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DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY/ 06/10/2013

DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY/ 06/10/2013

Good morning all you super people. Sunday again, another week over for some of you, another tick on the calender. May be its your 1st. day of quitting. Remember you wont die from quitting smoking, no matter how tough it feels, but you may die from smoking no matter how easy you think it is.

So enjoy your Sunday, smile and be happy and smoke-free. :) :) :)

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This has got to be you Pete, with all that laughter.



:P :P :D :D


Morning Jillygirl, I am trying yet again, soooo many times have tried and failed. I am day 6 now decided to try the stopober. Managed three months last time am aiming for even longer this time if not for ever. Lovely and Sunny in Derbyshire although a nip in the air. Have a lovely restful day to everyone. sue c x


Aup Sue :)

For one thing you are not a failure :) :) cos you keep trying :) :) Your like me, its a long prosees :o but gal, like me you flippin keep trying :) :) soooo that tells me, that you want to quit :) :)

Rite young Lady, what we have to do is, stay focused and positive :) yeah, come on gal you can do it if you flippin try :) We have to say NO to mr nic, we have got to :) Sue, I want my body back :) I want it to be mine again :) the only way we can do that, is to tell mr nic where to get off :) :) and lets enjoy life again, smell the lovely garden smells, your perfume, your deodorant, open your wardrobe doors, and stand back, and smell that lovely scented smell of NO FLIPPIN FAGS !!

Sue, when I was younger :o my school report used to say, must try harder, !! well I am trying harder this time, and I'm going to do it :) :) so please come with me on my road to freedome :)

Luvs ya gal, Pete :)


Thanks Pete, one good thing is that hubby is having a go also so I haven't got that to contend with. I am sure that we can do it this time, you seem very motivated and reading your post makes me feel good that I can do it, that nothing is going to stop me this time. Fingers crossed, just need to keep away from the stress, walk away and not let it get to me. Thanks again for your support. sue c x


Good morning Sue,

6 days is better than no days. You can do it, just keep on practicing .

Lovely to here from you again. Have a lovely sunday. xx


Good day to everyone

Feel like I am in the dog house today !!!! Sorry again everyone - you see this is one of the reasons I smoked to suppress feelings (whether real or not real). So no cigs and I am quite capable of getting it all quite wrong....

Pete - you can take the brick out of your better half's handbag as okay again today - thanks Jilly & Pete for pointing out I was on the wrong path about posting.

I did NOT go and get any cigs so remain in tact with being a NON SMOKER - thank goodness.

Coccobo thanks for seeing the human side of my character (I ended up deleting my comment because ......).

Hey again best wishes for Wednesday - it is good you are planning ahead because this will help big time.

Have a great day everyone.


still NOPE


Hey Jonathan, glad to have you back pal :) :)

Look, Mr nic works in mysterious ways !! obviously, he had a rite good go at you eh !! soooo now you know how powerfull he is :o

Take note !! cos he may strike again :o You take care now J, cos a luvs ya ok !!

Nite nite all, sweet dreams to you all, and God bless ya :) :)


Hooray! got our Jonathan back. :) :) :)


Evening All, sorry I've not listed today but I've been away to Gloucester and didn't get back until late this evening. I'm just having a catch up now and I can't seem to see any of my posts from yesterday at all :-/ I've also posted a couple of PM's and theres no record f them either :-/

Is anybody else having any trouble with missing posts?

Jonathan, I hope you're feeling heaps better and on track today. You've done ever so well so try and keep up the good efforts. We know that it's impossible to be upbeat all the time but just do your best to give yourself a short lived 'low time' and then give yourself a shake to say "enough is enough". Bounce back to Mr Positive, even if it means tricking your mind into believing that you really are. It really does help :D

Right, let me see if I can find my missing posts..


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