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Good morning everyone,

End of the working week for most of us and another week to tick off the no smoking calendar. Big welcome to Muddles on day 4 and doing well. lovely to see you on here. Sky 44 your doing great , the cravings will go ,just take time. I will post some hints about craving later on I put these on a few weeks ago. hopefully may help you and others.

Emjay hope you get your housework done ,then you can chill out. :)

Sue you take it easy . :)

Right Pete ! as for 1 brain cell I excelled last night I got most of the answers right. so there! And the team I was in won. :P Bingo was a different matter, I spent £4 and won £3. still it could have been worse.

Right time to put the kettle on. :)

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Good Morning JillyGirl and Everyone :-)

A busy day for me today, I have some shopping to do and then I'm going some voluntary work 4-8 for our charity which involves gift wrapping presents for a donation :-) So if anyone is down Liverpool ways, I'll be in The Met Quarter - pop in and say hello :-)

I'll be around for part if this morning and then I'll bob back on this evening once I'm back home.

Just going to enjoy this cuppa with JillyGirl :-)


A bit late to join with my cuppa..... I have now quit for 32 days,sounds longer than 4 weeks!. My meter reading was 2 so nurse was really pleased. Had a couple of days without patches...in a rush and forgot! have now gone down to 7mg and the niquitin strips. Still have cravings which I assume will last for quite some time, months or even years. Still walking out of the house thinking that I have forgotten something.....So, the kids break up from school today, 17 and 14 years, brother-in-law arrives from the States with his family at the weekend and I still have pressie buying to do! Babysitting a friend this afternoon who has a tendancy to pass out at the dentist....so nothing stressful coming up in the next week!!

So....just to wish you all a very Merry Christmas if I don't get on here again before the big day and thank you all for your support, sense of humour and advice xx


WOW! 32 days well done Lawnranger. Very good reading too bet you are really pleased. Your doing brilliant. Lovely to see you on here and it helps to encourage others when they read posts like yours.

Merry Christmas! :)


Aup Ranger :)

Like you say, 32 days does sound morerererererer than 4 weeks eh :D :D Thats just great news gal :) :) and down to the 7mg patches too, sooooon you wont need them at all :) You just keep strong and above all, positive !! on your rocky road to freedom :) :)

Sounds like your going to have your house and hands full over Christmas :o You Enjoyyyyyyyy it gal :) erm, was just wondering if you've got my Christmas pressie yet :o :P :D :D

Ranger & family, I hope you have the most enjoyable and smoke free Christmas ever :)

Merry Christmas :| Pete :) xx


Hey LawnRanger, theres always a fresh cuppa ready here :-)

You're doing brilliantly!

With regards to cravings and how long they last; It's the nicotine receptors in your brain that will lead you to believe that you want to smoke. These last 12-14 weeks and quite often will give you the impression that they've gone and then will strike... So always be on guard and you won't have a problem ;-)

The next thing is memories... It's quite possible that you'll always have these of smoking. Having smoked for a number of years, you've had Happy and sad times when those little white danger sticks have had a big impact and been a part of all these times.

Just remember that they aren't really fond memories, just memories of you going something that they tagged along with...

How is your insomnia doing now? Has your sleep pattern returned to normal yet?

Sounds like you've lots planned with plenty of distractions, stay positive and welcome the distractions when to might need them.

You're a true winner, well done! :-)


Thanks jillygirl for the welcome :)

Day 4 on Champix so I'm still smoking and feel a bit of a fraud! Although......they must be doing so,etching as I've only had 5 today instead of 20! Christmas Day is my quit day...a present to myself. I'm doing this with very little support at home. My partner just laughs and doesn't think I'll get through NYE without one. But I'm determined and I'm very thankful that I found this group xx


Hi Muddles Dont be feeling like a fraud , We all prepare to quit in diffferent ways. Setting Christmas day as your quit day is fine , hopefully you will be that busy you wont have time to let those white sticks appear. :) lovely to have another member of the community. Tazmania well are you in front of our time or behind. :) :)


Yes I'll be busy Christmas Day for sure! Fingers crossed I can do it! I'm on day 5 of Champix now. I just had 3 drags on a cigarette and it made me feel ill!!! Yay!!!

Tasmania is 11 hours ahead of you guys :)


Oh and just so you all know I'm in tasmania.......waaaaay down the bottom of the world! So while you are all just starting your day I will bid you good night

Bring on day 5!!!!!


Thanks, am trying to listen to positive voice, so not easy. Bug has eased but not well enough to get busy as a distraction and so am left with thoughts/voices.


