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DAILY CHAT/ SUNDAY / 12/01/2014

DAILY CHAT/  SUNDAY  / 12/01/2014

Hello everyone, Sunday and the end of the week. Another smoke free week to tick off your calendar. Perhaps a tick to start you off on your quitting journey. Whatever stage you are at stay positive and you will get there. :)

Welcome to mejulie, as I missed you yesterday. Its lovely to see new people joining in the community and helping.

Off for a short but brisk (ish) walk in the cold. see you all later. :)

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Good morning jillygirl and everyone. How do you do it? Get up bright eyed and bushy tailed I mean. You're off for a walk in a minute and I'm sat in bed reading this on my phone thinking, mmmm that's what I SHOULD be doing. Enjoy your walk, I can see beautiful sunshine through the curtains.


Well get up then Woman :P :D :D


I did and I walked 2.84 miles. Weather is rubbish now, looks like it's gonna snow to me.


:D :D :D Sinfree, you make me laugh gal, luv ya ta bits a do :) :)


Good Morning All :-)

I'm on Aunty duties today and when I collected my neice and nephew, my sister told me that their tablets were in their bags. I assumed that they must have been unwell and asked what time can they have them next... I just looked at my sister funny when she said "whenever they want to play with them"! Yeah, the 'tablets' are of the electronical type, not the 'pill' type. At the grand old age of 41, I feel about ninety ten!!

I'll be popping on and off as I can, there are still lots I keep coming across that I seem to have missed here. So, if there's any questions waiting for me, please feel free to give me a nudge in case I've overlooked anything!

I love flutterbyes JillyGirl, they look lovely in blue too :-) I agree, it's fab seeing lots of new members about and joining in on the support giving to each other too. It's just the thing that makes this community work :-)

Sin, I'd be typing from my bed if I could this morning, but Aunty duties didn't allow for it! Instead I was scraping the frost off my car first thing this morning. It's cold out there. Brrrrrrrrr!

Nixy, I've not had a chance to catch up with you properly yet, but it is great to see you about again. I'll catch up with you in a bit :-)

Pete, you're doing really well too. You are absolutely fantastic at supporting everyone, I almost have to remind myself that you are still in the process of working hard to stay stopped yourself. You are a cracking member to have about and we all appreciate your support :-)

I'm in mid type and got sidetracked with a little elf and fairy who need my attention, so I'll be back in a bit!


Hi ya Aunty Emjay :o :)

Hmmmmm, just bin thinking, I could do with some electric tablets myself :) cos these tablets am taking for the man flu aint up to much gal :( :D :D

You enjoyyyyyy your Aunty duties, as I know you will Aunty Emjay :) :)


Hey Sin , I have to force myself to go out, I aren`t an exercise freak. Emjay I too get mixed up with tablets and tablets. :O Well I did well this morning I went to Matalan, I bought 5 blouses and 1 pair of jeans £25. not bad either not the usual cheapies. :) :) Normally I see things at £25 each and think no way can I afford all that. So pretty chuffed with today so far. :) :)


Aup Jillygirl, looooooove the pic gal :) :)

I hope you enjoyed your walk :) :)

OY, 5 flippin blouses AND a pair of jeans, what did pooooooor hubby get then ?? huh I bet all he got was, get your wallet out at the checkout :P :P :D :D :D


How did you know that? :D :D :D


Matalan is good. I got some groovy reading glasses from there the other week, then the stupid dog pulled them out of my hand when he was running around and bent them, now everything is skew wiff when I look through them. Tsk.


:D :D :D


I got a bargain at Morrisons the other day. A 3 disc cd set for £2. The box and plastic sleeve was damaged but the discs were fine. :)


Hey Jillygirl, it sounds like you get some flippin good bargains at Morrisons gal :) :)


Hey Sinfree, got you a new pair, try them on :o


Hmmmmmm, your younger than I thought you were gal :o :D :D


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