Gooood mooorning everyone

What a beautifu start to the day here in Yorkshire - wall to wall blue sky and Mr. Sunshine yet again for the 3rd day in a row - WHIPPEE and even YIPPEEE as well!!!!!! :D :D

Glorious walk with my two this morning listening to the birds AND the bees - no9t many folk about though but it was 6 am so perhaps not everyone is up like me. No cars either so must have been a bit earlier than usual as I normally see one or two on the roads.

Short one for me this morning so whatever you're doing and no matter where you are doing it :-/ have an absolutely wonderful smoke and stress free sunshiney day.

8-) 8-) :D :D :) :)

Catch you all later - oops! nearly forgot :O kettles on and just put some toast (white and brown bread) under the gril if anyones interested.

Luv to all


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  • Good Morning Kath, Mad and everyone.

    Lovely day. shame you have to work Kath.

    Well got to get my nagging head on this morning. Chasing up the solicitors. Now I know what they mean about law unto themselves. literally.

    Never know may get my date confirmed for moving. I am staying positive.

    Hope everyone else is staying positive with their quitting.

    Going for a cuppa now, just missed Kaths offer. :)

  • Good luck with the solicitors jillygirl. I'll join you for the cuppa!

    Always feel as if we shouldn't have to work when the sun shines, Kath - can you get a bitof sun and fresh air at lunchtime :)

    I am going to crack on with some work now, at home, hooray! May be attached to the computer mostly, but planning in some outdoor breaks :)

    Hi Mad! You've risen and shone again for us :), enjoy the day too.

    Here's to a happy, not too stressful and smokefree day - you can make a toast with a cuppa tea, can't you :) Whoops, bit of a slop!

  • Good morning everyone,

    Your up early this morning Kath, sorry you have to work today, hopefulky ypu'll get out at lunchtime :)

    Hi Mad, we have lovely warm weather here too, yipeeeee, have a brill day :)

    Go get them Jillygirl, spears are on there way for you, hope you get a moving date :)

    Don't work too hard Betts, get plenty of that sun :)

    I'm off to hospital appointment with my hubby then i have the docs later, hope to fit a walk in between, so i'll see you all later

    Have a great smoke free day everyone :) xx

  • Just been for a small walk out. Get some fresh air before getting ready to call solicitors.

    I just had a walk to hopefully my new flat. There are only 10 flats and I have met 4 of the neighbours already. They make us feel so welcomed. I will fit in as 1 has just 1 lung like me, however he is 91yr old. another is in remission from prostrate cancer. the youngest at 60yr old. Another one has had a mastectomy. and doing fine. At least they are lovely people.

    Right cuppa then phone. :O

  • Good Morning Everybody :-) A lovely bright start to the day 8-)

    Have a lovely day in work Kath, I'm sure Pete has booked in some sunshine to last into the early evening so that those of us who can't enjoy it in the daytime can have a little sniff of it :D

    Hope all goes well at the hospital today Sue, we'll have a brew waiting on your return ;-)

    Betts, crack on with as much work as you can and then enjoy the weather :-)

    JillyGirl, don't fear about nagging, you're just encouraging the other end to get on and do their job. The sooner you are in your flat, the sooner you can enjoy them there views, your neighbours sound like a friendly bunch :-)

    Hey Mad, another day for a nice walk :-)

    A nice fruit salad is on the menu for today :-)


  • Still gorgeous here - the weather that is :)

    Here's an interesting link - counting the cost of each cigarette as a microlife - if your whole life were counted as a number of microlives, how many does a cigarette use up?


  • Morning Betts,

    An interesting article. I'm not sure I would be able to work it all out. Interestingly, to me, on the same page of the website is a video of a French travel writer who spent 6 months living alone in a wooden cabin by a lake in Siberia with just his dogs for company. I wonder how many microlives he lost or indeed gained during that time. That is one book I am definitely going to read as I think I can relate to that experience, albeit in a small way.

    Sally.. :)

  • That is interesting Betts, I like the way it shows how you can add microlives to your life too. The thing is, none of us know when our number is up - so to speak, and so I guess we should focus on the positive and make the most of what time we have, enjoying each day to the best that we can :-)

  • Morning everyone.

    Have a wonderful day of living.

    Sally.. :)

  • Sieze the day! that's the way to do it :) And today's a belter :)

    I think that's right Emjay and Cleopatra. It does make you feel a bit negative doing all that working out. Something to do later? I don't think so! :)

    But I will look at any potential fag invader, and put a number on it as I turn it away :) .

