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Good morning,

Start of another new month. and another smokefree one too.

The sun is shining , blue sky, its a lovely morning, so far.

Hope everybody slept well, and is focused for the day ahead.

I am going to take it easy today, we are off for a drive out this morning, as my legs and ankles , still swollen and ache. (Yes Pete ! got me Nora battys on. ) :D Off to docs on thursday so see whats said then.

Anyway less of the moaning, what is everybody up to toady? (who is toady? :D :) ) I mean`t to say today.

Pete are you still putting that sink in? :)

Andie how you doing with your exercises.?

Lenne, expect some piccys of your kitttens today.

Emjay hope you had a sleep in today., and ready for keeping us all in line. :D

Whatever your doing today stay positive and enjoy. xx :)

will bob in later.

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Good Morning, Good Morning :-)

That was some sleep in for me today :-)

It's been raining quite heavily here but that doesn't mean we're not going to have some sunshine later. Let's see which way it goes. I wonder if any of you non-smokers have noticed the lovely smell of rain since you've stopped! I think there's something nice about it :-)

I'm off for a drive today too Jillygirl, Wales for me to visit my Dads wife and my sister whose visiting from Ireland with my little 6 month old neice. Can't wait to see them :-)

With regards to you poor swollen legs and ankles, have they got any better since stopping smoking? Have you tried sitting with your legs straight and ankles raised higher than your knees? I hope the Doctor can help you out on Thursday, keep us posted :-)

Today is the first day of July which means we're halfway through the year, can you believe it?!

It's also the first day of the rest of our lives... Lets make it as positive as possible and see where it takes us :-)


Hi Emjay.

Have a lovely time at your dads wife s enjoy. cant beat a cuddle with a baby girl for making your day.

as for my legs etc. Yes elevating them does help but doesnt last long enough. an hour later and they swell up again. will let you know what doc says. As for getting better from quitting. They started about 3 weeks after quitting so cant connect either symptoms.

Well its 14.30pm and looks like there is only you and i up and about.

Better give them all a shout.

See you soon. xx :)


Hi Emjay.

So this sleep-in isnt normal for you then?! :o :| hmmmmm not what i can remember :D :D

I hope you have a nice drive to Wales, and give that Neice of yours a cuddle from me please :)

Enjoy gal, you enjoy :) :)

Pete :)



Sunday afternoon and nobody except Emjay loves me. :(

Ah well! see if I care . Gonna sulk now. :(

Might decide to look in later. I`ll think about it. :(


Hey jillygirl, i love you toooooooo, dont sulk gal, cus you look a lot prettier when you are happy :) :)

I went to Homebase this morning, to get a few bits and bobs to finish the kitchen off, thought about 20 mins in there, but 2 & a half hours later !!!!! :o i got out :) :) if you've got 2 hours to spare i will tell you why :D Then i had to cook dins, so am running a bit late today, sorryyyyyyyyyy rrrrrrrr i do luv ya Jilllygirl and dont you ever forget that :) :)

Pete :)


Hi Pete, :) I knew you wouldn`t let me down. luv ya too.

Sounds like you`ve had fun and games at homebase.

family here now but will look in later. xxx


Afternoon all!!! :) Just a quickie (as my friend's just popped out for you know what!) :D :D

Had a lovely, blowy walk round the Head yesterday 8-) then 3 games of Scrabble in evening. I lost 2 :(

Today we went to Weymouth and got a bit lost on the way in as they've rebuilt all the access roads ready for the Olympics. :o Went to a beautiful water garden with loads of water lilies and a lovely lunch before. Fortunately the sun was shining so lots of the flowers were out.

Now back for more Scrabble and din-dins. :)

Bye for now. :|


Andi thats just supper gal, ''and'' you admited to losing at scrabble :D :D well gal you have just took my breath away, as in i did not think that you would admit to losing anything!! :D but now i know that you are a Lady :) :) just wondered, whether your friend wants to quit smoking or not, and have you shown her this site ???? :) you can but try!! :)

Pete :)


Andi, how could you lose at scrabble. :) After theraputic I thought you were on a winner.

You can win tonight sure you can . enjoy . xxx :)


Andi as Jillygirl says, you will knobble your friend tonight, 3--0 :D :D but hey noooooooo cheating gal :o cus dont you forget that our Emjay is lurking on your left shoulder, maybe she will give you a tip or two :) :)

Jillygirl, what am i going to do with you :o :o cus i am sure Andi put another ''e'' in therapeutic somewere, not sure where it was though :P :P

Speak later.

Emjay--- you nodded offffffff again?? :D :D

Pete :)


Nope.... I'm right here Pete.... Was standing behind you all the time ;-)

I've had a really lovely day today. Found a lovely market, bought lots of nice flowers for my garden and garden pots and also some lovely fresh fruit. Had an amazing time with my pop's wife, my sister and baby snuggles with my niece :-)

Hope all is going well for you all today, sounds like you're havin fun Andi :-)

I watched a film last night and picked up a new saying....

Everything will be all right in the end, and if it's not all right, then it's not the end :-)

What do you think of that then folks? :-)


I think thats a brilliant saying. :)

Glad you enjoyed the afternoon.


I'm so glad you had a good day out gal, and now i know why the back of my neck was twitching, cus you were behind me :P and as for your new saying, super gal !! just super !! i also have a saying like that, ''It will be alright on the night, if not scarper'' :D

Speak soon gal, luv ya.

Pete :)


Oh! Pete, you spotted it. I wanted Andi to look good and correct me.

Then she could be supercalafragalisticespialidosious. ! ! ! :)


Aup Jillygirl, i tried spelling that, but think i had about 10 letters less than you have :D :D so i just use super now, much easier :)

Anyway, how are your Nora Baties doing, cus i hope you have rested them gal, or i shell come around and give you what for young Lady ;) ;) see you in a bit, as in before bed time :D

Pete :)


Hi Pete, I am sur andi will put us both right with the spelling. :)

Nora battys not too bad tonight. Thats until I get to bed that they play me up.

Talking of legs and feet, I`m going to see if the footy has finished on tv.

Make a cuppa have a biscuit and then I`m getting ready for bed.

Thanks Pete for cheering me up . You always brighten my day. luv ya. xx

night night. see you tmoz. :)


Hey Jillygirl, dont you thank me for cheering you up, cus you cheeeeeeer me up gal, and i am positive that Andi will put the ''e'' where it should be :P :P flippin know-it-all her. Huh not bothered :P

Luv ya gal, and you rest them legs of yours, cus I'm tellin ya now, if ya duna, then i will come and rest them for ya, ''ok'' maybe massarge them n all, hmmmmm could be fun :D :D speak tmoz gal, and sweetdreams to you :) :) nite nite Jill, luv ya.

Pete :)


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