Good Morning everyone.

Yes woke up to snow this morning. Looks lovely but not too keen on walking in it just yet. Need to build my energy levels up first. Off to see my surgeon tomorrow get signed of with him. Then probably chemo week after. Hey Pete have you found my wig Yet? :) :D


Anyway hope everyone has a lovely day and keep on thinking positive. You CAN do it.

catch up later on. loves ya all! xxxxx :)

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  • Good morning Jillygirl

    Love the wig :D The snow has gone from here this morning, the sun is out now but driving to work this morning it was raining. I hate driving and walking in the snow is I was pleased it had gone this morning.

    I hope everything goes well when you see the surgeon tomorrow, one step at a time. You are doing really well and considering all you have been through, you seem to be staying very positive, well to the outside world anyway :)

    Take care of yourself and keep warm. xxx love and hugs to you xxxx :)

    Well, Andi is on her way to see her sister now so will be see lots of snow. I hope everyone slept well and is raring to go for another smoke free day under your belts. Have a great day. xx :)

  • did put a snowy pic on here but the gremlins ate it. :D

  • Afternoon Jillygirl, nice to hear from you. I hope your feeling better today and even more better tommorow. Good luck with your Chemo and I wouldnt worry to much about losing your hair, it doesn,t always happen and if it does, so what!!! Remember that your hair is not you, you are you and nothink can take that away. I wish you all the best with your ongoing treatment, nobody knows what your going through but were all with you in our thoughts.Take care

    mad xx

  • Maybe you could buy yourself one JC to wear when you are cooking :) Enjoy your walk but wrap up nice and warm. :)

  • Yoo hoo everyone!

    It's been snowing here most of the morning and into the afternoon, it stopped about an hour ago. Fortunately it's not 'sticking' and the roads are fine for driving. I don't like driving in the snow, but, touch wood, it's been fine!

    You take care Jilly, don't be out walking in the snow until you feel comfortable with it, you don't want to be slipping in it after the op that you've had! Good luck with your chemo, and that's brill news being signed off by the surgeon! You are one hell of a lady Jilly! x I love the wig too! When my auntie had chemo, she had a bright pink wig, in a long bob! Her hair grew back fine. As Mad says, you don't always lose your hair, but it can also make it a bit thin. Good luck with your treatment!

    I've been working this morning, and this afty have done some shopping and tidying at home. Ironing all got done yesterday, yee haa! Am going to pick my daughter up from school soon, and then taking her to chemistry tuition, this will be the last of her private tuitions until the beginning of April, thank goodness!

    Hopefully will be able about later, depends on how comfy I get on the sofa, watching telly and perhaps a snoozette!


  • Afternoon Everybody,

    I hope you are all okay. I've tried posting a number of times but they keep on disapearing. I've reported the problem to Health Unlocked and it seems to be happening across other communities too.

    This is the response that we've had from my query;

    "Sorry, we are having some peak time issues on the server and are working to balance the load on a different server.. This will take some time; however we expect to complete the task by tomorrow afternoon"

    Lovely to see you about Jillygirl, we misses ya! :-)

    Anywhose, for those of you who can read this, fancy a cuppa?


  • The above post has taken me over an hour to post!

    It helps to 'copy and paste' - just in case! :-/

  • Ha Ha its all or nothink EmJay, theres five of the same post.

  • Whoops-a-daisy! :-/

  • Ther,s Ghost,s around playing tricks

  • Thought you did that on purpose EmJay just so we got the message 'copy and paste' :D You know we can be a bit slow at times :D

  • Hey Kazza, I aint slow, my body is though, but not me. This is driving me mad today I keep answering post,s and they keep going AWOL, I gave up earlier on. Spooks playing tricks

  • I'm usually a bit slow in the mornings before the caffeine has kicked in :) I had the same problem the other day, my posts just went missing and I put a picture on one day and it just disappeared then popped up again later on. Ghosts or gremlins :)

  • I hope you are not referring to me when you say there is only one slow one JC. I am not slow it's just you that is like Speedy Gonzales where grabbing the cakes is concerned. What did you say about copy and paste, didn't quite catch that? :D

  • John I send you a big hug to help with your sadness, hope it helps.

