Daily Chat/ Sunday/ 19/05/2013

Daily Chat/   Sunday/ 19/05/2013


Its Sunday. Lazy take it easy day.

Some of you will be ticking off yet another week of quitting,

Others will be ticking off days . Whatever stage you are at keep thinking

positive. Even if you do slip up and give in to a craving. Dont worry like Emjay

has said , think of it as a practice run.

None of us are perfect, Otherwise we would have been born with chimneys

on our heads. :D

Have a lovely Sunday. xx Kettles on. :)

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  • Good morning to you as well jillygirl.

    Definitely Sunday as I checked my calendar and brighter than yesterday with a forecast here in Yorkshire of 18 degrees during the day (not yet and it didn't actually say whether that temp would be for a minute or an hour or more) and 12 degrees tonight. HOT - HOT - HOT

    WOWEE!! Must get the plants in the ground that I got yesterday before the sun comes up but as they're for the back garden I've got all morning as it doesn't hit the back until after lunch.

    Actually, thinking about it they didn't say we would get sun (typical) just a high of 18 degrees - oh well, can live in hope.

    Mine's a tea please with milk but no sugar and thank you for putting the kettle on just what I need at this time of a morning :D :) !!!

    Have a great day everyone and remember folks, this time next week we'll still have Bank Holiday Monday before work on Tuesday.

    Catch you all later.


  • Morning lovely here in Derbyshire sun shining and blue sky, at the moment!! Have a lovely day Kath and Jilygirl and make most of the good weather. Sue c x

  • Morning Sue

    Just pegged a rotary drier full of washing out but no sunshine as yet just grey sky - wondered if you were perhaps willing to share some with us Yorkshire Tykes!


  • Morning all :)

    Love to join you for that tea jillygirl, if there's one left in the pot - warmed up is fine for me :)

    Not too bad here, waiting for the sun to break through like you Kath, send a bit our way Sue :)


  • Morning girls. Like you Kath just put washing out. probably about 4.00pm before the sun appears. :D

    Off for a ride out , buying curtains.

    Betts have a lovely Sunday. :)

  • Weather here poo as always. Reached 16 weeks of not smoking yesterday. Off for a bike ride since its not actually raining, if I see any sunshine anywhere I won't be coming back.

  • Haha that sounds nice Mad, u got sunshine then? I'll get pedalling up that East Lance road then :)

  • Lancs even.

  • 1.bp.blogspot.com/_dbgdmzLR...

    was that sin just passing our house. ?

  • Well done 16weeks is brill. enjoy your bike ride. :)

  • Soooo you have poo weather then Sinfree :D :D :D just love the sayings you come out with gal :D :D

    Hey thats just great gal to reaching 16 weeks :) :) you stick with it Sin :)

    Enjoy your bike ride :)

  • Congrats on reaching 16 weeks.


  • HI Girls

    I've got sun in Berkshire. 8-) It's a really nice day. Going out to visit other halfs parents as they go on hols tomorrow. :-) :-) Then I think some gardening and playtime with bunnie. Rain for us here tomorrow.

    Sorry I missed the cuppa, so I'll put then kettle on again :D :D :D

    Have a great day and catch up with you all later ;-)

    Sue xx

  • Satchmo - just perfect! Thank you..

  • Lovely.


  • Morning all, it's a warm and cloudy day here in Suffolk and for my sins I've been hauled out of bed and dragged round boot sales by my daughter and other half. Now I've paid penance I'm off home for a lovely cuppa and to enjoy my 12th smoke free day. 16 weeks is amazing and I'm looking forward to being able to say the same!

    Happy Sunday everyone :)


  • Hi everybody :) :)

    Jillygirl, its lovely to have you open the Daily chat gal, and lovely pic tooooo :)

    Well its gone a bit cloudy now in Derbyshire, but it has bin lovely and sunny, still warm though :) and both my greenhouse windows have opened :)

    Toady is still with me, but his call is more like a croak now :o av got 4 young Great tits in 1 of my bird boxes :) The parents are in and out like flippin yoyo's :D :D

    Also got blackbirds nesting at the top of the garden in the clematice ha ha ha when the cat goes up there, gosh they arnt half a racket and the male keeps divebombing her :D :D :D Just hope she lets them bee eh :)

    Enjoy your Sunday everybody :) speak later, Pete :)

  • Hi Pete, Sounds a right nature place you`ve got there. I told Toad watch. with Pete and Bill. see you later. xx

  • Just can't believe it. :-o The sun is out, 8-) been in the garden for about 30 mins then head to toe in a rash again. :-( Took antihistamins and it has settled down. :-) Going to try a little more later.

    Being a good girl and still being productive...washing, sewing etc.

    Chat later and hope the garden lurgy doesn't come back. :D :D :D

    Hope you are all have fun. :-) :-) :-)

    Sue xx

  • Well, well, Aberdeenshire is actually "Warm" - wonders never cease!

    Does that mean I can ditch the Thermals as well as the Smoking? Yeah... I like it. Life's on the Up again. Though, every day's a good 'un really. Just glad to be alive - and it's a great way to live.

    The breathings getting better too, will see for sure come Friday, when I get my breathing tests again. The Graphs will tell the truth.

    Enjoy the warmth folks and remember we don't puff ciggies no more!

  • Hello everyone,

    I do hope that this is the beginning of more summer days. Enjoy your evening.

    Sally... :)

  • where are you Pete.!


  • I am here my dearerest :) :)

    I've bin waiting for ya hunny bun :) :)


  • :P :P :D :D :D

  • 1 for you John and 1 for compo. :)

  • Ooooh! just in time. I was just going to retire for the evening, I couldn't leave without the kiss and hug goodnight.