Hi Sky, Just let those voices and thoughts in and then show them the door again. Dont worry you will get there . We all go through a roller coaster ride with this quitting game. But we can get there in the end. :) Stay happy. xx :)


Aup Sky :)

If you really want to quit and get your body and mind back :) try to stay focused and positive on your quit trail :) THINK what smoking has done to you !! THINK how better off you and your body will be whithout the smokes :)

Hold your head up high and say NOPE !! not one puff ever !! and you will get the most loveliest feeling ever :) cos you have said NO to the smokes !! you have beat them !! you have done it :) :) But you have to keep saying that to yourself :)

You stay strong and focused on your quit Sky, cos your going to do this :) :)


"Hello hello hello ... What's been going on here then ??"

Sorry for another long silence ... it's just that ...well you know.. been v. busy and all !!

Hope everyone is okay ?? Jilly still in fine form I see ... good, in fact very good & hello to you Emjay & Pete and LawnRanger & Muddles and Sin & Andi and everyone else.

I am still a NON SMOKER and a week away from 5 flipping months and then another month and it will be the BIG SIX MONTHS ... FAB and I WILL DO IT.


Hope everyone is giving Mr Nic a big kicking and anyone wondering if they should stop can I say "YES STOP"

x 100000000000000 etc etc. Stay POSITIVE and enjoy the freedom for that horrible yuck yuck addiction !!

I hope to have a bit more time to come back on here and sort you all out !!!!

Stay smoke FREE & best best wishes









...... again


Hello Jonathan, Great to see you back on form as usual.. :) Your a brave man saying your going to sort us all out. like i said the other day mission impossible :D :D

I hope you manage to give us a post tomorrow for our Christmas special. :) :)


Yes Jilly

A brave man or stupid one .... not sure which ??? Perhaps both !! Anyway don't think I will get far as all us NON / EX Smokers are a stubborn lot to put it mildly !!!

Yes I will post tomorrow, what is this Christmas special ?

Good to be back



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The christmas special is just where we all put a post on with a brief description of your quit journey or just say hello . put a piccy on too if you like.We are trying to encourage everyone to join in the community .It went very quiet on here but it does seem to be getting more interest from new members just recently.A message has been sent out to all the new members to join in over the weekend. (fingers crossed) hope that all made sense. :)


Aup Jonathan :)

Am so so flippin glad your still an EX smoker pal :) and yeah a busy time of Year eh :o

As for you saying a - Brave man or a - Stupid man, ermmmmm, I think a bit of both !! cos as our Jillygirl has pointed out to you, Mission Impossible :o I've got the hat, T-shirt, coat, bruises !! broken arms, loss of a brain cell, cos I did have 2 brain cells before I came on here :o :D :D

You need guts !!

Cant help you there :o

You need wisdom !!

Cant help you there :o

You need courage !!

Cant help you there :0

You need craftiness !!

Maybe able to help you there :|

Plus am a First - Aider, so if it goes wrong !! I will patch you up :o :D :D a sort of :o

Its great to speak again Jonathan, you take care now pal :)


Good evening everybody :) although saying that, it's flippin dead windy and chucking it down here tonight :( :(

Jillygirl, just luv your opening gal :) :) Soooooo, you now think you've got more than 1 brain cell then :o ermmmm nagh !! I know you too well :D :D


Hey Pete, I have found the secret for my 1 brain cell I did manage 2 glasses of wine and wait for it 2 glasses of sherry and a cup of tea. :D :D Thats where your going wrong you need wine not lager. :D :D


Aup Jillygirl :)

:P :P naghhhh am a lager man seeeee :) and us lager men just dont drink wine :P or sherry :P

Lager gives me my 1 brain cell, so there :P erm, just cant think where I put it though :o maybe cats got it again, she rolls it about !! thats perhaps why I get confused on the odd occasion :o :D :D


well Pete I am off for a shower soon so i will say night night and sweet dreams. Dont forget its our christmas special daily chat this weekend. I have got the opening ready for morning. . See you tomorrow. luvs ya. xx :) :)


Hi Sunshine !!

You enjoy your shower and keep warm eh :) I was going to start the weekend chat, but you young Ladies always come first in my book, so I will wait to read your Christmas special daily chat :) Then I will put you right, where you have gone wrong :o :P :D :D :D

Nite nite Jillygirl, you enjoy your zzzzzzzzzzzzzz and sweet dreams to you too gal :) hmmmmm, I just maybe luvs ya too :) xxxxx


Well I never had you down as a lager drinker, thought you would have drunk beer. My favourite being John Smith's bitter. I like all beer except Lees's which is like fizzy water - yuk. Well actually my favourite tipple is a nice glass of red but if I'm being polite and someone's buying me a drink in the pub, mine's half a bitter. I don't do pints, not ladylike at all.


My brain cell is on time share..........with a worm!


:D :D :D


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