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Good morning everyone.

I hope you are all feeling well , focused and determined to stay positive today.

Thursday and well on the way to end yet another week.

What will you do today , stay positive and busy, distract yourself from those niggling cravings.

Perhaps start off with a new diet. or perhaps a new hobby.

Calculate how much money you have saved by stopping smoking.

Whatever you do make it a HAPPY day. :)

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Good Morning Jilly, Sue, Sally, Emjay, Pete, Bellabella, Sinfree, Nixy (not necessarily in that order) + everyone new / & old to this site & esp anyone starting to quit .... etc

Thanks so much for all the comments I have read this morning and just great we have got a small army fighting this addiction .....

I have tried just about everything on the NR front. Acupuncture, hypnotherapy, patches, plastic cigs that blow smoke & light up, gum, spray etc ...I do not find any of them work from more than a few hours and then my craving starts again and the situation just gets worse & worse. Sorry I do know they work for many people and sorry do not mean to be controversial, they just do not work for me and cold turkey is the only way out for me.

Pete love what you said about getting our body's back .. absolutely and with luck our mind as well.

I do not want to tempt fate but I am feeling a little better this morning and more with it ... but I am waiting for it all to be taken away.

Have a great day everyone and big THANK YOU to everyone on this site.

Progress is being made.

Best wishes


NON Smoker - day 6 started at 7am + 20 days before this


Just wanted to say Jonathan that you are so right to hold on to the 20 days that you managed before hiccup. All that mental strength that was gained as well as the physical benefits. It is no different, in my mind, to being on a diet and having one day when more calories are consumed than should have been. You didn't give up, you carried on with your quit. That is the mental strength you gained during those 20 days. Well that is what I think. Enjoy your day.

Sally :)


Thanks so much Sally - agree and now feeling better this morning which is making me so glad I went straight back to being a NON smoker.

You have a great day



Good morning Jillygirl, Jonathan and everyone,

I'm sorry that NRT isn't working for you Jonathan, maybe as Jillygirl says, you could find a way to distract you when the cravings hit, I know this is not easy though, having had a right struggle in the early days of my quit, without everyone's help on here i never would have made it. Emjay might be able to help, and the others, my brain cell is on shut down at the moment :(, whatever you do I hope you have an easier day, you doing fantastic, good luck :)

I've not been on here much lately, I've not been feeling very well, hopefully after doc appointment tomorrow things will improve, I just want you all to know that I'm thinking about you all, and hope that you all have a great smoke free, craving free day :)



Thanks so much Sue & sorry to hear you are not feeling well - get well soon.

I think yesterday / last few days have been a battle ground for me and by some miracle and with the help of this site - I have got through it !!

Until the next battle...

Best wishes



Morning Jilly, Sue and all.

Happy Yorkshire Day Jilly. Hope the sun is shining up there. My part of London is beautiful at the moment.

Sorry you are feeling unwell Sue. Hope you feel better soon. Sending you a Sally hug.

Enjoy the day.

Sally... :)


Thank you Sally, I hope you have a great day :)


Hello everyone, Sue take it easy love. Big hugs on there way. images.free-extras.com/pics...

Jonathan stay positive you can do it..

Sally yep its sunny today.

Plumbing day today. flippin toilet leaking now. never mind


Thanks Jillygirl, I am starting to feel a bit better, if only i could get my brain together

conversation.which.co.uk/wp... :D :D

Hope you get your toilet fixed soon :)


Hey Everyone :D

The sun has put in an appearance here today, although it is a tad breezy :-/ Happy to be sharing it with you Sally :D


Jonathan, great to see you cracking on with determination. As long as you remember that it is normal to feel however it is that you are feeling and is all part of the process of stopping smoking. You are a winner and we're all on this journey with you :D

You are not alone;


Here we all our together:


Sue, hope you get things sorted and you feel much better sooner rather than later;


Oh dear JillyGirl;


If anybody fancies a lovely cuppa, I'm just about to 'put kettle on Mavis'....



Hi emjay thanks will join you if the kettle is still on. :)


There`s a fella outside says he would like a cuppa too. :D



Hi Emjay, I'll join you for a cuppa too thanks :)

Hope your having a great day and better weather than me, it's pouring with rain here but still hot and clammy, just what my knees need :D :D


Hi Sue , and emjay and anyone looking in just made a cake to go with the cuppas .

Cake is special for Sue.



Aww thank you Jillygirl, hope I'm not to late to get a piece, it looks yummy :) :)


Aaaaaaw Albert, long time no see :D :D

Hows the plumbing coming along JillyGirl?


Don't ask! birthday boy not happy. temporary fixed. decided to do bathroom next. :P


Will be back later on. Off with the family for a meal. Mr jillys birthday. The old bu***r he he. :D



Have a great time Jillygirl, see you later :)


Arrrgh what is it about plumbing and toilets today Jillygirl.... Better half's abroad, leaving me to deal with the broken toilet.... flipping things decided not to flush!!

Hoping everyone's having a super day and enjoying that sun.

Sue52, I haven't been on hear much lately either, I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling unwell.... hopefully things will come right soon... Big hugs xxxx


Hi Bella, It's nice to see you :)

that's so typical, something breaks when your hubby's away :o i hope you can get it fixed soon.

hopefully the doc will get me something better tomorrow.

Hugs, Sue :)


Hi Sue :) am so sorry to hear your not very well again :( and I hope the doc sorts you out tomorrow eh :) :) mind you, it may mean that you have to take yet more tablets :o but hey-hoo thats flippin life for us gal :o :)

Enjoy your zzzzzzzzzzzzz Sue :) and take some quality time off gal :) :)

Big big huggs to you tooooooo Sue :) :)


Hi Bella, it could be the ball valve inside the cistern. Ours is temporary fixed. I don't think anyone has done any improvements to our flat for over 30 years. Pete`s your man to ask for that sort of advice. xxxx


Nite nite Jillygirl, I hope you've had a lovely Yorkshire day gal :) :)


Hi ya Jan :)

Hmmmmm no flush eh :o the first thing you got to do is lift the top of the cistern off, if its a porcelain one, it should just lift off, if its plastic, then perhaps it will have a screw that you can undo with a 2 pence coin if you havnt got a screwdriver.

Check to see if the water is up to the mark, if not, push the float ( ball ) down and see if any water runs into the cistern !!

Let me know what you find eh :) I will try to help if I can :)


Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely meal Jillygirl :) xx

I'm off to bed, not feeling to good, but I'll try and get on here tomorrow, nite nite all, sweet dreams

Love and hugs :) xx


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