Daily Chat: Monday 18th February 2013

Daily Chat: Monday 18th February 2013

Good morning everyone.

And another lovely sunny day for us all - makes Mondays much easier to cope with - more inclined to get out and breathe a bit of that fresh air into our lungs to help blast all those nasties out of the way.

Whatever you're doing today, don't forget that you have CHOSEN to quit smoking and that it will get easier as time goes on. :)

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  • Good Afternoon Andi and everyone,

    We have a nice sunny day here as well so may go out a walk later, just need to waken up first :o :D :D

    Visitors stayed really late last night so i'm just up, think i'll ignore the door next :D was exhausted by hr time they went

    Love your picture Andi, nice and cheery for a Monday :) just what we all need :)

    I hope everyone has a great day :)

  • Well folks, there is good news and bad news...

    The good news is you are getting rid of me, well for a while anyway and the bad news is I've started smoking again. I think I tried to do too many things at once. I actually felt worse for giving up smoking which I think may have been down to a reaction to something in the niQuitin minis I was taking so I stopped them and was also dieting to lose the 2 stone I put on while giving up. To be honest I've not felt like my usual self since I gave up and a few people have commented on that, saying I'm not my usual outgoing self. I became a bit withdrawn. I was still craving cigarettes quite badly but that may have been because I stopped using NRT.

    I will probably try to give up again at some point in the future but how I get round these things is difficult to fathom. I don't want to feel miserable every day.

    I just want to say thank you so much for all your care and support along the way and I wouldn't have got to 4 months without it. You are a wonderful group of people and please keep up the good work and be stronger than I was because I'm sure you can do it.

    Take care and no doubt I will speak to you again in the future.

    Love you all, you are really special and I'm going to miss you xxxx :)

  • Yoo hoo Kazz,

    Hey don't be disappearing, you're just having a glitch chuck! You can still chitty chat, and you can set a new date when you're ready! I've lost count of how many times I have tried to stop! Perhaps you ditched the Niquitin Mini's too soon! I was talking to the no smoking advisor in our local Tesco and they are told that it's okay to tell their clients to pop a lozenger, no matter how long they have been stopped, as it's far better for you than smoking! Get back on the lozengers :)

    You saved up and bought a lap top, imagine what the next 4 months can bring you, when you feel ready to stop again! :)

    So, please don't go (sounds like a song) cos we love you too and we shall miss you so much we might start smoking again! If you go you'll never know!

    Lots of love Jan aka Chickles


  • Kazz, we're really gonna miss you - have been missing you the last few days already and I was wondering if something was up. Just think how you managed to get through Christmas and New Year without those fags. I'm sorry that those spears didn't help enough in the end. Hopefully one will come along and poke you up the bum when the spring comes and you can sort your head out and jump back in here, in the meantime, enjoy your running and we'll see you again soon.

    Take care, love and hugs, Andi :) xxxxx

  • Kazz don't leave the group :( you can still come on here while your thinking about stopping, loads of us have done that, including me, you'll be able to stop once your ready, i know life can get in the way sometimes, i suffered with that myself, We will all miss you loads if you leave, I really hope you can still come on here :) xxxxxx

  • Have a dance John, or sing a song, something, anything to help take your mind of the ciggies, be daft like me and shout at the sky :D :D you'll get through this :) can you get more mouthspray maybe, stay strong John :)

  • It's good that you have something now to help with the cravings. here's some cake to have after your tea

    bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/200... :)

  • Hi John, I'm so glad that you didn't give in as I'm sure you are too. I think you've been building up to it for a few days now and I'm so pleased that you bought a packet of lozengers and not those other things! :)

    How about putting some good old seventies music on the stereo and dance and sing around to that for a change - got any Slade? :D

  • Ive had a few ciggys today too......., dont beat yourself up Kazza, I aint

    I know exactly what upyou mean about being a different person, Im also withdrawn and am really angry at everything....., I dont want to start again though so Im just classing this a bump un the road and will get back on track tomorrow.....

  • Good for you Sarah, and when you stop tomorrow you'll be doing better than i did :) just remember all these things are withdrawal symptoms, they will pass :)

  • Just felt shit the whole weekend, and then Alf being bitten yesterday did not help at all, really feel like a shitty horrible person so after I had him at doctors I got one from my granny..... I know I can get back into it, I'll just forget about this day I think and still class it as 5 weeks tomorrow since stopping

  • That's the way to do it Sarah, you just had a glitch, we've all had days when we've been moody and angry, they do pass, maybe do some of Emjays breathing exercises when you feel the anger starting, try walking away from what's causing it, just for a couple of minutes, that works as well, if it's really bad beat up a pillow

    You can do this :)

  • Sarah, I was also wondering if you were weakening as well as you haven't been on as much in the last few days. I can understand your reaction yesterday. Did the cigarettes help? I'm so glad that you're jumping straight back on track. Just keep coming on here, you know we can help - it's good just to rant and get these things off your chest.