    See you tomorrow. I better put my curlers in again. :D

  • I know this is a site to encourage and support those who wish to give up smoking, etc. but I just have to say this, I so enjoyed the Eurovision Song Contest last night. I know, some would say that it could drive them back to smoking, but not me.......lol.

    I thought that Bonnie did us proud. We came 19th guys and one of the presenters for the panels, I think it was Russia, said a special word to Bonnie before he gave the scores. I would have been thrilled if Bonnie had won but my favourite song of the other countries didn't do too bad, Hungary and what about Italy.......Bene!!!!!!!!!.........and very cute........lol.

    Okay, I've said my piece.

    Sally in a very happy Euro mode.......... :) :) :)

  • Hi John,

    Yes it was pretty good as far as Eurovision goes. Sweden did a good job at presenting it and also Bonnie Tyler is very well thought of around Europe. Interestingly as it was held in Malmo the Swedish were able to highlight the bridge that joins them to Denmark, who are the hosts next year as they won the competition. I'm also a big fan of all the Europeon TV drama that is finding it's way to us in the UK so I'm hoping to go to Denmark next year and be a part of the event. It is not to everyone's taste but it is fun and light-hearted, in the main and lets face it, we can all do with some of that from time to time.

    Enjoy your evening.

    Sally. :)

  • :D glad to hear you enjoyed it. Thought only a girl at work and her mate watched that :) every year she would look forward to her Saturday night in with her mate and would sit through the lot. I think they were helped along with a bottle of vodka and a couple of glasses tho. ;)

  • Hi ya Sin :)

    I doooo hope the weather at your end's got better now gal :) :)

  • Unfortunately not Pete. Didn't see a spec of sunshine all day long and am sat here in my usual vest top, followed by polo neckjumper, followed by fleece. I also have on a pair of slippersocks and my imitation ugg boot slippers :(

  • I've been watching it every year since 1974 when Abba won. I've only missed a couple and one year that was in protest when they changed it to include semi-finals. I've persuaded a number of people over the years, who swore they would never watch it, to watch it with me.......lol. Which is part of the fun. :)

  • Sorry Sally , I too didn't watch it either.

    May be you will like noras video I just posted.

    see you tomorrow. XX

  • Hi ya Sally :)

    Am sorry gal, but I didnt watch it to the end, and well, to be honest, I'm like John, not really bothered about it :o

    But saying that, I did see our Bonni, and I thought she did her best, but there was something missing :o :|

    But to tell you the truth, they should have got somebody younger :) God theres loads of younger singers about now :o :) cos I love music :) good music that is :) :)

    take care now Sally :) speak soon gal, Pete :)

  • Hi Pete,

    I have a very eclectic taste in music Pete and this year, there was very little that actually appealed to me apart from Hungary and Italy. I think it would be very difficult for the UK to win Eurovision because there are so many countries now who are geographically closer to each other than we are to most of them. I just like the spirit of the contest and what, in the main it tries to promote, which is love and togetherness.

    Enjoy your evening.

    Sally :)

  • Yeah, am sure my taste in music is erm erm the same as yours gal :o :D :D YOU take it easy Sally :) and I luvs ya gal :)

    Stay with it :)

  • Despite the anti climax stupid weather joke of a summers day here, I cycled 17.7 miles, climbed 591ft, did an average of 11mph, with a 32mph top speed down my favourite hill - weeeeeeeee and burnt 471 calories (almost a whole 100grams of pistachio's). My knees hurt now. Sorry Mad didn't make it to the M62, suppose the tea will be stewed now.

    I gained two Queen of the Mountain awards on Strava which within an hour of getting home some woman swiped one of my crowns by beating me by a whole 29 seconds exceeding my 15mph with her 18mph. I wouldn't mind but she's from Chorley. What's she doing round here, riding my roads, cheeky woman. Good mind to go to Chorley with an electric bike and beat all her times. :D

  • Good idea, dunno though, think I'll just stick with the electric bike. I could do with some warmer blood though as I seem to be the only person around who is actually still cold.

  • Maybe if you cycle faster, you would get warmer :o :D :D :D

    Me thinks its time for bed, and best get out a here pretty quick tooo as in scrammmm :o :| :D :D :D

  • Hey Sinfree, Er..I'm from Chorley! Is the War of the Roses not finished yet? !! Really jealous of all those calories you burned off. Good going for a Yorkshire gal... (joke)! Well done you - it would've killed me for sure. Night all.

  • :D It's a small world isn't it. Nope I'm not in Yorkshire either :D But Chorley is a very long bike ride from here, and you know, are there not enough roads in and around Chorley for this lady to ride instead of coming riding round my roads. There are very few women cyclists where I live so whenever I go out on my bike and use Strava if I ride fast enough I usually get Queen of the Mountain on different roads, basically because all the others who have ridden them are men :)

  • Okay girls and boys , Off for my bath. Then chillax time. see you all tomorrow.

    Night Night. xxxxx :) :) :)

  • Night jilly, :)

  • Nite nite Jillygirl :)

    I dooooo hope you enjoyed your day gal :) :) :)

    Hopefully I will see ya tomorrow evening, early :) :) hmmmmm I will believe that when I see it :o :) :)

  • Get me wrinklies on if your early enough. xxxx :) :D

  • Night Night John Amor and Vida. from jillygirl and Chico. xx

  • Nite nite John and of course Vida & Amor toooo :)

    Take care now pal :) and speak tomorrow :|

  • Night night all :-) Sweet dreams and catch up with you all tomorrow :-)

    Sue xx

  • Nite nite BunnySue, I hope all your dreams be lovely ones :) :)

    speak tomorrow :)

    Pete :) xx

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