  • Here is a cake to help to make you feel better. All for you JC not to share not that you do share cake but we wont try to steal any this time :)


  • Hi everyone, I gave up trying to comment this morning, ghosts or gremlins took them :o :D then had housework this afternoon

    It's brill to see you Jillygirl, i'm glad you signing off from your surgeon, shows that that went well, you'll be fine with the chemo too, love the wig :D :) I just found one for monkey

    imagecent.com/wp-content/up... :D :D :D

    We have no snow here in Dundee, it is in all the surrounding area though, weird, it's like have a shield protecting us :o :D :D, we're meant to get it tomorrow though

    I'm sorry your feeling sad today John, i get that as well sometimes, hope it passes soon, here's some cake for you, unless Kazz gets it first :D :D


    Hope your all having a great time :) xx

  • Hi Sue

    I love Monkey's wig :D :D I think that might suit Peetie Weetie as well :D

    I wont nab JC's cake, he needs it more than me today I think. Tomorrow it's back to normal though and every man or woman for themselves :) It's a lovely looking cake, very unusual. xxx

  • Hi Kazz, we need a plan for cake nabbing tomorrow :D :D especially with Amor and Vida about, I'd like to keep my fingers :o :D :D

    I just came across the cake by accident, it's the Spanish three kings cake :) xx

  • You lot are obsessed with cakes, dont cry to me if you get fat,

  • We won't mad, we only eat the cakes on here :P :D :D :D

  • We do need a plan Sue, Armour is too heavy and clanks too much. Dressing up as birds didn't work either but I can't remember why :) I think Amor is the softy, he is the look out so I think we should nobble him first, I think he could be easily bribed then we somehow have to sneak up on Vida and keep an eye out for JC at the same time... wearing thick gloves :)

    I am a bit obsessed with cakes and chocolate I have to admit but I do most of my cake eating on here :D cyber cake you can't beat it and therefore cyber fat :D :D Can't say the same about chocolate though :o

  • What did you say-what did you say- what did you say Kaz :D :D :D

  • Hi everybody :) :)

    Jillygirl it's lovely to see you gal :) and I can see your picture of the snow its just cos its white thats all :o :D :D ha ha ha love the wig gal, thats just the tops :D :D

    Stay with it Jillygirl and you rest, do you hear me :) it will take time but your getting there :) loads of luv and huggs heading your way gal :) :)

    Speak soon :)

  • Is that 3 plans we need Kazz :D :D good plan though :D :)

  • the gremlins are going mad, took me ages to delete the 3 plans :D I think we do need a plan b and c though just to be on the safe side :D Are you two having the same problem or are you just copying me :D

  • :D no, I'm having the same problems as you, too many posts or not going on at all, hope this does :D :)

  • Am just copying you :D :D only I managed to get 4 on :D :D

    I got fed up with trying to delete them :P :(

  • Planning ;o :)

    Is this right -- Vida is the lookout and Amor is the one with the beak :o

  • WOW that went first time :) :) :) :)

  • Hi Pete, these gremlins are being bad today :D :D, think it will take more than spears this time

    deviantart.com/download/966... :D :D

  • I hope your little afternoon nap did you good John :) :) and your alert and ready for anything :o :|

  • Whoooooooooooops KAZ JCs woke up, now what :o :(

  • Amor and Vida will be okay John, we were just gonna give them treats :) :D

  • Hi Pete, how's things, brill i hope :)

  • Aup Sue, yeah things arnt too bad, a bit hectic this morning though with the snow, did a bit of waltzing in my van, but when i got to the main road it was ok :) :)

    Not heard anything about the Champix yet though, i will ring them in the Morning to find out whats happening :)

    How about you gal :o

  • It's becoming impossible to post on here, so I'll say nite nite to you all

    sweet dreams, luv yas :) xx

  • Kaz, your probably reading a book now and munchin on chocs :P :) I dont blame you 1 little bit gal :) just to let you know ave got a couple of plans up my sleeve :o ;)

    Tell you tomorrow, cos am getting tired of posting, posting and deleting and deleting :o :(

    Nite nite Kaz and you take care, luvs ya xxxx :)

  • Nite nite John, hey have you took your specs off :D :D

    Nite nite Sue sweet dreams and luvs ya gal xxxx :)

    Jillygirl, I expect your tucked up in bed now, nice and cosy :) luv ya loads gal xxxxx you take care now :) :)

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