    Welcome back, you will get there. :)

  • Na I was busy doing housework and washing on Saturday coz it was such a beautiful day.......... was beautiful yestersay too apart from the accident.......... and the ciggys Ive had today has relaxed me, not talking to Stew though coz dont want a argument though

  • Right everyone, lets just take a breather and a little step back.....

    Kazz, you've been doing absolutely fantastic and to go back to smoking full time again would be such a shame after how far you've come along already. There are more ways than one to stop smoking and it's just a matter of finding out what works best for you. I would suggest that you either jump back on track as soon as possible, or (depending on how long you've gone back on them for) think about working towards setting another quit date. I wouldn't suggest that you take too much 'time out' before stopping again, the sooner the better. You have given so much help and support to everyone, we would most definitely miss you, so unless you really want to, please stick around. You are in a fab position right now to learn from your past attempts. If stopping smoking right now really isn't the way forward for you, then please stick around and mentally prepare yourself for your next go. You know where we are if / when you need us, we can't 'force' you to stop smoking, and we (obviously) can't stop smoking for you, but we can carry on offering you the help and support (and laughs) until you feel ready to crack on with it again. Let us know when you are ready xx

    Sarah, you were also doing ever so well, I could even 'hear' how the way you viewed stopping smoking had changed and that you were looking at it in a more positive light. You seemed to see it as something that was better for your health and wasn't just about the money saved. You really can win this game, you just have to believe that you can.Lets see if we can get you back on track today, tomorrow at the latest :-)

    John, I thought today may be a difficult day for you. Try and reflect on the happy memories that both yourself and your Linda made together. See it as a day of celebration and think of the good times that you were luck to have had. Big hugz :-)

    Andi, thats a good point you made about choosing, stopping smoking is a choice and remembering that you have chosen to stop doing something that you no longer want to do anymore is a great thing. Having a choice gives you back that feeling of control. I hope you managed to get out and about today and enjoyed the good weather :-)

    Sue, did you manage to get out for your walk? Weather has been lovely here too today :-)

    I'm just away for home now but will be back on later tonight, meanwhile please try and have a think about where you are no your stopping smoking journey, think about the choices you have, do you feel that you are in control or that those little white sticks are in control of you?

    To smoke or not to smoke? That is the question.....

    Whats your choice?

    Remember that stopping smoking is the single most important thing that you can do to improve your health all round.

    The big thing that I find happens with most people who, after giving up and then goes back to smoking is that they always say they will give up again at some point. I've never known of anybody to make the decision to carry on smoking for the rest of their lives. So, why not just get it over and done with as soon as, instead of it niggling at the back of your mind all the time?

    You really can do this, it does take time and effort. Nobody said it would be easy, but everyone says that it is worth it :-)

  • Just as a little refesher for those that want to read;


    Speak to you all in a bit :-)

  • I had that problem yesterday John, it drove me nuts :D :)

  • Hi Sue, hope you had a good day, how's the decorating going - which room is it this time? :)

  • Hay Ho andi,

    Yep It is a fine day in Scotland although quite frosty this morning.

    I am 45 days into my quit smoking and 300 pounds up in cash,Cant be bad.

    I have a bad head cold so I am taking it a bit easy just now, ( dont want to wind up in hospital again).

    Breathing is still dificult and activity is hard BUT, I aint smoking real fags.

    The next few weeks are going to be hard, I am going to try and do without the e-cig.

    Chewing gum helps but get sore jaws.

    Ah well, they do say "no pain, no gain and its all in a good cause.

  • Hi all,

    I guess that we all have days when we feel like smoking, I haven't had one for a while, but they do creep up on me. I don't carry cash with me when I'm working, so I resist the temptation to buy any, plus I would stink of smoke, which is a give-away if you're pretending not to smoke, which I have done before! I just keep exceptionally busy, that way I don't have time to smoke lol :) One thing I have noticed is I have an abundance of energy!

    Enjoy your Flamenco music John, I hope that eases your pain and evokes some wonderful memories x

    Sarah- As Sue says it's a glitch and you're back on track! Onwards and Upwards!

    Andi- you're so right about a good rant doing the world of good!

    Emjay- Sound advice as always!

    Sue- Did you manage to get out for your walk?

    Pete- How's your mum today? I hope that she's on the mend.

    I sincerely hope that Jillygirl is recovering from her awful chemo experience!

    I'm away to watch some telly, snuggled under a throw!

    Hope everyone has a great evening!


