to make a big deal out of it


Hey Sarah, what Mad has said is very true, cos if you dont want to quit then you wont :o :( :(

Erm you say its just for financial reasons, well what about your body then :o eh !!

You are a young Lady, dont get till your 56 like me, before you quit, cos you can enjoy life without them :) :) I've got wrinkles coming out of my pockets, and teeth that dont want to stay in my gob :o :( :(

So you really think about it gal :o like you said before, you want to see your Grandkids :) :)

Why i want to stop

Want to see my grandkids grow up

Want to have nice holidays

Want to pay off mortgage

Want to be healthier

Want to smell nice

Want to be able to say i dont smoke and havent done for x amount of years.

So you see, you really doooo want to quit, cos you know yourself, its no good for you 1 little bit.

Sarah, am sorry for going on, but you are so young, :) and it is entirely up to you, whether you choose to quit or not :( :)


Tomorrows another day, nite all, off to watch the news.


Nite nite Mad, and God bless you gal :) :)

You enjoy watching the news, & then get under the duvet and have some zzzzzzzzzz

Take care gal, & luvs ya xx :)


Aup Mad, so your 9 months gone as well as Jillygirl then :o :|

Erm am just trying to think :o Erm i've been on this site for about 9 months now, but honest I havnt touched you or Jillygirl, I aint done note :) :)

Think I'd best find a reel good hiding place this time eh :D :D


Nite nite everybody, cos its time I wasnt here too, cos I doo need my beauty sleep :o as you all know :( :(

sweet dreams all, and God bless you all for helping each other to quit :) :) a luvs ya all, xxxxx :) pete :)


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