    Hmmm. Time for another cuppa!

  • Litlle hint :- If anyone offers you a cigarette just say no TAR. :P

  • Laughs

  • Popped by to say hello.

  • The sun is still shining here, lets hope it stays that way 8-)

  • :D :D :D :D

  • Mad that's a good one. reminds me of forest gump.

  • :D :D :D

  • Hi Sue , hope you got on ok today. :)

  • Evening all!

    Hope everyone has had a smashing day as the weather certainly makes you feel good even if you do have to go to work or work at home.

    Just heard our local forecast who have said this type of day is set to continue into the middle of next week and I'm keeping my fingers (and toes!) crossed that they are correct for a change.

    Just put the kettle on and if anyone would care to join me in a cuppa (yes monky I have a cannie for you and it's nice and cold!) and I've tried a new recipe for Banana Bread although personally I would call it Banana Cake but aslong as it tastes as good as it looks that's all I'm bothered about!! :-/ :-/

    Firstly, there's this one:-


    But if that's a bit too mooreish for you, then there's this one:


    Can't eat it all myself :O (well I could but I'm not gonna) so please come and join me!! :D :D :)

    Speak soon.

  • Hi Kath I would love a cuppa and a piece of the cake. looks yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! thank you. :) :)

  • My pleasure - it's so nice to share, well, everything really. Do try both jillygirl and tell me which is best!

  • Hi Kath

    Still gotta cuppa gooing there? Can't manage another bite, even the delicious banana bread, so stuffed from an impromptu BBQ :)

    Hope you had a good day Kath, enjoy a lovely restful evening x

  • Banana bread, my favourite. :D

  • Yep definitely banana bread,


  • Must admit I could get to like it myself but why call it bread when really it's a cake - maybe because its cooked in a loaf tin :-/ :D !!!

  • Aup everybody :)

    Hmmm what the flippin eck's banana bread then :o :|

  • Try it and find out - there's a small piece left!

  • Have got some banana's & some bread, so how do I make it ????

    It sounds flippin yummy :P gal :P :) :)

  • Baby Olivia was born at 9.40 this morning by C Section after a difficult labour. Weighing in at...........8lb 12oz. OMG!! No wonder mum struggled to get around this last couple of weeks.

  • Congratulations granny :) that's a good healthy weight :)

  • Thanks Sue, it certainly is a healthy weight. Daughter said its all those pork chops and chicken her partners been feeding her :)

  • could well be :D :) bet you can't wait to start granny duties :) hope your daughter is okay now :)

  • already on granny duties looking after 3 year old grandson since yesterday morning. Am shattered already and with a caesarian to get over, could be ongoing duties for some time :) How's your grandson Sue, is Mum still after another baby?

  • Nairn is doing great, he's one month old now, where does the time go :o :D mum still wants another baby.

    Please put photos of baby olivia on here some time :)

  • Will do, it's been a little hectic today plus because baby wasn't positioned right and was kind of stuck, her eyes were very puffy when the photo's were taken this morning, poor thing looked like she'd done 10 rounds with Frank Tyson, she looked much better this afternoon.

  • Congratulations Sinfree :) :) :)

    Ace gal, just ''Ace''


  • Thanks Pete :) :)

  • Awwe what a shame, I'm sure it didn't spoil her beauty though :) :) hope your daughter gets some sleep tonight cause that will be it for a while.

    I'm off to bed now, nite nite Sinfree and all, sweet dreams :) :)

  • Congratulations and hope all are well Sin... :)

  • Thanks Sally and yes they're OK thank you.

  • Congratulations sinfree! Great news!

    If it's catching on this site, just want to say, I'm ready too!

    Hope you are all OK. Sleep well tonight :)


  • Hiya Pete,

    It's great you got home early tonight :)

  • Aup grannySue :) :)

    Sorry gal, got to go, but will chat tomorrow if that is ok :) :)

    Nite nite and God bless you :) xxxx

  • I'm off too Pete, nite nite, sweet dreams :) xxxxx

  • I really need to go to bed now. Another busy day ahead tomorrow, God - be glad when it's Thursday and I can go to work for a rest :) Grandma Chicken must rest now especially as she keeps waking up at 5.30 for some obscure reason. Oh and by the way, is it allowed to smoke a ciggie to celebrate the birth of a baby, I could really do with one today.

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