  • Hi Tom, I just used mints when I quit - mainly tictacs (at 2 calories each) - but I also liked polos cos they've got the calorie-free centres. ;-) :)

  • The Smints are good too Tom as they're sugar-free! I rather like mints, but don't overdose of them cos they can have a 'laxative' effect! :)

  • Hi all, i've had tea, done dishes and had my shower so now all cosy and warm :)

    Hi Andi, where have you been hiding, i'm doing the kitchen now, then the hall next, hoping to get the whole house done before summer, it might be a hope to far though :D :D hope you've had a great day :)

    Your doing great tom :) you should go with Andi's idea, polos with calorie free centres :D :) that frost was a killer this morning, i hate it, it's too slippy for me :)

    I managed a walk today Chickles, weather was nice when the frost went :) your lucky, watching tv, i'm here with the tv on while hubby watches football :o :D :D

    Hope everyone is having a good night :)

  • whatever it is it looks lovely John :)

  • Good evening everyone, I hope you've all had a good day :) :)

    Rite am off to read the blogs :) see you soon :)

  • Hiya Pete, was wondering when you were going to waft in. :)

  • John a massive well done to you pal, for staying strong and focused on your quit, through that bad time :) :) magic :)

  • Aup Andi :)

    Gosh it sounds that its bin a bad weekend for some then :( :(

  • Hiya Pete, how you doin :)

  • Hey Sue, dunno what happened yesterday :o when I came to do some posting in the evening I started falling asleep so gave up trying in the end. Did my run in the morning and a little walk with friends in the aft so was rather knackered by the evening. I'd had a couple of quite good nights sleep but this morning I awoke at 4.30 and couldn't get back to sleep again so I hope tonight's a bit better. :o :)

  • Kazz, I aint half goin to misssssssssssssssss you gal :( :(

    I've relapsed loads of times gal, you've just got to dust yourself down and get ready for your next quit :) but ONLY when you are ready :o eh only you know when that will be :)

    Why not try champix again, cos that worked for you last time :) maybe you could finish the course this time :) :)

    Please come and have a chat now and again eh, to let us know your ok :)

    Luvs ya Kazz xxxxx :) :)

  • That reminds me of me Andi, not the running just the sleeping :D :D I hope things are better for you tonight, it's horrible when your sleeping pattern goes awol :)

  • Aup Sue :)

    Hmmm sounds like you've bin busy today gal :o :) :)

  • Was toying with the idea of getting up from 6 o'clock, debating whether to go to the gym or do some cleaning. Kept turning over and finally got up about 8.15 and then did nothing! :o Went out this afternoon to visit a friend I haven't seen for probably a year. :)

  • Hmmmmm that gooda friend eh :o :|

    All this sleeping Andi is probably due to your age gal :D :D

    Sue get that oven door open gal cos ama comin, fasttttttttt :D :D

  • Would you like to re-phrase that Pete? :o

  • that was much better then Andi, you must have had a good catch up :) things can be done another day, you need to rest wh en your tired, i know that only too well :)

  • Hi Pete,

    thought i'd better make a start on the decorating or it will never get done, i'll probably pay for it tomorrow though, so a.lazy day again, just need to find the glue so i stay sitting down, those ants in my pants don't half get to me sometimes :o :D :D :D

  • What we need Sue is more of that sunshine, cos that gets us feelin like doin things eh :) :)

    Yes and you have a rest tomorrow, got it gal, and thats an order :D :D

  • Ok Pete, i'll tell those ants to scarper :D :D :D

  • hurry Pete, and your in :D :D

  • You're as bad as him - I think you make a good pair! :D :D :D

  • Cheers Sue, and just found a cannie in here, hmmmm a bit warm but what the heck, slurp :P slurp :D :D

  • I can't resist a good laugh :D it makes everything feel better :D :)

  • :D :D :D

  • Sue how true that is gal, I love to have a laugh :) :) I read an article about laughter, and how good it is for you :) I will have to dig it out :) :)

    Hmmmm dont know what Andi posted, but she's deleted it :o :|

  • No I didn't, Sue's previous comment went up twice.

  • Sorryyyyyyyyyyy :o :)

  • A canine in the oven, how did that get in here :o :D :D

  • Woof woof! :D :D :D

    (Should have gone to specsavers!) :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D

  • :D :D :D :D i just noticed that :D :D :D :D i'm crying with laughter now :D

  • Yes it was a cannie Sue, not a bunny :o :D :D :D :D

  • Are you sure about that? (Re-wind the last few comments!) :o :D :D

  • Yep cos am slurpin it :P :P :D :D

  • Andi, no you didn't what, i'm confused now :D, i took one comment off:)

  • Andi didnt do what Sue :o :D :D

  • ok i've got it now, i'm trying to read through tears of laughter :D :D :D

  • Pete, catch up please cos I want to go to bed!

    It all starts with your comment about Sue's oven! :o :D :D

  • Andi, I think the cats playing with my one brain cell gal :o so I think perhaps you had best spell it out for me :o :| :) :)

  • my stupid phone is not working, think it needs a kick, maybe this oven is to hot for it :D :D

  • Right, that's it, I've got to go to bed.

    Nite nite Sue, Pete and everyone, hope you all sleep well. :) xxxxxxxxxxx

  • I'll have to go to bed now, i'm really tired, nite nite you two, thank you for another fun filled evening, i love you both, see you tomorrow :) xxxxxx

  • Ha ha ha Nite nite you two gorgeous young Ladies, thank you for the laughs :) cos it's them that keep me going :) and I too love you both xxxxxxx :) :) sleep well and enjoyyyy it :) :)

    Speak tomorrow :)

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